Making Friends in Social Media: What’s Your Take?

A few days ago, I came across a humorous marketing cartoon By HubSpot on making friends and connections in different social media websites – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As much as the cartoon is humorous, there is indeed a message that I will want us to consider.

Of course, socializing has always been a part of the human race. That’s why where ever we go, we soon reach out to collaborate and interact with others. However, from what we see online these days I want to ask,

>>> Has the idea of friendship changed with the coming of online social media?

>>> Is friendship no more about mutual relationships? Should it really be about trying to make some gain out of our “friends” as we see it everyday on social media sites?

Please take a look at the cartoon and share your opinion with us in your comments below.

So what’s your take? Post your comments and let’s discuss this!



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