12 Days of Christmas Inspiration – Day 7: Christmas Marketing Strategies that Works


Today in our 12 Days of Christmas series I want to take a different dimension by not just inspiring you but also giving you some practical tips on how to make more sales in this season of love and caring. Of course, as a business this is the time for more sales as more and more people would want to give gifts to their loved ones.

There are practical and effective marketing strategies you can use to boost your sales in this period. Simply putting these strategies in place will see your sales sky-rocket without much effort on your part.

Here are some effective Christmas season marketing strategies that work:

1. Anticipate the Season

Do not wait till the Christmas is here before you start. Make an annual Christmas marketing plan and layout a plan ahead on what you would be doing. Design how you will drive traffic, what you will be offering etc. You should start months before the holidays, possibly by the middle of the year. Rolling out your Christmas holiday marketing plans on time gives you a head start on other businesses.

2. Promotional Prices and Packages

This is a good way of enticing more sales. Offering promotional sales and discount packages will not only drive more consumer traffic and sales but also boost brand loyalty. If you can offer it earlier than your competitors then you will be a step ahead! Besides, giving an early bird discount on gift certificates ensures that the cost is being paid in advance which means an add-on earning even before the item is bought.

3. Personalized Wares

Since the world is experiencing a slow down in its economy, many consumers now are learning to be shrewd and may want to get every worth of their penny out of the item. It is advisable to carry products that are personalized and reasonably priced. Selling personalized wares gives out the impression of being special rather than pricey.

4. Holiday Giveaways

This is also the best time to acknowledge your loyal customers and patrons by giving away gift items to them. This is a good way of giving them a feeling of importance and therefore identifying more with your business. You can check our own Christmas FREE giveaway here. Be sure to be part of it!

You know, giving is synonymous with the Christmas season. This is why it would be a great way to take advantage of the season. Even employers understand this and that is why they give out bonuses to employees to spend for the Christmas holidays!

Take Away

The above Christmas season marketing strategies are just a few among the many you can choose from. You could combine a couple of these ones for more effectiveness. All you need is your imagination. With a little creativity you can make the Christmas season pay you more than you expect!

Are you already using any of these strategies? Share your experience with us in your comments below.


    • @Anuj,

      I don’t think these strategies have any limitations in space. Where ever you put them into use, they will always produce the same results. Thanks for the comment and wishing your the best of the season.

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