Strategic Guest Blogging Tactics That Gets Results!


Content as we all know is the king when it comes to internet marketing. Indeed, no wonder the internet is called the Information Super Highway!

As a business gunning for more visibility, strong brand relationships and client trust, producing valuable and relevant content that helps in solving your site visitor’s problems is a must.

Though may businesses have not realized this but many are already using content marketing to their advantage.  In a content marketing research for 2012, the Content Marketing Institute reported that about 60% of marketers, who are already using content marketing, planned to increase their spending on content marketing over the next 12 months.

Specifically, the report states:

  • 9 out of 10 organizations market with content marketing.
  • On average, B2B marketers employ eight different content marketing tactics to achieve their goals.
  • Marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing.

This is indeed a testimonial to the importance of content for businesses on the net. Now one of the content marketing tactics employed by many of these businesses to gain online visibility is guest blogging – a strategic content marketing tactic made popular by bloggers.

It’s unfortunate however, that despite the many benefits of guest blogging, a lot of folks who desire to use it to either promote their products and services or to drive traffic through enhanced online visibility, are far from achieving their goals.

Now, various reasons account for this failure. But from personal experience, I’ve discovered that one of the reasons is the lack of truly understanding the basic principles and essentials of successful guest blogging.

This is why I've decided to put together a blog series on How to Drive a Horde of Endless Targeted Traffic through Guest Blogging!

I know you have read numerous “How to” articles on guest blogging however, if the ones you have read are anything like the ones I’ve read, you will agree that not many of them go into details. They barely list WHAT you need to do but never care to tell you HOW! But this one is going to be different.

Pushing Beyond the Nuts and Bolts of Guest Blogging

When I planned to do this, I simply wanted to write a detailed article touching on every area of guest blogging. But I soon discovered that a single post will not accomplish what I really had in mind. And that is why I’ve decided on doing a blog series. I know with a series I'll be able to go into details as I wanted.

Now, you may be wondering why I'll want to put in some effort to produce a blog series on guest blogging? Of course that's natural but I truly want to use this as my contribution to the blogging community. Besides, I’m positive that if this succeeds we all will benefit in the following ways:

  1. I will be able to receive more quality guest posts to publish for you on this blog.
  2. Career bloggers offering guest blogging services for businesses will use this to improve their art; and
  3. If you have been thinking of guest blogging and had not been able to bring yourself to doing it, you will receive the confidence to launch out.

The Structure of the Guest Blogging Series

In case you’re not familiar with my blog series, I invite you to read the last one I did on WordPress Search Engine Optimization.

My blog series are always detailed as they touch every area from the WHAT to the WHY and then the HOW!

This one is not going to be an exemption. I’m very certain you will benefit greatly with it. Even if you don’t have the mind of being a guest blogger, what you will receive will help you write better blog posts.

UPDATE: I've linked to all the posts in this series below. Feel free to read all!

1. The Secret to Getting Hordes of Endless Free Traffic as a Guest Blogger!

2. Ignore This Essential Element and You’ll Fail Woefully as a Guest Blogger!

3. How to Guarantee a Continuous Flow of Traffic with Your Guest Posts!

4. How To Create Content That Engages and Drive Traffic As a Guest Blogger!

5. Download the complete guide, "The Wordsmith's Guest Blogging Manifesto!"

I hope you enjoy them.

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Chadrack is a freelance web content writer who helps clients drive growth through customer acquisition. He specializes in writing marketing content that delivers tangible marketing results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers. He is the author of "The Wordsmith's Guest Blogging Manifesto" - a special report on how to boost your brand awareness, drive more traffic and grow your business fast leveraging the audiences of a-list bloggers. Click here to download FREE!
  1. author

    Ryan Hanley3 years ago

    Guest blogging is hands down the best way to drive targeted, interested web traffic to your blog. Search Traffic is great and helps with passive, residual traffic but Guest Posts drive people that are excited by what you are doing someplace else…

    That’s powerful.

    Great stuff


    Ryan H.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @Ryan Hanley,

      Yea, the only unfortunate thing is that very few bloggers and marketers are really taking advantage of this great marketing tool. I hope to use this blog series to draw some attention what any blogger can do with guest blogging. Thanks for the comment.

  2. author

    Soras3 years ago

    Dont get my wrong I agree with the power of content marketing and I can really see the potential there, however, I think that “the content is king” thing is thrown about too flippantly these days. Really its the backlinks that are king and that is what gets you to the top of search. Yes, the content helps to get the backlinks but we all know if you put up the best site in the world with the most interesting content it will never get anywhere!

