build a business and not a blog!

Frankly, Are You Building A Business Or A Blog?

Sometime ago I wrote a post titled: Are You a Blogger or an Entrepreneur Who Blogs? In that post I did gave reasons why you should not consider yourself simply as a blogger but an entrepreneur. ... Continue Reading →

Autoblogging Revelations PLUS the Power of Creative Internet Marketing!

Ever wondered why internet marketers make more money online than bloggers; even when they do LESS of the work? Do you know that an “inferior” product/service can actually sell more ... Continue Reading →
not all are entrepreneurs

Why Is Everyone NOT Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

In the online business world, it is an easy thing to recognize the fact that there are entrepreneurs and there are opportunists. Unfortunately, it does appear that the number of opportunists ... Continue Reading →
Blogging tips for success

How To Supercharge Your Online Income by Developing Powerful Relationships!

Ask any internet marketer where they have made their most money and they will respond by telling you that their most profitable initiatives have been through a joint venture, a mastermind ... Continue Reading →

Is Autoblogging Gradually Becoming The Next Phase of Making Money Blogging?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it lately. Gradually but steadily it’s taking momentum. It’s becoming the buzz word among bloggers right now. At first, people ... Continue Reading →

Internet Marketing World Cup? Hope you’ll be there!

A few days ago I came across a blog post by Joel Comm one of the authorities in internet marketing. He did the post about an internet marketing event being put together by a group of ... Continue Reading →

2 Years Stock Taking – A Look Into The Future!

I want to welcome all our esteemed friends and readers to the month of September. We’ve gradually moved to the last quarter of the year. And frankly it has been a wonderful year. As ... Continue Reading →

Internet Marketers and Mailing List, You can truly learn a Lot!

Some days ago I did a post where I talked about a free special report I’ve just read. The special report titled, “Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger” expertly presented ... Continue Reading →

Time To Reward Our June Top Commentator!

Hello and welcome everyone. It’s yet another month and time to say thank you again to our top commentator for the previous month. I must say this past month has been an interesting ... Continue Reading →