Boxing Day Giving and Building a Successful Online Business!


Give away your business to grow it!Today is Boxing Day and as part of the Christmas tradition many of us arranged some very special gifts for our loved ones. It’s truly a great feeling to see our loved ones so happy. If you have not given anything or you are yet to give, it is still not late, go something you will be glad you did!

In the spirit of the Christmas and Boxing Day, today in our 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration I want to share with you a few ways giving away something can help grow your online business. As we have mentioned earlier in these series, God desired a restoration of the whole lot and he gave his Son. Today that gift has produced a harvest of many sons! Through that one gift the whole world is being restored to back to him. It’s just as it is written in the Holy Scriptures: Give and it shall be given unto you.

And so, here are a few ways you can use giving to grow your business.

1. Give Value

Sounds like a broken record, right? There is a reason why you have heard this again and again – it works! Giving value should be the driving force of your business. Are you a blogger or a service provider? There are different ways you can give value. As a blogger give valuable content in your blog. As a service provider, focus on providing valuable products/services.

Give value to your customers and it will endear you to them. Value will turn them into ready evangelists for your product or service. Value will make them repeat buyers. And beyond that, value will make room for you in your target market. Focus on giving value and your business will never lack in any way!

2. Give Help

Those who will willingly offer to help others not minding the financial returns will also find themselves receiving more than they want. It is true that as a business you are concerned with the returns on every investment but setting time aside in your business to help your customers, your partners and even competitors when the need arises, will ultimately create more businesses for you.

If possible create a “Help” section on your business site/blog where customers or visitors to your site can ask questions and you provide the answers. You can also provide help in your area of expertise. For example, if you are good in graphic design or blog technology, helping your blog readers with their graphic needs or blog setup and customization without any thought of financial returns will definitely provide some return later on.

3. Give Away Your Business

Sounds impracticable, right?  But how many times have you seen some business folk giving away free samples of their products? Then why don’t you find ways of applying this in your business. You can offer free giveaways like the one Web Income Journal in association with Zyma Web Hosting are offering our readers right here on this blog?

One powerful way of building your business by giving it away is through seeking out influential people in your target niche and giving them your products or services to try out without any cost to them. Doing this will give them the opportunity to talk about your product or service which will become a plus for your business.


The Christmas spirit is still much around and there is no better time to imbibe this spirit of giving in your business. If you have not designed a particular way to do this right now designing one for the New Year will be a great idea. Remember “Givers never lack!”

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That is it for today. Tomorrow’s post will be the last in these 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series. I hope you will be here for it! But for now I will be glad to meet you in the comments section!


  1. HI Chadrack

    These two points really hold the key and I truly believe in these.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable pieces of thoughts.


    • @sapna,

      It’s always a pleasure. We can really make the world a better place if we will commit to helping one anther. For me, this season calls for a time of reflection on what we do and seeing how we can make things a lot better for us all. Thanks for the comment.

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