Blog Commenting and Links Building: Does Comluv still have any value in post Panda/Penguin?

The issue of building backlinks has being a big one for SEOs since the recent Google Penguin updates. The effect of the update on many sites when it launched is still very fresh in the minds of those who got hit!

Like I pointed out in my post, “The Watertight Strategy for effectively Writing Content for SEO in A Post-Penguin Internet!”  Google regards backlinks as a vote of confidence from the linking site. This means you will have towork to earn this vote of confidence. Google is not expecting you to use some covert tactics to get the backlinks.

But, we do use different covert tactics like blog commenting!

It’s not a secret that majority of bloggers commit to blog commenting not just because they want to network or connect with other bloggers but because they want to build backlinks from such comments.

One creative tactic that bloggers have been using over the years to build backlinks through blog commenting is the use of the Commentluv plugin. This is why the plugin has become very popular with bloggers.

The Commentluv plugin has been a very useful addition for bloggers because of its value in building backlinks and also rewarding your blog readers. In fact, many bloggers went for the premium version just because of the depth and value of backlinks the user gets from it!

Today, in our Community timeout discussion, I want us to a question asked by one of our blog readers, “Ross@Starting A Business”, while commenting on the post, “Uncommon List Of CommentLuv Blogs To Promote Your Blog In 2011” 

Here is the question:

“Chadrack, in todays post panda and penguin age, does it still make sense to use blog commenting as a method of backlinking? Does ComLuv still have the same value to a blog owner that it might have had 1 year ago?”

Now, I must confess that the issue of blog commenting for building links has been a concern to me ever since the recent Google updates. I’ve actually written a few posts on this subject. You can read, “Blog Commenting For Backlinks: Can It Affect You Negatively?” and “How to Avoid Google’s Wrath When Building Back-links Using Blog Commenting!”

However, when I saw this same question as a comment and also bringing in commentluv, I decided it will be better if I bring it before the community since most of us use the plugin.

So, what do you think:

1. Does it still make sense to use blog commenting as a method of backlinking?

2. Does ComLuv still have the same value to a blog owner that it might have had 1 year ago?

So, share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Chadrack Irobogo is a web entrepreneur, blogger, business coach and author. He's a vastly experienced online marketer and runs a digital marketing agency where he helps local businesses drive valuable online leads. On this blog he shares business strategies and proven marketing tactics that delivers tangible results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers.


15 Responses to “Blog Commenting and Links Building: Does Comluv still have any value in post Panda/Penguin?”

  1. SEO Organics

    Nov 13. 2012

    Blog commenting is still widely used to gather backlinks.I still value ComLuv.I like it.

    • The Kampret

      Nov 14. 2012

      @SEO Organics,

      i think same of you, commenting blog with commluv plugins installed in their site, i think is natural backilink. thank you.

    • Chadrack

      Nov 15. 2012

      @SEO Organics,

      There is no doubt that you cannot gather links with blog commenting but the question is with what is happening today do you think Google will be putting much value in them as they used to be?

  2. Chimezirim Odimba

    Nov 14. 2012

    I believe it is a mistake if you fixate on dropping trash comments just to get links. I personally don’t comment for that reason. There are bigger benefits like networking with other bloggers and gaining insights into conversations in your niche.

    The general SEO rule I’d like to apply is…

    If it’s too easy then it’s going to be hammered soon simply because people are going to beat the crap out of the method.

    • Chadrack

      Nov 15. 2012

      @Chimezirim Odimba,

      That’s really a good way to put. Commenting just because of the links is really not what blog commenting is all about. Unfortunately, we have seen that many people have always found a way of turning good intentions into something else. We have seen it with article marketing. We have seen it banner advertising. We are now seeing it in blog commenting in the form of spam comments. Frankly, I see more of link dropping in the days ahead with what is happening in the SEO niche.

      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

      • Chimezirim Odimba

        Nov 15. 2012

        @Chadrack, Oh, don’t remind me of article marketing — Those guys ruined it for us. Could you imagine that there was a time when we were enjoying as much as $200 per day just from submitting articles on Now you’d have to do it with a different twist (and a lot more) to get such results.

        And on comment luv, I think bloggers might have to create some rules as to when a comment deserves a link back. All these “great article!”, “Keep it up!” kind of comments don’t really add any value. So can bloggers disable links to such comments and only allow links on worthy comments?

