About Us

Are you dreaming of building your own profitable online business?

Are you feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed?

Do you wish someone could just cut through all the noise and hype and instead give you a clear, understandable path to make your dream come true?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you’re welcome to the Web Income Journal.

Who Are We?

We are a reality-based, online business platform designed to help budding online business entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional bloggers overcome the challenges of overwhelm and frustration.

What We Do?

For budding web entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional bloggers who desire a truly profitable online business but are confused and lack direction, we provide a pragmatic online business platform with the tools and resources designed to help them clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can build their dream business.

As everyday online entrepreneurs, we know firsthand the confusion and frustration that many budding online entrepreneurs face every day. You can count on us to help you clarify & prioritize your focus, instead of you running round in circles and confusion.

Our Story

WebIncomeJournal.com was started some 9 years ago by Chadrack Irobogo, the CEO & President of EagleVision Digital Solutions.

Like most online entrepreneurs, Chadrack started with the dream of making an impact in the world but with no idea on how to go about it. For years, he was a victim of false hope – no thanks to the self-proclaimed online Gurus!

During these years, Chadrack made a lot of false turns, “wandering and running in circles in the internet wilderness!” But with doggedness and determination he committed himself to finding out what the successful online entrepreneurs were doing.

In his quest he uncovered some interesting facts about building a truly successful online business. Today, he runs a digital marketing services/consulting firm while also sharing his knowledge on this blog.

As a way of helping others who are faced with the same struggles and pains he went through Chadrack has devoted himself to creating internet marketing training programs that teach entrepreneurs all the best strategies and techniques for online business success, marketing and wealth creation. He hopes by doing this he would be able to help those who are just starting out avoid the pitfalls and frustrations that line the pathway to online success.

You can have a feel of his helpful articles on this blog. Here’s a few to get you started:

  1. A Quick Guide to Starting a Profitable Online Business!
  2. The Amazing Simple Guide to Making Money Blogging
  3. How to Leverage the Power of Social Media in Building Your Business
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Simple Language

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