VideoGoRound: Kid-Simple System For Creating A Viral Marketing Video!

if you’ve always wanted a system to help you create viral marketing video then “VideoGoRound is your best bet. The big promise of VideoGoRound is that you can create professional video advertisements within seconds, even without experience! All you need do is push a button and out pops your own viral video clip, ready to make you money on autopilot!

But is this just another product hype or something that will definitely help with your business video marketing? Well I must say here that I’ve not used this service. A partner just pointed it out to me a few hours ago. I?m only writing this because I?m truly impressed. Click here and take a look at one of the sample videos produced with ?VideoGoRound.?

So How Does “Videogoround” Work And How Is It Different From Other Similar Online Video Creation Services?
Here is a brief about the service:

1. VideoGoRound is a membership-type service. You’ve to become a VGR Club member to use it. Your membership gives you exclusive, rare access to the video creation software known as Instant Viral Video Interface (IVVI).

2. The IVVI is the first text to (virtual character) video converter of its kind, specifically designed for online entrepreneurs and home business owners. “Text to video” means that it takes the words (text) you enter in the message box (kinda like email), and converts it into a real live video featuring a talking character!

3. Though the video interface is simple enough for a child to use, yet it’s powerful enough for the “Navy Seals of online marketing”. And the good thing is that it is web based, meaning you can log in and use it 24-7. You don’t have to download or install any scripts. No hassle. Just login and begin cranking out instant viral marketing videos!

4. VideoGoRound offers various ways that you can harness the simplicity, speed, and power of the video creator. But the obvious ultimate benefit is the ability to generate videos capable of generating traffic and making you money on autopilot. Of course every video you create as a VGR Club member is yours to do whatever you want with since it’s yours to keep forever.

5. Most importantly, the VGR technology stands apart from other similar online video creation services because of its advanced “Virtual Character” capability. What this means is that you don’t end up with some boring, scrolling text video (where words scroll down the screen). Instead, each video you create will feature a realistic, moving, talking character. This is a virtual character you have to choose from the various options available. This makes your video appear as if you were recording a video by talking into your web cam!

From all indications, ?VideoGoRound? is just the right solution for you if you truly want to take advantage of the popularity of videos but you:

>>>> Don’t know how to create one.

>>>> Don’t have the time.

>>>> Don’t own a camera.

>>>> Or you’re simply camera shy!

However, there is one thing I was not really comfortable with watching the sample video.

If you click here and watch the sample video, you will notice that there is a problem with the virtual character’s lips. Just take a close look and you’ll discover that, try as much as “he” can, his lips do not really agree with the words. And there is also a problem with the body movement.

Ok, I know I’m somehow a “perfectionist.” Always wanting every thing to be perfect, though I must say there is a problem with that! Any way I think you truly have to take a closer and more careful look at the video to notice that little “defect”.

Despite that, what I love about it all is the simplicity and the quality of videos produced using the service.


1. Selecting a life-like virtual character,

2. Typing or pasting in some text for whatever product you want to sell or promote; and

3. Clicking a button and in just seconds, you have an exclusive, “talking character” video ready to make you money!

“VideoGoRound” is definitely a kid-simple system for producing your own viral marketing videos.

Click here right now to watch the sample video and discover if you can use “VideoGoRound” right away for your online video marketing on steriods!

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