Making Friends in Social Media: What’s Your Take?

A few days ago, I came across a humorous marketing cartoon By HubSpot on making friends and connections in different social media websites – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As much as the cartoon is humorous, there is indeed a message that I will want us to consider.

Of course, socializing has always been a part of the human race. That’s why where ever we go, we soon reach out to collaborate and interact with others. However, from what we see online these days I want to ask,

>>> Has the idea of friendship changed with the coming of online social media?

>>> Is friendship no more about mutual relationships? Should it really be about trying to make some gain out of our “friends” as we see it everyday on social media sites?

Please take a look at the cartoon and share your opinion with us in your comments below.

So what’s your take? Post your comments and let’s discuss this!



    • @Iroko,

      That’s really true Iroko. I’ve connected with a few persons on twitter and facebook and I can say these have shown me that friendship on social media can be mutual.

      However, those who use software definitely have taken their business gains beyond human considerations. As much as a business wants to use the social media sites to connect with potential customers and clients that business should relate at the level where the individuals become more open emotionally.

      Thanks for your comment.

  1. Interesting cartoon Chadrack!

    Yes, to a certain extent social media and this whole online friendship is a two way journey where there is give and take, though we never really know the person on the other side that well. How do we trust one another is the main question then? Everything has become so mechanical and robotic that it does get tough to decipher the real person or human behind the scenes.

    Speaking of myself, I would just go with my heart and connect with like minded people, who would be more like the person I am- that’s the best way I recognize friends online. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    BTW- There is some error showing up in the CommentLuv, may be you need to sort it out 🙂

    • @Harleena Singh,

      It’s really that robotic and mechanical aspect that is my pain. Apart from that, I think friendship is really not about business except you’re using that friendship forum for networking. This is why I’m of the mind that one should have two profiles on twitter or facebook, one to connect with real friends and the other to connect prospects and business partners.

      From experience I have discovered that those who are these social media sites primarily for business are more than those who are there for friendship. This is the why many use robots and software. To them, the larger the number of friends in their circle the larger their market reach!

      Of course, it appears the social media sites are redefining the concept of friendship but I see a time when these social media sites will evolve to recognize this fact become to properly segregate friends from business contacts. I think this is what Google+ recognized in the concept of G+ Circles. But I think that is really just a start. It’s definitely going to go deeper.

      Thanks for the comment and I must say it’s pleasure to have you around.

  2. Sometimes, though rarely, true friendships can come out of online relationships or connections. I noticed that the “realness” depends on the niche you frequent. Self-improvement and personal dev blogs can form communities worth joining because most genuinely want to help.

    • @Glori,

      It’s really thing of joy to know that there is some level of realness in the self development and personal blogs. Maybe the make money online niche is worst for this and unfortunately that is the niche that I’m more exposed to!

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  3. That image is really interesting. It shows how each social media platform differs from one another and how users of each platform perceive their friends. Thanks for the post!

    • @MIT IT Recruitment,

      Yea, that’s really what the cartoon is about. But we are using it to again ask ourselves what really is the concept of social media friendship? What should it be?

      Can you let us know your mind?

    • @Gautham,

      Thanks for the comment. The purpose is for us to take a look at what our online social media friendships should really be. We will be glad to know what is your take.

  4. Hi Chadrack – that is hilarious! I think that regardless of whether it is an offline or online relationship, and regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, we do take from each relationship we have.

    We do not seek to endlessly give without receiving something in return. As noble and charitable as that may seem, we simply are not wired that way as human beings.

    The cartoon was great. This is my first exposure to your blog and I enjoyed it.

    • @david,

      It’s really a great thing to have you around David and I look forward to seeing more of you!

      Okay, I agree with you that in every friendship there is always the give and take involved. However, I think we don’t really go out there looking for friends that we want to make money out off. Friendship definitely means connecting first of all with someone who is of the same mind. There should be mutual understanding in friendships. And when you take it from this angle you will discover that along the line, trying to sell something to this person will raise some questions in your mind.

      Now, what I’m really looking forward to, is a redefinition of what we see today as social media friendship. The social media sites must understand that they have grown from just a place where you interact with friends to some real business centers. This being so, these sites should begin to see how they incorporate these new concepts of “business friendship” in their platforms.

      I think Google+ has this in mind with the idea of “Circles” where you can segregate your connections into different circles and then relate with them accordingly. LinkedIn may already have this built in as a professional networking site. When you are connecting with someone on LinkedIn you already have the idea that you are connecting professionally. Though I think there is still room for improvement! 🙂

      For twitter and facebook there is still much to be done. And unfortunately, these are the two that pulls more crowd when it comes to this online friendship of a thing. I do hope that we will see the day when we will all come to the place when personal interactions and professional interactions on the social media sites will take the right direction.

  5. I totally agree with this article reading the comics in it really makes me happy/ laugh a lot, but this is true. we all know that using social media site will sure allow the member to gain enough friends. but honestly not all social media site I have already used. maybe I should try some social media site you have given.

  6. I have to say that the relationships themselves are worth the effort. With the amount of time that we spend behind our computer screens, we need the social interaction.

    That said, there’s the business aspect to social networking, if you actually develop relationships with the people you connect with, you can leverage their network and vise versa.

    • @Pete,

      I quite agree with you Pete. It’s true we spend most of our time behind our computer screen these days and using some of that time interacting with others is really a good thing. However, my concern is, should our relationships be basically be on making some money from the other person as we are seeing on social media today? Is that what friendship really about?

