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Small Business Insights

Small Business Insights

Building a successful online business starts with an idea. Before thinking of how much you can make or how many customers you can really get, first think of this: what really is your business? What are you bringing to the market?

With well over 600 insightful posts on this blog, you're assured of finding nothing but proven tips and strategies to get your online business up and running in no time. For a start, you can check out my quick guide for getting started...

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 Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Can you really make money blogging? The simple answer is, YES! Unfortunately however, with thousands of blogs springing up every day the competition has grown to be really intimidating.

If you truly want to make money blogging you'll need the right mindset, invest time and hard work and of course, the right business knowledge and passion! Check out my insightful blogging tips to learn the basics of what it takes to make money with your blog...

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Web media offers a vast array of tools to build your online business. It's cost-effective and produces quick results. In our today's socially connected world ignoring the powerful tools of online media in building your business is like going on a suicide mission.

But not to worry, the WebIncomeJournal's database is filled with useful and result-oriented tips and strategies you can creatively incorporate into your online marketing strategy. Check out some of these here...

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Tools/Resources for Growth

Tools/Resources for Growth

If you're a parent you definitely know very well that it's much harder having and raising a baby than conceiving one! It's not different building a business online. You need, not only the right tools but also, the right attitude.

You can rest assured that you'll also find something in this area here. Beyond helping you with insightful content you'll also find our recommended tools and resources to be invaluable in growing and profiting with your business...

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How to grow your Pinterest account How many times have you heard it said that, “Build It and They Will Come” is only a line from the Field Of Dreams? Lost count, right? Ok then, I beg to sound like a broken record here for the fact is, even if your Pinterest account has a professional look and its well optimized in all the places, if you cannot get people to see your pins or if your Pinterest boards are not driving traffic, you might just be wasting your time. In this post therefore we want to look at some tactics for getting...

7 Proven Pinterest Optimization Tactics That Work Wonders!

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Facebook SEO tactic SEO in this days when Google is running amok looking for whom to devour? Are you advocating for me to use SEO for my Facebook marketing strategy? Of course, I can understand your concern knowing very well that SEO has undergone some very unpleasant changes in the recent past. However, you must understand...

How to Be An Instagram Superstar in Just Five Minutes a Day

by Chadrack on July 11, 2014 with 1 Comments

Instagram infographic post imageDo you know that according to a research published by GlobalWebIndex early this year, Instagram is the fastest growing social media site worldwide? The report shows that Instagram increased its active user base by 23% in the last six months. If as a business you desire to connect with the enviable under-35...

Google SEO Ranking Factors – The Complete List [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Chadrack on July 7, 2014 with 1 Comments

googlerankingfactorsSearch traffic has, over the years, been regarded as the best and biggest form of free and targeted organic traffic to any website. But to take advantage of this you will need to know how to SEO-optimize your website and web pages to meet the demands of Google. This is because Google is unarguably the...

How to Build an Email List and Skyrocket Your Niche Blog Income With Ease!

by Chadrack on July 4, 2014 with 0 Comments

The simple guide to building an email list This post is a continuation of our special series on using Pinterest for building a profitable online business. Recall that why we are focusing on Pinterest is because of the amazing traffic stats about Pinterest traffic as we have seen in the first post. As a reminder, here’s what we have covered...

BUSTED: The Gurus' DOTCOM Dream!

Why do many bloggers work so hard yet hardly produce a living wage from their blogs?

Why do many intending web entrepreneurs end up running round in circles without ever achieving the DOTCOM lifestyle?

These were some of the questions that agitated my mind over the years as I observe many bloggers throw in the trowel in frustration.

THE UNTOLD TRUTH: You’ve Been Sold a Dream!

Truth is, when I started this blog about 5 years ago, my motivation was basically the DOTCOM lifestyle, just like many of you.

My dream was to make enough money, retire early and travel the world! Unfortunately, this led me down a path where I wasted time and money buying product after product not knowing that this lifestyle is actually a DREAM sold by the internet marketing Gurus.

But I did not know this until I decided to actually find out WHY many bloggers rarely make money from their blogs while the internet marketing Gurus post their "jaw-dropping" incomes year after year! My focus was, WHAT are they doing and HOW are they doing it?

The Amazing Truth about Making Money Blogging!

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that these Gurus ACTUALLY have a business and a system behind everything they do! Though they sell you shiny "push button" solutions that keep your mind preoccupied with the QUICK BUCK but behind the scene, they are silently building their business systems!

And here's the lesson: Trying to make money blogging without a solid business foundation is living in a DREAM world. If you truly want to live the DOTCOM lifestyle you must look beyond "magic push buttons" and build your own business with the right systems in place!

But how do you do this? Using the internet marketing gurus as your model for making money blogging will leave you high and dry. You MUSTN'T copy their "get rich quick schemes." What you need is a firm grasp on the BASICS and the discipline to execute them properly over and over again. Get the basics right and you'll SAVE yourself the pain of running round in circles and struggling, fruitlessly!

And so, right now and here, I'm offering you the 7 CORE areas you MUST focus on to build a solid foundation for your online success. I uncovered these from my research and I've packaged them into a 7-Part e-Course. Now, you can STOP chasing shiny "push button" objects that promises MAGIC. Get this e-course today and you can create your own MAGIC...GUARANTEED!