Using Blogs For Promoting Your Business Website

How To Effectively Use A Blog To Boost Your Home Based Business Success!

  So you have dreams of having a successful home based online business, right? And to actualize your dreams you have setup your business site and you’re passionately working ... Continue Reading →

$365K Blog Traffic Formula: Great Value For Less!

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War Against Spam Comments – Throwing Punches From All Sides!

I’m a big believer in the power of blog commenting as a traffic generator. With this in mind I always try as much as possible to leave a positive comment on every blog I visit. ... Continue Reading →
making money with your blogging skills

How to Make Money Offline With Your Blogging Skills!

As I was preparing to write this piece something dropped on my mind. I quickly did a check and I was surprised, the Web Income Journal  was one month old yesterday! The first post ... Continue Reading →

Making Money Blogging And The Web Income Journal, Where Are We Headed?

Finally we are making the switch over from the Home Business Marketing Blog to the Web Income Journal. Please I invite you to read this very carefully so as to better appreciate why ... Continue Reading →

2 Years Stock Taking – A Look Into The Future!

I want to welcome all our esteemed friends and readers to the month of September. We’ve gradually moved to the last quarter of the year. And frankly it has been a wonderful year. As ... Continue Reading →

Our Facebook Fan Page Is Live!

Hi every one. I’ll just need to be very brief on this one. Yes, we’re now on facebook. Our facebook fan page just came alive. You can visit and “friend” us on ... Continue Reading →
Freelance home business tips

Freelancing: A Growing Worldwide Home Business Trend!

Freelancing has today, gained tremendous popularity as a growing work at home business trend. Before the advent of the internet freelancing has long been recognized as a reputable ... Continue Reading →

VideoGoRound: Kid-Simple System For Creating A Viral Marketing Video!

if you’ve always wanted a system to help you create viral marketing video then “VideoGoRound is your best bet. The big promise of VideoGoRound is that you can create professional ... Continue Reading →

Time To Reward Our June Top Commentator!

Hello and welcome everyone. It’s yet another month and time to say thank you again to our top commentator for the previous month. I must say this past month has been an interesting ... Continue Reading →

Taking Our Commentators’ Reward To Another Level!

Hello everyone, a great welcome to you all! We must appreciate your response to our comeback after about a week of temporarily closing our doors because of what we experienced here. ... Continue Reading →

We’re Back for GOOD, under a new Roof!

Yes, after almost a week of the home business marketing blog closing the doors to its esteemed readers and friends, the blog has successfully returned for good! First I must apologize ... Continue Reading →

And Home Business Marketing Blog again wears a new look!

Once again I’ve decided to change the theme of the Home Business Marketing Blog. Over the past few days I’ve been playing around with this theme. Though there are some few ... Continue Reading →

Mobile For Business: A New Frontier for Mobile Content Providers!

{If you?re in a hurry and will want to quickly know how you can benefit with this new frontier in content publishing then get this FREE mobile for business crash course ? a $67 value ... Continue Reading →

A Super Deal For Bloggers – Get $328.00 Product For Less Than $90!

A few days ago MaxBlogPress launched what I consider to be a superb Christmas special OFFER for bloggers. This is the best deal I’ve come across this year in the internet marketing ... Continue Reading →

How To Use Web Email Marketing To Build Relationships In Your Business!

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Google, YouTube and Video “Skippable” Ads!

Testing and tracking has always been a savvy marketing strategy. Whether you’re paying for your advertisement or you’re using free methods to advertise your business, implementing ... Continue Reading →

Home Business Ideas: Creating A Home-Based Online Business Opportunity

In my previous post I talked about a home based business idea based on In this article I want to present some more workable home business ideas you can decide on. These ... Continue Reading →