Blogging Tips: The Interview With Blogging Consultant Michael Martine

I’ve just read an interview with Michael Martine of The interview is the fourth segment of a blogger’s series featured on Michael who ?helps business use blogs to boost their bottom line to achieve old-fashioned profits in a new-fangled way” truly offered some insightful tips about using blogging to market your business.

If you’ve been here for sometime now you’ll recall that I did a post on “Why You Should Integrate A Blog Into Your Home Business Website!” and “How To Boost Your Home Business With Business Blogging!”. Most of what Michael touched on in the interview border on the same points I did raise in these two posts.

Of course he provided some more insight to what is really happening in the business world of today’s social media. For example on the question,

“What are the trends in blogging that organizations should be aware of? And why are those trends important?”

Hear what Michael has to say,

The trend is toward increased social visibility: everything we do online can be cross-posted to multiple points like Facebook or Twitter. This is good if you’re a business marketing online. The conversation about you is happening anyway, so you had better be there, listening and engaging. This extends to the mobile web and also to video. Live, on-demand streaming video from anywhere is the future of the web, and in plain English, that means everyone’s a TV station. Incidentally, the reason why newspapers are failing is because they can’t stop thinking of themselves as newspapers, when they should be thinking of themselves as news agencies, using any media as a content vehicle.

You can read more on this interview by clicking here.


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