More Possible Business Ideas to Make Money Online Starting Now!

There is no doubt about it, with the global economic crunch still biting hard on every side, more and more people are looking to the internet for possible business ideas to make some extra money. This is not surprising because the internet have proven in recent times to be a good avenue for various business opportunities that one can start with little to no money.

And so, since the Web Income Journal is all about providing web entrepreneurs and bloggers with usable tips and ideas and quality information on starting and growing a successful business online, I recently undertook a research aimed at putting together a possible online business ideas’ resource which anyone, no matter the experience, can benefit from.

Of course, knowing that the market is saturated with all kinds of make money online scams, I took some extra care in choosing the business ideas to be included in the resource.

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Frankly, I must say I’m truly amazed with what is out there for us to pick from. With about a hundred possible ideas already included in the resource, I can say the internet is truly a treasure trove when it comes to making money doing your own business.

In this post I want to share with just 10 of those possible business ideas. So, if you are right now scouting online looking for possible business ideas to work on, I ask that you go through these ones and see how you can build an online business from them.

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So, let’s begin:

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1.    Editing And Proofreading Jobs

I’m sure you must have noticed the silent revolution that has been on for some time now. It has become one of the most talked about topic on most sites these days.

Want to know what that revolution is?

Ok, it’s the gradual shift from the traditional internet marketing hard sell to inbound marketing tactics using quality and informative content. This revolution has practically turned marketers into publishers with the option of producing volumes of marketing content every day.

With so much to do, most of these marketers and businesses now resort to external sources to edit and proofread articles or reports before they’re ready to be published online.

Now, if you are a native speaker of whatever language a client needs a document or article proofread, or if you have good command over that language, then you can pick up editing and proofreading jobs. I can assure you that this is really a lucrative business idea for the now. Simply do Google search for the term, “Editing and Proofreading Jobs” and see you what the search engine will return!

2.    Email and Phone Handling

Now, this business idea had been there for some time but, like #1 above, the global meltdown has also fueled it. With many businesses trying to cut cost many have resorted to looking for different ways to outsource their business operations. And this is where email and phone handling businesses come in.

Email and phone handling is similar to a virtual assistant position; only thing is that it doesn’t require making appointments or needing any extensive skills.

To do email and phone handling, you would mostly do things such as cold calling, answering queries over phone and handling emails.   Business owners generally tend to hire support staff to handle these tasks, as they’re often too busy to do them themselves.  With email and phone handling services you could easily add some extra income to your regular income.

3.    Software Load Testing

Over the years the internet has continued to experience more and more smart tools that help with business and other online operations. Most software companies, when they are almost finished with the development of a piece of software, will hire people to test it out for them in order to find bugs and see how effective the software is.  The purpose is to ensure the product meet the market requirements. So with the information gathered from the testers the product is improved before releasing it to the mass markets.

The good news is that with so many software developers out there looking for people to test their products, this has become a lucrative business idea for many.

To become a ‘Software Load Tester’ you can check out companies which offer exclusive testing services like for possible ideas. Besides, a simple search on Google for “Load Testing jobs” will also give you some possible ideas and tips on how to run with this business idea.

4.    Game Tester

game cash graphicThis is similar to software testing above. With this, you would play and test out games in order to identify possible defects.  As a game tester you are expected to play the game step by step and be careful to note even the smallest of errors, if any, and provide a detailed report to the company.

In order to become a Game Tester, it’s ideal for you to be a hard core gamer. You should also know how to play the games effectively so you can identify the bugs in the software. So if you are one who loves playing games online and you are interested in making some money from your passion then becoming a game tester is a good idea. Visit this site for tips on how you can succeed as a game tester.

5.    Write Software For Resale, With Rights

Do you have knowledge of programming? Then you are in big business!

Frankly, if you are very good at programming, this is a great way to earn extra cash on the internet.  With so many websites trying to achieve different things with much ease and in less time, if you can create a program that is able to meet these different needs, you can sell it for a good amount of money.

Besides, you could also offer resale rights to the program, giving other people the opportunity to sell it and collect the commissions. This will give you the opportunity to charge a premium price for the program especially if you’re not a fabulous marketer but still want to earn a lot of money from your work.

Now, I understand that this business idea is not for everyone however, the truth is there is enough information online that can be of help if you want to take this up. Check out this site: for a very useful resource which you can even download for free! :)

6.    Design Or Build Websites For People

If you are good at HTML, graphics and Photoshop, then web designing might be a great option for you to consider.   In order to create websites, you just need some creativity and knowhow in using the tools.  You can create impressive websites using templates alone, and people will gladly pay so that they don’t need to take the time to figure out how to learn the programs.

