Meet The 25 Most Impressive America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009! has released the names of 25 young entrepreneurs nominated by its readers as the most impressive and most promising young entrepreneurs for 2009. These ones are expected to be voted for by readers in the annual BusinessWeek roundup of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs.

What really caught my attention amongst those so nominated is the fact that majority of these young entrepreneurs have web based businesses. This is not unexpected however considering the popularity of the internet in today’s economy and the fact that entry barriers has continued to fall when it comes to a web-based business.

It all bears testimony to the fact that starting and running a home based online business could be a lucrative venture in our world of today when, as Stangler puts it, “Job tenure has been falling for a long time. Employment is not going to recover in the very near future. People across all age groups are going to take the future into their own hands.”

You can read more about the 25 most promising young entrepreneurs for 2009 as nominated by BusinessWeek readers here.


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