Online Business Ideas: It’s Not Opportunities but How You Make Use of Them That Matters!

[Editor’s note: This is post is a guest post reacting to one of my posts on possible online business opportunities. There is indeed, great wisdom in this post I therefore ask that you read it through!]

I have been reflecting on your post about great business opportunities online. I agree that the internet is a goldmine. But what I find difficult to digest is the fact that everyone tries to make it look like a cakewalk – as if you merely have to grab an opportunity and lo and behold, you become rich overnight. Wish it were so easy but it isn’t.  There are four important ingredients which can make your online business successful.

opportunities abound but what you do is more important!

Subject Matter Expertise

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider before jumping into the online fray. But most of us run after what looks like a home run. Most of the online businesses are successful because the owner knows what he or she is talking about. I often see blogs which are on finance, student loans, pay day loans and such which don’t provide any useful information. They are there because the blogger or owner feels that they can make money by writing on finance. This is the perfect wrong approach. You will get people to read your blog or buy only if you provide genuine stuff – not recycled misinformation. What you must do is to provide great information which is unique – even if it’s about growing asparagus in your backyard.

Knowledge of SEO

We will be in a fool’s paradise if we think that we can become successful online without knowledge of SEO. I would rate this knowledge as critical. You must know your keywords. You must know page rank. You must know Alexa. You must understand the dynamics of driving traffic to your website. You must understand the difference between Google Panda and Penguin (other than knowing that they are cute animals). If you don’t know any of these, you are doomed. I find it quite funny and sometimes wonder how we have become victims of Google. It doesn’t matter what you do. You simply have to fall in line with Google search. It’s quirky, biased, eccentric and confounding. Still there is no way you can avoid Google.


This is indeed, another big factor which determines your success online. Most of us somehow feel that once you have developed a smashing website or blog you simply have to step back and watch the cash pour in. And when it doesn’t (which is the most likely outcome) people quickly lose interest and move on. Not only should you keep watering the plants but also nurture them if you want them to yield fruit. Online business requires continuous and steady promotion. You have to keep working at it – day in and day out.


Never underestimate the virtue of patience. It takes a year or years for your online business to stabilize. If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the place for you.


Ultimately, whether it’s online or traditional business, you have to know your marbles. Don’t jump into an online business just because someone else has become successful. Avoid herd mentality. Find your own niche. Final bit of advice – do what you love. It’s love which makes the world go around.

Signing off with lots of love!

It’s now your turn. Do you agree with the points raised or do you think there’s something important left out? Feel free to share with us in your comments below!

Sarah Lamb is a single mom who learned to make fast cash online. As an online marketer she is able to earn money while waiting for her own blog to take off. Meanwhile, she also promotes several online businesses like fast Cash and


26 Responses to “Online Business Ideas: It’s Not Opportunities but How You Make Use of Them That Matters!”

  1. Hello there,
    Informative and Very well explained.
    I agreed on that opportunities fact.I read somewhere in a post that Having a desire without passion can’t works.
    It is not only consider chance but it can a big fact but It depend on that how you use them.

    • Chadrack

      Oct 16. 2012


      I think I’ll agree with that. Passion and desire are like the two sides of a coin. You see, when you have a desire for something but lack the passion, that desire will not be enough to propel you on your journey. But when passion is mixed with that desire, there is nothing that can stop you.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Sarah

      Oct 20. 2012

      Often we come across problems while executing projects. When there is passion we overcome these but when only money is the motive ,we succumb . Passion is that ‘never say die’ attitude.

  2. Theodore Nwangene

    Oct 16. 2012

    Patience is the name of the game Sarah,
    The truth is that everyone want to be rich but not everyone is willing to put in the necessary work needed to acquire wealth.

    We have to know that there is no easy way to make money both online and offline, even if there is, its either not legitimate or it will not last. There Patience and Perseverance is a must have.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah

      Oct 20. 2012

      We are bombarded by thousands of emails offering bags of money within a few days. “Make $1000 in a single day” or some such sort of offer is common. Many of us get enticed without bothering to see if such a thing is possible. We shell out our hard earned cash to join some dubious scheme and ultimately we lose this too.

      It takes time to establish a business . There is no short cut.


  3. Alison Wood

    Oct 17. 2012

    Perseverance is really important in blogging you won’t get traffic instantly. Keep updating your website with fresh captivating content and do SEO regularly. Both on Page and off techniques have to be managed steadily as it is an ongoing activity.

  4. Nancy

    Oct 17. 2012

    I think patience is definitely one of the key ingredients for making a successful online business. Patience and realistic expectations in my opinion because a lot of people give up early when they get these 2 wrong.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Annie

      Oct 18. 2012

      @Nancy, I agree Nancy many people get these 2 things wrong and give up too soon. It really requires right techniques, hard work and steady efforts to get the most out of your business and website. Great Article.

  5. Jack Milgram

    Oct 18. 2012

    I am really grateful to you for including patience in this list. When we read all those unbelievable success stories, success seems to be too quick and easy. However, no business becomes successful overnight. We do need patience to become what we want to become.

  6. Rob

    Oct 18. 2012

    Superb article. I agree that you MUST have knowledge of SEO with regards to the latest Google updates from Penguin and Panda. Patience and understanding is also key to being successful as its not going to magically happen over night

    • Sarah

      Oct 20. 2012

      Unfortunately we can no longer get away by saying that we don’t know tech. You have to know SEO and how to benefit from it. Google plays a huge part in our life.


  7. Quality Seo Services

    Oct 19. 2012

    Yes, I definitely agree that “It’s Not Opportunities but How You Make Use of Them That Matters” because given that there are lot of internet marketing techniques used online your only worry is how to utilize them and be productive.

  8. muralist in Atlanta

    Oct 25. 2012

    If you are considering an home business offering immediate profit, you would be better served to move on to another.

  9. Sarah

    Oct 26. 2012

    I agree. Home business owners must think twice before plunging online.


  10. SIP Softphone

    Oct 29. 2012

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  11. Frank

    Oct 30. 2012

    I think a very important factor is perseverance, as you write in your post. In combination with patience you can build yourself a good business. It’s the same principials in the internet as well as in traditional business.

  12. Ralph

    Nov 02. 2012

    Really good post! Perseverance is so important but is also hard to do. Not just for success online but success in general. Its a good habit to have so that it is easier to accomplish online.

  13. Jimson Paul

    Nov 05. 2012

    I completely agree with all the above points you have mentioned and i personally believe that posting and updating on your website will help you a lot to grow your online business and the most important thing is patient and hard work. Nice article i will look forward more article from you.

  14. nikol

    Nov 09. 2012

    The answer isn’t necessarily finding the best online business ideas, it’s how to find one to focus on.

    The best advice I’ve ever gotten was to “find one thing that works and put it on steroids.” The hardest part is to find something that works first, then scale it.

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    Nov 10. 2012

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  16. freeadboardview

    Nov 13. 2012

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  17. [email protected]

    Nov 17. 2012

    Regrettably we are able to no more escape through stating that people do not understand technology. You need to know all major search engine and how they can take advantage of this. Search engines performs an enormous component at present.

  18. Manishak

    Nov 28. 2012

    Hi Sarah, More than knowing the subject matter one has to know the difference between Panda and Penguin. Google’s latest updates has everybody dancing on their feet, especially Internet Marketers.

  19. Sarah

    Nov 29. 2012

    Are you telling me?

    Everything is jumbled up with Google upping its tricks. Don’t know what’s going on. Ha. Ha.