        But that’s one side of the story: Many bloggers are actually desperate to have comments (any comments) on their posts. But the question is: Are those trashy comments going to make any difference on their bottom lines? I believe that the blogosphere will be a lot cleaner (and more useful) if bloggers understand the things that really matter.

        • Chadrack

          Nov 16. 2012

          @Chimezirim Odimba,

          Now, that is really what I’m driving at here. From my experience online I’ve come to understand that any tactic that has a way of adding some value and bottom line to your results have always been abused one way or the other. And, frankly, I’m seeing this happening to blog commenting very soon. Believe me, I’m not being a prophet of doom here.

          Your thought about finding a way of not rewarding every comment with a link back is something I have been thinking of in the past few days. I must say, as a dofollow blog, this blog has been faced with the problem of spam comments and I know this will increase in the days to come. I’ve successfully taken care of that end by implementing the manual dofollow plugin which only gives a commenter a dofollow link after the fourth approved comment.

          However, for commentluv I discovered it is either give all dofollow links or don’t give at all. In that situation, removing the dofollow capability means punishing all commenters for the sins of only a few, which I really don’t want to do. I only hope Andy will update the plugin so that we can have a way to select those who should have dofollow links and those who shouldn’t.

          Like I said, I’m already working on these things and in a few days I think a new commenting policy will definitely come alive on this blog.

          Thanks for the insightful comment.

  3. Smith Warnes

    Nov 15. 2012

    If you really are interested in the blog you will read it well and leave a thoughtful comment. Getting backlinks through comment luv on niche related blogs is really beneficial but you must contribute something in the comment and not just right anything. I think it still hold value. I quite like it.

    • Chadrack

      Nov 15. 2012

      @Smith Warnes,

      Again it all bears down to value, right? And I have really been hearing this word very often these days! But, come to think of it, do you think Google have a way of differentiating valuable comments and comments that add no value to the post?

      You see, what we are talking about here is basically the links built using commentluv and blog commenting generally. We are asking if you should still continue to build backlinks with blog commenting but do they really have much value in the face of what Google is doing?

      Will those links affect your rankings positively or negatively? Remember, Google is fighting a war against spam links and they have their own way of gauging what that is. So how much value building links with blog commenting going to impact your SEO? That is what we seek to know. Do you have a clue?

  4. Tim Bonner

    Nov 16. 2012

    Hi Chadrack

    For me CommentLuv definitely still has a value post the Panda/Penguin updates.

    I don’t think of CommentLuv as a backlinking tool so much. I see it as a community builder. Many people follow these links from other people’s blogs to my blog. I don’t need Google for that.

    I think only Google knows whether or not CommentLuv backlinks are seen as positive or negative.

    • Chadrack

      Nov 16. 2012

      @Tim Bonner,

      You definitely have a point there. In fact, I think that is what many bloggers are using commentluv for. Whenever I visit a blog with the plugin installed I scan the comments and depending on the articles link there, I visit those blogs. I think using it for this purpose is a good thing.

      However, as someone with the plugin installed I’m sure you must have noticed from your traffic stats that many of the visits come from searches something like this: “keyword + commentluv + top commentators!” Now, such traffic are nothing but those who wants to comment with the mind of building backlinks. These are really the problem we are dealing with here.

      The question is, with what Google is doing right now, will all of these make any more sense? Will this have a way of affecting blogs that have the plugin installed? I do hope someone will have a clear direction for us.

  5. Betty Johnson

    Dec 10. 2012

    I think it is still valuable. People who make such comments can get value as a good commentator with the proper name or initialization. I agree with Tim on this thing that it looks like community builder.

    • Chadrack

      Jan 26. 2013

      @Betty Johnson,

      Exacctly, blog commenting is really a community builder. The comment section is the conversation section of a blog and using it for that can really make things better. The problem is those who thinks it is mainly for building backlinks.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Shirish Dhungel

    Jan 24. 2013

    Backlinks are the main part of google pr and it can be only achieved through comments. And Still google accepts disqus and comluv links.

    • Chadrack

      Jan 26. 2013

      @Shirish Dhungel,

      I agree with you that google PR is mostly about links but that you can only achieve this through comments is not really the truth. There are other ways to build backlinks which are even better. Or, don’t you think so.