Besides, if you are very good with setting up WordPress blogs you can also use the WordPress blogging platform to build impressive websites for companies and they will love it. One good thing about websites built with the wordpress blogging platform is the ability to include a blog in the setup. This is a great way of making the website more lovable to the search engines. Besides, it gives the business person the ability to easily update the site without looking to any external hands.

7.    Create An Automation Software And Charge For The Service

With so much to do online these days and with lesser time available to do all of these, many people are becoming more interested in automation services or software where a task can be done for them without having to do as much manual work themselves. A lot of these pieces of software abound in the market right like: automated software for article rewriting, automated software for checking spelling/grammatical errors in the articles, automated software for article spinning, automated software for PDF to word conversion, and so forth.

Despite the fact that there is so much pieces of automated software out there already, there is still room for more. If you can identify the need and create the software, you can make a whole lot of money.

One good way you can find out if there is a need for software out there is to simply browse through the administration jobs in freelancing sites. For example, you might see a specific job where someone is asking to extract a set of data from a particular site and populate it in excel. If the demand for a specific service is high, you can create a software to do the job and mass-market it.

Besides, you can also create something for one specific buyer and charge them for it or simply take up the advertised jobs and charge the market rate as if it were manual work, but use your software to speed up the production! :)

8.    Provide Uptime Monitoring Services

Recently, I’ve been very concerned about what is happening to my websites at every point in time. I want to know whenever any of them is down and why. To effectively do this, I have to engage a website monitoring service.

I know I’m not alone in this. Webmasters generally want to make sure that their websites are working as frequently as possible. If any site goes down for any reason, they want to know how long it was down and why. This is crucial for webmasters because most of the time, that site is their source of income.

I can categorically say that this is a lucrative business idea if you know how to go about it. Besides, you can even use free uptime monitoring software. All you need do is setup your business page and advertise your services. Once you have the job, take the website’s details and input them into the software, download the reports, and provide them to your client. You will be surprised that even though some webmasters know about this software, they’d still rather hire someone to do it for them rather than do it themselves.

9.    Shoot And Sell Videos Online

Creating videos these days is no more a thing reserved for the professionals. Video sites like Youtube and the rest has made video production for online viewing a thing of fun.

But do you know you can actually produce videos and see them online?

Yes, if you can shoot an interesting video that people are ready to watch, you can also sell it online and make some money.   Your video can be anything from an interesting event, video tutorial, demo video, etc. All you would need is a good video recorder. Even a good camera with quality lenses as well as a microphone, recording and mixing equipment, etc can do the trick.  Here is a site where you can directly sell your videos:

10.    Offer Video Montage Services

Another way to make money with video productions is through helping people create memories with their pictures.  What you will need here is to take some pictures that a customer provides, put them together in a nice slide show with background music, and then burn it to DVD.

You simply need some innovation and creativity to succeed greatly in this business. Give people what they want and they will pay you handsomely for it. Remember that people are paying for these video montages because it is a unique way to present lifetime memories for people.  So, use your imagination and give something they will fall in love with.

For an example of a site doing this online right now check out this site:


There are numerous possible business ideas for making money online out there right now. What you only need to do is choose the one that you are best suited for. Think of your passion, talents and skills. Once you can match your business idea with your passion, skill and talents you will be on your way to making building a business that will beat your imagination.

I’ll love to hear from you. Do you have any other business idea that should be included in this list? Are you in any way using any of these ideas right now? Share your thought with us in your comments below.

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Chadrack Irobogo is a web entrepreneur, blogger, business coach and author. He's a vastly experienced online marketer and runs a digital marketing agency where he helps local businesses drive valuable online leads. On this blog he shares business strategies and proven marketing tactics that delivers tangible results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers.


31 Responses to “More Possible Business Ideas to Make Money Online Starting Now!”

  1. Hi Chadrack!Thanks for the ten possible business ideas.I like what you said about email and phone handling.I just realize that responding to your clients email gives a good feedback on my business as well as informing my clients about new products and promos on phone.

    • Chadrack

      Sep 19. 2012


      Exactly. Using email and phone services in taking care of customer service is a good way of freeing up your time. And if you are looking for some extra money online you can easily use this business idea to do that. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Scott Dudley

    Sep 19. 2012

    Hi Chadrack,

    Some fantastic ideas here. I would like to add though that most of these are really still classed as jobs instead of businesses, as they require you to trade your time for money. But even so that is still much better than having to work a crappy job and fight through peak hour traffic to get to work.

    There are millions of people who dream about being able to work from home earn money via the internet, and you have given us plenty of ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chadrack

      Sep 19. 2012

      @Scott Dudley,

      I agree with there when you said most of these may be classified as jobs. But what really is a business? You could offer a service as your business model. As long as you are in control of your working hours, you are in business. Truth is you can decide who you want to work with.

