SheerSEO: Monitor and Rank Your Sites with Ease


Do you find it tasking trying to keep track of your blog/site search engine rankings?

As an SEO specialist have you been searching for  effective SEO tools to track and retain historical data for your clients’ rankings on the search engines?


Are you presently overwhelmed by the entire process of keeping up with your site SEO analysis and processes?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you will want to take a look at SheerSEO, one of the most cost effective SEO software in the market right now.

Search Engine Optimization Is Indeed Tasking but It Could Be Fun!

As a regular reader of this blog you know that I’m passionate about driving organic and targeted traffic using search engine optimization. Because of this, I’ve written variously on why as a blogger you must not ignore optimizing your blog for the search engines. I’ve  also done a blog series on WordPress SEO sometime ago.

Unfortunately, to have optimum success with SEO you need to keep track of a whole lot of things. This is where seo is really intimidating for those not well educated on the subject.

The good news however, is that with SheerSEO even the average user can make sense of tracking and monitoring search rankings.

I had the opportunity of trying out SheerSEO and you can imagine my excitement using the tool. I was simply blown away with the simplicity and ease of use and that is what has given rise to this post.

A Few Quick Ways You Can Use SheerSEO

Permit me to quickly point out a few ways you can benefit with this SEO software.

1. Basic SEO Information All In One Place

The software helps you to monitor most of the basic SEO data like keyword rankings, backlinks, PageRank, historical ranking data, keyword density, etc.

2. Social Media Activity Report

As you probably know social media is now an important factor in search engine optimization. With SheerSEO you can monitor your social media activities which is really a good thing.

3. Automate Repetitive SEO Activities

Working to improve search engine rankings involves a few repetitive but tedious activities like directory submission and pitching of relevant bloggers for link building requests. To ensure that your precious time is not wasted on these activities, SheerSEO automates these activities for you.

4. Enhance Your Professional Outlook

If you’re an SEO professional, SheerSEO will help you present evidences of how much your work have impacted on your clients’ rankings. The client will be able to get every detail of how the rankings have progressed since you began your work. This is good for your professional stand!

One feature of SheerSEO that truly impressed me when I tried out the software is the keyword tracking feature. I’m sure you know how important keywords are to seo, right? Ok, SheerSEO makes it easy for you to analyze your use of a particular keyword/phrase in comparison with competing web pages.

I did a short video of how this works. Watch it:

My Only Grouse With SheerSEO

When I set out to test SheerSEO I wrongly believed I was having a search engine optimization tool that will help me generate, analyze and choose what keywords to target. But I was wrong. SheerSEO is actually an SEO tracking tool that helps you learn the results of what you’re already doing. This means you'll need to first implement your SEO strategy before you can use the software to know how you're faring.

I personally thinks this is an area the creators should consider in subsequent versions. Adding a feature for keyword research will truly make SheerSEO a powerful SEO tool. As it is now, where you have to DO  the necessary optimization work, like keyword research and implementation on your pages and then build backlinks, for SheerSEO to be effective is not good enough.

However, being able to track and monitor your work with simplicity is great. With your knowledge you can save your precious time and resources and also take very important decisions that will improve your site rankings.

Your Opportunity To Try Out SheerSEO

Now, you don't have to take my word for it. You can test run SheerSEO for 60 days FREE! And in case you think this trial version will be of no use, let me tell you that it's the same full functional software only that you'll be limited to a single domain tracking with 40 keywords, 5 guarded back-links and 5 monthly directory submissions.

To me that's fair enough and 60 days is enough time to decide if you need it or not. Get your 60 days free trial of this powerful now, you can appreciate me later! :)

Over to You: Ok, as usual I’ll be glad to read and respond to your comments. Are you presently using any seo tool? How about SheerSEO, ever tried it? Post your comments below.

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  1. author

    Fabrizio3 years ago

    Hey Chadrack, great post and video. This sounds like a great SEO software, the standard license sounds pretty good value for money. I must check it out, thanks for the review.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      Frankly, I was blown away with when I tried it out. Right now I’m still exploring the different features. Another good thing that I’ll vouch for the software is the email alerts that you receive periodically. These let’s you know how your keywords are faring. Whenever there is a change, whether a drop or rise in ranking, you’ll know from this emails. It’s really worth trying out.

    • author

      buy seo services2 years ago

      It’s quite interesting information j.. thank you for sharing the information.

  2. author

    Ryan Hanley3 years ago


    Thanks for sharing buddy… This sounds very interesting I’ll have to check the software out a little further this evening…

    Thanks again,

    Ryan H.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @Ryan Hanley,

      Yea, like I said you don’t have to take my word for it. The free trial version is enough to really determine if it is good enough for you. I will be glad if you will be kind enough to share your experiences with us.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • author

      buy seo services2 years ago

      ok ,i will go to check it and if i found it comfortable then will go for it!!!!

