Are You Willing To Play Second Fiddle?


What, a second fiddle? Are you expecting me to trail behind when I should be ahead of everyone else? Chadrack, have you not always suggested that we should work to be the best in our field –the go-to resource?

Yes, I have always suggested all of that and I still do. However, today I want to inform you that if you must get to the top you must be ready to play the second fiddle.

It Is Not About You!

By now you should understand that making an impact in the market place as a business is not about you.  It’s not about what you want but what your target market wants.

It’s not about your creativity but how much you are to help your target market.

It’s not about your beautifully designed site/blog but how easy the site user is able to move around it and locate what she wants without any stress!

What this means therefore is this: if you desire to really move to the top and be the go-to resource in your target market you must learn to put yourself aside and help others get ahead! The more you focus on yourself the more you will fall behind. If you are concerned only with yourself, success will elude you!

3 Things You Must Do

1.    Review Your Product/Service

It is time to take another look at your product or service. Is it really aimed at helping the user? Can you put your life to it that it will accomplish what you said it will? Put yourself in your customers/clients shoes. Do they perceive it to the right product/service for them? Will they be willing to give their money for it?

It doesn’t matter how much of that product/service you have sold you must again settle these issues. Take a survey from those who have used the product. What is their opinion? Your perception and conviction about the usefulness of your product/service is not enough, your target market must see it to be so. Get this right and your product/service will zoom to the top with ease!

2.    Review Your Marketing Message

How is your marketing message structured? Are you focusing more on how long it took you to produce and the wonderful features? What picture are you creating in the mind of your target audience? If you are talking more about your business and products in your marketing message it is time to change all of that. Your clients and customers do not care about you or your product. They are concerned with what is in it for them. Remember WIIIFM, right? You must change your message therefore to focus on the benefits for them. The more you focus on yourself and your product/service the more you will find it difficult to connect with your target audience.

Put yourself aside and let the customer be on the throne for it is the customer who is really the king!

3.    Review Your Customer Relationship

How are you relating with your customers/clients? In our socially connected online business world, you cannot afford to ignore your customers. Pushing to get the sale is not enough. You must be prepared to connect with them before and after the sale. Your response when they need your help is very important. Be there when they need you. I recently changed my webhosting company because when I needed them in a period of crisis they were not there to respond to my distress calls.

Besides, be ready to reward your customers/clients for their patronage. This will not only endear you to their hearts but you will become the first choice when next they need what you have.


Can you now seen how playing the second fiddle does not really make you second place but is sure to catapult you to the top? it’s just as the Good Book put it: If any of you desire to be the great, you must be ready to serve.

Service is what will take you to the top. So, today for our 12 Days Of Christmas Inspiration, I’m saying go out there and play the second fiddle by helping someone!

As usual I will want to connect with you in the comments below. Keep them coming.


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