Google, YouTube and Video “Skippable” Ads!

Testing and tracking has always been a savvy marketing strategy. Whether you’re paying for your advertisement or you’re using free methods to advertise your business, implementing one form of testing or the other is always deemed a good marketing tactic.

I believe this is the stand of the online advertising giant, Just a few days ago, Google announced they are testing “skippable” ads on As usual Google will not give details about what they are doing. But the general idea is that, this is “part of its ongoing search for the ?right? way to monetize the most popular video site on the web.”

Writing on this issue, says,

The goal to move the industry toward more engaging high-quality ads requires a lesson in human behavior. The test that determines if and when people watch the video clips will provide Google with insight into the type of person who may skip an ad, what type of ad they might skip, and what piece of content does better than another. Google also will look at whether some ads are skipped in a specific portion of the session. Does the person skip the ad in the first video versus the third during a 30-minute time slot while on YouTube?

Why some are already asking why, in the first place, put ads there if they can be skipped, the rational behind Google test definitely shows that Google is looking for a better way to serve the viewers what they really want.

Before now there were reports that online ads attached to videos were doing great. And this has made more and more of the big news websites to be more involved in video marketing. According to the New York Times,

A major reason is commercial. At a time when other categories of advertising dollars are shrinking, video ads are booming. News sites are adding more video inventory to keep pace with the demands of advertisers, and benefiting from the higher cost-per-thousands, or C.P.M.?s, that ads on those videos command.

So Google is taking the lead right now to see what direction this will go so that they can more easily position themselves for the big rake in! Good thinking, good planning you’ll say!

So if you’re already using video ads or just thinking of including your marketing arsenal, it’s a good move right now to watch what Google is doing and find a way of keying into it when the whole test finally comes into implementation!

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