  3. Whybrand

    Sep 19. 2012

    Great article and very good helpful information I like it I am a blogger so I can imagine that how much effort did you put in this, thanks buddy keep up the good work

    • Chadrack

      Sep 19. 2012


      It is really a pleasure that the post resonate with you. Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again.

  4. There are many business ideas that you can find but you need to put your heart and mind on your business and everything will follow.You will eventually come up with the right business idea.Thanks for sharing your 10 possible business ideas!I learned a lot from you!

    • Chadrack

      Sep 21. 2012


      I agree with you. During my research I discovered that the problem is not really lack of business idea out there but how much we are ready to put everything into making it work. The internet has truly opened up the space for all of us.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • It can be pretty tough to make money anywhere. This runs a very successful home business.

  5. Adrienne

    Sep 20. 2012

    You can do just about anything online these days right Chadrack?

    You just proved that here with all these other possibilities that people can do online for some money. I would have never thought of some of them so I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will be excited to read this list. It will give them even more ideas…


    • Chadrack

      Sep 21. 2012


      Yes, Adrienne. I really think the internet has opened up the space that with a little thinking, you can turn just any idea into a business. And frankly, I see more people taking up ideas like these and turning them into big business.

      In fact, I’m even considering a few of them in the new future! :)

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. I read many business ideas and I can say that not all those ideas can be applicable to one’s business.We need to carefully choose what’s best for our business.Selling videos online is great!Thanks for the site you gave..I’ll check it out.

    • Chadrack

      Sep 21. 2012


      No, these ideas are not really meant to be used in your present business. They are ideas on their own. What you need do is check them against your talents and skills and if there is any one you think could be useful, you simply pick it and then see how you can turn it into a business.

      Oh yes, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that idea about selling videos. Just think of the prospect. With many bloggers doing great videos and posting them to Youtube for free, this is really a good idea. Only thing is that I’m not very good at doing videos! :)

      • @Chadrack,
        I’ve done what you said.I evaluated your business ideas based on my skills and talents.Your really great!I think replying on your clients email is good to my business.I can evaluate my loyal clients.I’m starting my first video now,I never realize how fun it is!Thanks!

  7. Jenny

    Sep 23. 2012

    You simply need some innovation and creativity to succeed greatly in this business. Give people what they want and they will pay you handsomely for it. I totally agree with you that video is amazing to remind our memory. Thanks for sharing

  8. Rencontres

    Sep 30. 2012

    Thanks for the business ideas.
    I am trying to find ways to be able to work independently. It does not happen overnight.
    I will check out the idea of proofreading.I have already started some translation jobs.

  9. hel

    Oct 08. 2012

    Making a game test it is a good start to programmer carrer, I think a person who want to learn doing games should start doing tests

  10. Mary Warsaw

    Oct 08. 2012

    “Game Tester”
    This is the best passage from the article.
    Thank you for your hints. It helped me a lot and improved my mood :) I will certainly use your advice.

  11. best way to make money

    Oct 09. 2012

    Best way to make money learn how to make money at home online each and every month from home in your spare time so visit for all the best passive income opportunities fully tried and tested.

  12. Jack Milgram

    Oct 11. 2012

    Great ideas! My favorite ones are a game tester and editing (I have tried out the latter option in the past). However, I must admit that online jobs are frequently associated with the risks of coming across scams. It is recommended to think twice before choosing a particular online company.

  13. glue removal

    Oct 11. 2012

    It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also get knowledge, from these type of
    blog, nice entry. Thanks

    • Chadrack

      Oct 16. 2012

      @glue removal,

      You are welcome!

  14. Cudjoe

    Oct 14. 2012

    These are truly some great tips. With all these points, it has to take a lot perseverance and patience which is paramoumt for success. It’s actually really difficult to create softwares if you’re just a newbie in the internet world.

    • Chadrack

      Oct 16. 2012


      Of course, no one business idea is easy if you don’t know about that idea! Profiting with any business demands you knowing what you are doing. Creating software is not what everyone want to go into. You will first need to have the skills and right tools. The list for everyone to look into and then going for the one that better suit you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. bj @ consumer lists

    Oct 15. 2012

    It looks like one can get the all possible business ideas from this post in order to make money online. Really, great resource!
    Today, many people try online to earn enough money, this list can help them a lot who really want to earn online. All ideas are good to follow and i think they look easy but one must work hard as all cannot get success to get money online.

    • Chadrack

      Oct 16. 2012

      @bj @ consumer lists,

      It’s really a pleasure that this post resonate with you. Thanks for the comment.

  16. cctv karachi

    Feb 05. 2013

    I love your site! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! Nice and informative post
    on this topic thanks for sharing with us.Thank you

    • Chadrack

      Feb 05. 2013

      @cctv karachi,

      Thanks for that. And here is a prayer point for you: Pray that the site will be one of the first 100 blogs online by the end of this year! :)