improve your productivity on social media

How to Improve Your Productivity on Social Media

Do you know how many hours you spend on social media sites every day on the average? Well, studies indicate a range of 3.6 hours! If you ask me, that is really something a business ... Continue Reading →
Pinterest strategy checklist

Succeeding With Pinterest Marketing: A Checklist!

In the past few years, Pinterest has become social media marketing platform of choice for businesses. Brands have seen in the platform a sure system for connecting with a visually interested ... Continue Reading →
Guide to buying domain names and webhost

A Noobs Guide to Buying and Registering Domain Names

Are you thinking of having a business or do you already have one? How about a website for your business? Do you have one already or are you planning to build a website to market your ... Continue Reading →
Using paper work for your business

Paper Work And Running Your Business: What I Discovered Recently!

As online entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things we take for granted. For example, trying to keep your business completely paperless. As much as this sound great the fact still remains ... Continue Reading →
Blog post SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist: What to Do before and After You Post On Your Blog

There’s no doubt that you already know how to post a new article to your blog, right? But how much do you know about what needs to get done before and after you push the publish button? ... Continue Reading →
Web design tricks you should know

Top 2 SEO Basics: Advice from a Search Engine Marketing Expert!

The subject of search engine optimization (SEO) is one that has become a common feature in nearly every discussion of webmasters, online marketers and web entrepreneurs. In the recent ... Continue Reading →
Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing: 33 Quick SUCCESS Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn, over the years, has become one of the best social media platform for B2B businesses. With over 347 million users, nearly half of which are very active, it is one site that ... Continue Reading →
Web Income Journal passes mobile-freindly test

How Ready Is Your Site For The Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update?

With just a few hours before Google implement its planned big update – mobile-friendly algorithm change, it beholds every webmaster to take action now, if they have not done so. Google ... Continue Reading →
Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO: How Much Impact Will Mobile Have On Search Rankings after April 21?

It is no longer news that come April 21 Google will begin a major update of their organic search algorithm – an update aimed at making it easier for searchers to find mobile-friendly ... Continue Reading →
How to Make Your Brand Recognizable Online

Business Branding: How to Make Your Brand Recognizable Online

As a business person do you know that your brand is your corporate identity? Do you know that how your current and potential customers perceive your business depends greatly on the ... Continue Reading →