  3. author

    Ryan3 years ago


    Is this SEO tracking tool similar to SEOmoz. I have been using it for a while now and find it pretty good. It also has heaps of toosl to help you with your campaign. Have you used it?

    Looking at our video this SheerSEO looks a lot more in depth.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      Frankly, I have heard of SEOmoz for sometime now but have not really used it. However, even if you’re already using SEOmoz you can also try out the free version of SheerSEO and compare the two. Though the free version have less features, you may just be able to know if you really need it.

      Right now I’m still playing around with SheerSEO and I must say it’s just superb.

  4. author

    Aasma3 years ago

    Seems very promising SEO software, I’m going to try it for at least 60 days and then make my mind for it.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      Glad to hear that. Do care to let us know what you think, will you?

      • author

        buy seo services2 years ago

        it’s really amazing to hear that … really a nice moment to celebrate the happiness

  5. author

    Genry3 years ago

    Not software, but still useful tool

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      Hi Genry,

      Took a look and tried using it but must say it’s a little complicated. And frankly, I don’t think it’s really what I want to use. I’m better off with something more simple to understand. Maybe some other persons will try it out and let us know what they think.

      Thanks for sharing the link.

      • author

        buy seo services2 years ago

        It’ may be typical but i will try to make it friendly as what ever i can do for that.

  6. author

    pankaj3 years ago

    Thanks for giving that type information.That information is so helpful to us.Will be visit again on your website.

  7. author

    Julie3 years ago

    Wow! I haven’t heard about SheerSEO but it seems to be solving many problems. It must be a really useful tool for SEO people!

  8. author

    Amanda@BuySellWordPress3 years ago

    It can be also very helpful to use SEOQuake, in case if you’d like to have all information about page rank, number of links etc of the page you visit

  9. author

    Amy3 years ago

    Great piece of info! I use Seoquake and Quirk’s Searchstatus, they are working out just fine for my not so advanced usage :).

  10. author

    Becca3 years ago

    I’m glad this post could help you define where do you need to focus on. But it’s what we think helps us the most. This tool can be a great help.

  11. author

    buy seo services2 years ago

    Is this SEO tracking tool similar to SEOmoz. I have been using it for a while now and find it pretty good. It also comes complete with heaps of toosl to help you with your campaign. Have you used it?

  12. author

    buy seo services2 years ago

    I’m glad this post could aid you define where would you like to focus on. But it’s what we think helps us the most. This tool can be a wonderful help.

  13. author

    hire seo expert2 years ago

    What is SEO and why one should hire an SEO expert is an ongoing question in the mind of every business owner who has recently ventured in online business and marketing.

    • author

      Chadrack2 years ago

      @hire seo expert,

      Yea, as the seo expert, can you help us with some insight into the subject? Wouldn’t be great if you can give us some details in your comments?

  14. author

    Barossa Tours2 years ago

    There are numbers of websites increasing day by day as every business is looking for online presence and target bigger market in lesser time and minimal cost at the same get good customers and increase sales if it is a business website.

  15. author

    ellipsometer2 years ago

    Is this SEO tracking tool similar to SEOmoz. I have been using it for a while now and find it pretty good. It also includes heaps of toosl to aid you with your campaign. Have you used it?

    • author

      Chadrack2 years ago


      Well, I wouldn’t really know because I’ve never used the SEOmoz tool. May be you will want to try this one out. You can download a free trial copy without providing any credit card information. Use it and see if they are the same or not. thanks for the comment.

  16. author

    Robert Koenig@car accident lawyer2 years ago

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is always important. In my opinion a trial period is always imperative when deciding which SEO company to trust. You need one that will prove positive results.

  17. author

    Barossa Tours2 years ago

    I am doing well at getting to the top of Google for keyword searches in the UK, however I want to rank highly overseas, namely in Africa and Asia. How can I check my ranking as if I was a user in, say, Ghana and secondly how can I improve my ranking there?

  18. author

    car franchise2 years ago

    I have an SEO job opportunity with a company that has 6 sites. One is the main company site that has links to the other 5 separate company product specific websites. This client would like a re-design on all sites to make the design cohesive across all properties.Thanks for this nice blog…

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  20. author

    Emina Zec2 years ago

    SheerSeo has a great Rankings section that actually gives very useful information.
    For those who are searching for free seo tools, like am I, there is a web based seo tool that I just recently found: – provides very detailed website analyze and gives useful tips for improving.