Want To Win Some $490 in Free Gifts? Then Read This!

blog contest imageHi everyone. First let me appreciate you for your commitment to the Web Income Journal. I’m sure you have noticed that for the past couple of weeks I’ve not been that active on the blog.

I’m glad to report that my inactivity is because of other projects I’ve embarked on in the past few days. You know, with the year gradually rolling off, it is time to reevaluate things and also to plan for the coming year. And so, I’ve been busy setting up a few niche sites in preparation for the Yuletide season!

But that is not the purpose of this post. Today I want to solicit for your help. Yes, I need your help hoping also that you too will be able to gain handsomely from that help!

Blog Readers’ Appreciation Contest

Part of the things that took me away from this blog is a new site I’ve just set up – my web content writing service blog at SEOWebContentScribe.com.

For sometime now I have been working on this site and now I’m ready to promote it with every ounce of marketing strength that I have 🙂

And, this is where I really need your help.

I have set up a simple blog contest with a reward of over $490 in prizes for those who will help me in this area. The contest is nothing but what you have always done, like posting comments and sharing blog post on social media sites. The only difference is that this time you stand the chance of winning some fabulous prizes at the end of the day!

I invite you therefore to visit the site right away and get the details about the contest. Remember, I’m counting on you as a friend on this. And so, please click here to join the fun!



  1. Chadrack, I clicked the link and the site’s idea is nice! I will pitch it to RoundNews. If they won’t end up writing about I think at least they will try it as news sites always need quality content.

  2. Thank you for not only sharing this, but also explaining this over to us. Overall I can definitely see how they would help you tremendously. Great article and great information as well thanks.

    • @Yeremi Akpan,

      Thanks bro. As our people say, no food for lazy man 🙂 We just need to keep on hitting them here and there and by the grace of God we will definitely hit as much apples from the trees!

    • @Tim Bonner,

      Yea Tim. There are actually a few new things I want to get started before the end of the year.

      Really do check out the contest. And like I said, the reward is really just an addition. I expect that as friends some of you will do a favour by helping to tweet or just post a comment 🙂

      Thanks for the comment BTW.

  3. Hello, this post is great. I think it is brilliant when people give away incentives, because it increases the traffic on their website and you are giving back to people who comment on the website.

  4. Hello, this post is brilliant. I think it is great that you are giving away prizes to people who enter the contest, because then you can get more visitors. I will definitely check it out now.

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