12 Days of Christmas Inspiration – Day 4: The Quickest Way Up Is Down!


Did that sound contradictory to you? It shouldn’t!

The desire for independence is one of the greatest among men. We want to be self-reliant. We want to be free from any controls. We want to be self-made. And, truth is, many of us started our own businesses because we desire to live the free life!

But as much as all of these are good, the fact still remains that no one is truly independent of others. We all need the participation of others to succeed in life because we are limited in every area of our lives.

So, if you truly want to climb up the ladder of success, you must be humble enough to admit your limitations.12 Days of Christmas Inspiration - Day 4

I understand that most motivational teachings will not want you to admit you cannot do it – you must be bold in your confession of your abilities; you must confess that you’re able to do all things; you’re limitless because you have the ability of God!

But, come to think of it, do you really think you can do all that God can do? Can you sustain the universe by the power of your word? (You have heard that common one about God creating the word by speaking the word and so there is power in your word!) Can you hold back the waves from over running the land? Can you really….

Don’t you see you need to come down from that high horse and for once admit your areas of weakness?

3 Things Admitting Your Weaknesses Will Do For You

1.    You Will Be Ready To Seek For Help

He who will not admit his areas of weakness will not seek for help, not from any one.

How long have you been in that business? What areas have you been having troubles moving towards your dreams? Why is there no one to help you out? Or, have you asked for help at all?

Oh, you have presented yourself as the “expert” and therefore afraid others will know you were “faking it” if you ask for that help, right? Truth is, it’s time to trample on that pride. One thing I have learned over the years is that the blogging community is filled with willing persons who will be glad any day to be of help if only you will ask.

The lesson: Burst your pride if you must move up!

2.    You Will Be Ready To Collaborate With Others

In life you need the collaboration of others.

Yes, you are a solopreneur ready to take the world alone. But don’t you realize you need vendors and that you need customers? Don’t you realize that these are people? Working from home sitting behind your computer every day doesn’t mean you should go it alone. Collaborating with others, especially those who have the abilities you lack will greatly help you on your journey.

The lesson: List out the areas you need the help of others. Go out there and seek those who you can collaborate with to complement you.

3.    You Will Be Ready To Learn From Others

Another thing I have learned from the blogosphere in my few years of blogging is the fact that bloggers are good teachers. Everywhere you turn, there is always a blogger who has one thing or the other to teach, even when those lessons have been thought a hundred times by other bloggers!

I’ve always wondered, since we are all teachers who really are the students!

Ok, I know as we read other blogs we tend to pick up one lesson or the other from those blogs. But, come to think of it, are you really learning from that blogger or you consider it as just part of the norm? Do you truly recognize that this blogger have something which you lack and therefore you’re subscribing to their blogs to learn this one thing from them? I doubt it!

Blogging tips are everywhere but, is running a business all about blogging tips? Do you really consider yourself in business? Have you considered yourself as an entrepreneur who blogs? If you do, then running your blogging business as an entrepreneur is something that should interest you. In addition to those blogging tips you should also be interested in sharpening your entrepreneurial skills.

The Lesson: Stay green; devote to learning as a student.

Last line

So, what do you think? Don’t agree that the quickest way up is down? Have you gained any lessons from this post? The comment section is yours to say whatever is in your mind. Please do use it!

2013 Is Your Year!

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