      As a business person do you go out to make friends because you want to sell to them? Is there no demarcation between your friends and your customers, even when your business may sometimes sell a product or service to your friend when they need it?

      My point here is that the idea of “friendship” that many online marketers have about social media marketing is really wrong. Or better still, the social media sites, like twitter and facebook that encourages selling on the sites, have not done much to separate friends from clients/customers. There should be some way of putting a line between the two so that when you’re the sites you can make genuine friends and communicate with them in that level while at the same time you can have a circle of potential customers/clients and communicate with them as such.

      I think this is the concept that Google+ have given us in the idea of “Circles.” Unfortunately, because of the mentality of most us built from the other social media sites, this concept of circles is not being used the right way.

      I think that the networking aspect of social media friendships is the only one that is really working the way it should. Like you said, “if you actually develop relationships with the people you connect with, you can leverage their network and vise versa.” That is simply the truth.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Haha, so true.

    When social became popular with the business minded crown the tools for automation started to get pumped out. You no longer had to even look for your own friends, but merely enter in a keyword that described your friend and it would auto follow x number in the hopes that a percentage would follow you back effectively increasing your social media reach and hence your audience.

    Those who connect individually still seem to have the best results.

    • @Warren,

      It simply shows that social media has grown beyond friendship. It’s now a business tool and therefore it should be understood that way. The idea of still using terms like “the more friends you make the more success you have on social media” needs to be changed. If you’re making friends just because you want to sell to them means you’re not making a friend but a potential client or customer.

      You said, “those who connect individually still seem to have the best results.” Well, it is good you said, “seem to” because those connections are not really at the level of selling directly but networking with those you are connecting with.

      Think of it, if as a business you want to connect individually with your facebook friends in order to make them more open to buy from you, do you know how many hours a day you will spend doing that? This is why many use automated tools which do nothing but “push” marketing messages at you every day in the name of building relationships!

      I think those of us in the internet marketing niche should think of a better way to use social media for selling. Yes, at the beginning things were not as it is now. Then there were very few marketers. Most of the people on social media were potential clients. But now, the marketers are in the majority. New tactics need to be employed. Instead of going out there firing wildly trying to get into each and every circle you see because you want a bigger reach with your marketing messages, have a strategy with a system that helps you know who really need your services/product and reach out to those people. If you’re there to make friends, do so but if you’re there to market your business, don’t deceive people that you’re a “friend”.

      I don’t know if you get the flow of my thoughts?

  8. Funny but this is the truth. Social media changed how we gain new friends and communicate with them.

    • @Lorna Miller,

      Gain new friends or customers? Are you looking for friendship or clients? Don’t you think we need to define this?

  9. I laughed out loud reading your article. So many people forget what friendship really means, and have a hard time separating real friends from people on social media; especially Facebook!

    • @StagingWorks,

      I think I understand your point there. You mean friendship on social media is a world apart from friendship in real life, right?

      If that is the case then what I have been saying is right. It’s either we redefine the concept of friendship or we should stop using the word friends for our connections on social media sites. Or what do you think?

  10. I do appreciated this article as everything conveys a message. Thanks a lot for your great and insightful ideas:)Anyway I love that cartoon design as well as your website.. Great Post!

  11. Many companies are looking for people with Social Media Skills because they know that they have to expand their social media presence to take their marketing message to the millions of users who are on these sites. 

  12. friend making on social media is very simple because facebook provide good service in social media in this process first we have to send friend request than after adding we can communicate each other.

  13. It’s now a common trend to make friends in social media site like Facebook. It does help in order to make a huge fan network and fetch the traffic for your site or to the particular products or services.

  14. I’ve been always a little sceptic with the online friendships. I mean, if you connect with these kind of friends only via social media. There aren’t any close relations/connections/friendship based on a virtual communication channel. Humans need the physical contact, without it, we cannot generate strong emotional connections. Although it’s a 2-way communication channel, something is missing. By the way, I really like the comic you’ve posted, it has made my day:)

  15. Honestly, I’ve been always a little sceptic with the online friendships. I mean, if you connect with these kind of friends only via social media. There aren’t any close relations/connections/friendship based on a virtual communication channel. Humans need the physical contact, without it, we cannot generate strong emotional connections. Although it’s a 2-way communication channel, something is missing. By the way, I really like the comic you’ve posted, it has made my day:)

  16. The cartoon is so true!!!!!! I guess that people don’t know even the half of their friends or followers on different social networks, they just add each other for the quantity, but not more

  17. I can’t say that this is called as “friend-making”, but it’s better to call it “fan-making” or “acquaintances making”

  18. This cartoon is humorous but nevertheless the message rings true. I remember some 8 years ago I made a lot of friends in older now defunct social media platforms and I am still friends with those people. We’d meet up and get to know each other a little better. But nowadays it’s really, really different. People just do not make the effort to really “connect” in the truer sense anymore. People no longer go out to meet. They just connect via social media and that’s it.

  19. Great cartoon. I’m not arrogant by any means and will make friends with anybody who is showing a genuine interest in myself or my business. If somebody talks about something I am interested in, I’ll befriend them. The annoyance is people on FB adding you just to spam you a bunch of crap!

  20. Hey, your cartoon pic is very good to explain social media marketing.all these three social media sites are very good sites to making a friends.some time these friends should be very close friends.

  21. I’m the same way I do my best to remain neutral. It’s hard if you communicate with the person the other person dislikes then you fall out of favor with them! I simple can’t dislike a person just because someone else does I just can’t. oklahoma city roofing

  22. I am doing a paper that is on social networking and social media. I was wondering what percent of the internet is social media ?

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