Top Commentator For The Month of May!

Another month has rolled by again and it’s time for us to reward our top commentator for the past month. I must say that this has been interesting. Since starting this I’ve seen wonderful bloggers come around again and again to be part of it.

I truly appreciate you all. Sharing your thoughts and ideas through your comments has helped me better understand many things about this great adventure called blogging!

I wish I could reward you all at the same time. But no, for now We simply have to abide with the terms – only one person can get a linkback for each month. And to be fair to all, the plugin which rates comments is scheduled to reset at the end of every month. So if you do not have the link back now you can always have it the next month.

Fair enough I think 🙂

Now on to our top commentator for the month of May, 2010….

Oh, this is a surprise to me but our very first winner has made it again….

Love MoneyMaker of has again picked the top commentator reward for the month of May 2010. You’ll remember that Love MoneyMaker was the first to get the linkback reward when we started the top commentators reward in March.

But hold it … Did I just say I’m surprised?

I think I shouldn’t because Love MoneyMaker has been one of the faithful readers of this blog. And so getting this reward is well deserved.

If you’ve not visited for some time now then better do. Love MoneyMaker has not only done some redesigning of that blog site but has whole lot of powerful content and networking ideas.

I’m truly impressed with the new look of that today I’m thinking of starting another blog using the blogger platform though I’m a lover of wordpress!

Let me quickly add that Love MoneyMaker has some good news for all bloggers. Here’s something I’ve just read on Love MoneyMaker’s blog:

“This Post is for me to invite all blogger to add me as a friend . I will in return do the same for you . I will make it a point to go to your blog at least once a week and leave a comment if i find your post interesting . You could also leave a shout at the right of my blog and i promise that i will visit your site form the link ,and feel free to share any link you so desire.”

I’m sure you’d want to know what it’s all about. So follow this link now and read more about it.

Love MoneyMaker, accept my congratulations!


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