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This blog is basically for bloggers and small business entrepreneurs who wants to start and grow their own online businesses. My mission and purpose on this blog is to provide in one place, the resources, education and inspiration you need to achieve your dreams on the net.

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Why the WebIncomeJournal.com – My Story!

about us photo AboutYes,why choose the Web Income Journal blog out of the millions of similar blogs out there?

To answer that question, permit me to tell you my story…

Back in the year 2006, I got to know of the potentials of the internet as a business tool. The prospect was so awesome that I immediately got hooked!

Before then, I had started a brick and mortar business and already knew the rigors of running a business. However, the idea of building a “global” business without breaking the bank, was something I couldn’t overlook. And so, sometime that same year, I started researching and studying what it takes to start an online business.

Once I was satisfied that I knew enough to start, I jumped in starting with what then was known as BUM marketing – a form of article marketing that really did not require you building a website or even an email list to make money.

I was able to pull in a few successes from promoting some affiliate marketing products then. However following some changes in some article submission sites like ezinearticles.com and the advent of what is now known as Web 2.0, BUM marketing and some of the other online business models that were really lucrative then were no longer feasible.

This was when I looked to blogging as a business model, since I was already adept at writing articles.

Make Money Blogging and the Distractions!

Hopping into the blogging bandwagon in 2009 was really fun. There were a lot of psychological benefits” from running a blog but unfortunately, I soon discovered that most of the “work” involved in blogging were actually a distraction.

Coming over from the internet marketing and make money online niche I was surprised that many bloggers were NOT really building businesses despite the fact that they were “working very hard” on their blogs. Even those who say they were building businesses were far from doing so as they spend almost every day WORKING IN their blogs instead of WORKING ON building a business!

Now, it will interest you to know that these are worlds apart!

Unfortunately, despite knowing these things, I was soon influenced by the many WRONG ideas and notions about “making money blogging” flying around the blogosphere. If you have heard the saying, “evil communication corrupt good manners” then you definitely know what I’m talking about here!

As a result of these distractions and wrong influences, I ended up running round in circles and struggling for about 3 years as a blogger. During this period I erroneously measured my “success” with what other bloggers were also counting as success indicators – blog comments, social media mentions, insightful blog posts, etc.

My moment of reality came when sometime in 2012 I discovered that many of the bloggers I considered successful (because of the robust community they have been able to build) were actually making little or nothing.

This led me to doing a little research and I discovered that overall, about 95% or more of those who desire to make a living online through blogging never really make a single dollar from their efforts!

Dazed about these stats I made a post: Hey Blogger, Please Quit! which was a wake up call for bloggers to reappraise their blogging purpose and start building businesses and NOT just blogs!

Actually, that post was a personal note for me to reappraise my blogging activities. It was a call for me to go back to again know theWHY I actually went online. As I’ve written several times on this blog, I’m an entrepreneur and not just a blogger!

And so, this was a turn around point for me!

So, How Can I Help You?

The recent happenings around the blogosphere where many bloggers are now abandoning their blogs after years of hard work is a testament to the hard realities I saw back in 2012.

The good news is that for the past couple of years, I have been studying the internet marketing Gurus and Probloggers with the mind of understanding WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing it!

I took this step because as a blogger I’m truly amazed that though many bloggers love BASHING these internet marketing gurus and probloggers, these people have continued to be some of the most successful on the net when it comes to making money online.

Thus far, my research has uncovered some of the outstanding truths about making money blogging and building successful online businesses. It will interest to you know that building a successful online business is like solving a jigsaw puzzle – except you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for you will end up fumbling around without achieving much!

Of course, internet marketing can be a goldmine but there’s a problem: most people who want to build online businesses and make money online don’t have a clue how to take advantage of all of the resources and internet marketing platforms available to them.

This is why there is so much advice and interesting ideas about succeeding online out there but only a few actually put these things into practice and come out with the type of success they desire!

From my research and testing I’ve gained a very clear understanding of what this game is all about and this is what I intend to put at your service on this blog. You’ll learn from all my years online, the GOOD and the BAD that I’ve gone through.

I’m very sure that I’ve found all the ways to FAIL, and now I’ve found the way to TRULY SUCCEED online. All of these I’ve gained from the school of hard knocks and I know you can benefit with my knowledge.

Now, I must be clear about this, I’m not claiming to be a GURU. I don’t live in a million dollar house nor drive fancy sports cars. I’m not right now even earning a full time income from my online business.

However, I’m always researching and testing what is working and what is not working. This blog is therefore a platform for me to showcase and share my entrepreneurial experiences (both successes and failures) so you can learn from them.

One thing I ask of you today is to join me in this journey by getting started with my 7-Part e-Course specially package around the 7 CORE areas I’ve found to be the fundamentals on building a successful online business.

This e-course contains nuggets of wisdom that I picked up from my years of studying these internet marketing gurus and probloggers. If you have been struggling looking for the KEY to the internet success vault, then this is for you.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this long introduction. If you will take the necessary actions today, I assure you that you have not read this in vain!

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“Value is the true worth of any business. Money is simply a by-product of delivering value. If you truly want to make money in any business, you simply need to add value. It is value that people want, and they will pay you for it!”

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