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      You’ve indeed raised a fundamental issue here, is it content that is king or like you said, backlinks? Now, this is definitely going to take a whole lot of debate with good points from both sides. But as for me I will never regard backlinks as the king. My reason? Backlinks are only a product of good content which you agree to anyway! :)

      You must realize that no one goes online looking for backlinks. People go online to look for information, good, useful info. And you can only provide that information with content. This is one of the issues I’m going to tackle in the course of this guest blogging series. I’ve discovered that many who wants to publish guest posts focus only on the backlinks which is really a wrong approach.We will talk more about this later.

      Now, is content really the king? Again, it depends on the angle you’re looking at it from. If you really know what content marketing is, then you must know that for your content to achieve its purpose, you must be ready to produce valuable content. There is no shortcut around it!

      I ask you to stay tuned as we take this journey. I’ll really be glad to have your opinion as we go along. I hope you will be, will you?

  3. author

    bjohn3 years ago

    Guest blogging has now become a demand for online marketing and it’s really worth to put in use. The post is enough to draw the attention on guest blogging. Bloggers can really get the ideas how precisely it should be done.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      You’re definitely correct. As the customer online is getting better informed and intelligent at deciding what he/she wants businesses are realizing that to get more attention you need to put something good out there. Besides, gaining online visibility in the midst of the numerous options available every wise business person will of course go for the power of guest blogging.

      Though it was at first some way of bloggers to build backlinks and enhance their personal brand, guest blogging is now a big way of promoting your business online no matter what that business is.

      My guest blogging series is going to be a powerful contribution to the blogosphere. I do hope that other bloggers will contribute to this series through their personal experience.

  4. author

    locksmith lowell3 years ago

    thanks for sharing this it will be help me a lost

  5. author

    waterpearls3 years ago

    Hi Chad,
    Content marketing is what marketers want these days.Your blog series always cover ‘what’ ‘why’ ‘how’ and that is why most bloggers follow you.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      Once you’re marketing online, content is the driving force. Of course today more and more people are coming to terms with this fact. Unfortunately not many people are really doing it right. This is the purpose of this series. I do hope you’ll follow it through to get the details!

  6. author

    Jeana3 years ago

    Yes indeed contents are king while marketing via this one is another issue which is well covered in this post. Guest blogging in just on of those cool tactics to deploy them. Great arguments.

    philippines outsourcing

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      It’s worth repeating that not all content is really king. Kings are meant to reign and it’s only those content that truly reign in their environment that are king! :)

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. author

    Stefan@Low fat recipes3 years ago

    I disagree with Soras when he says that backlinks trump content. A high search engine ranking may provide an initial boost to hits; but if you’re not providing people quality content then you aren’t going to be able to retain those numbers. If the content is sloppy then you can get all the short term hits you want, but none of them are going to stay long, and none of them are going to come back again.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      You’re dead right! This is the unfortunate thing that many seo do without considering the value they are offering to their readers. No matter how you look at it content remains the king.

  8. author

    Becca3 years ago

    Excellent tips indeed! I really love to learn from the well experience one.. I have learn a lot from you about how to get massive traffic from blogging. I will always keep that in mind..

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago


      It’s really a pleasure to hear that. I must say this is a series that is going to cover some weeks. If you can follow all of it then you definitely be learning more! :)

  9. author

    Jim Luthra3 years ago

    Thanks for this post, I do a lot of guest blogging. Hope these tips will help.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @Jim Luthra,

      It’s my pleasure Jim and I’ll really glad if you will let us know your results once you start using the tips.

  10. author

    Master of Public Health3 years ago

    Hi I am David. I read the all information. I have hope this Quote. Thanks for sharing your Knowledge

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      You’re welcomed.

  11. author

    book keeping adelaide3 years ago

    Great Webpage, Thanks! Keep up the great work.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @book keeping adelaide,

      The pleasure is mine. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. author

    Paul white3 years ago

    Great list! I love how you reiterate that content is still king. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you get or how many followers you have if your content is lacking. I think a good mix of timeless, useful and current content is key to establishing a web presence.

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @Paul white,

      Of course, there are those who will want to argue it. But the fact still stands. Without content, and good content for that matter, no one will really connect with your site. Make your content to the user and your success will come easy.

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. author

    Refrigerator Repair Pasadena3 years ago

    Great post! Having worked in corporate video, it’s interesting to now hear a lot of people hooking onto video as part of their content strategy, without really thinking about what they want to say. Being dynamic and informative in video is so essential and yes, unless you have an interesting personality, stick to webinars! I know I have ‘a face for radio’ so am looking into webinars in the future and avoiding video!

    • author

      Chadrack3 years ago

      @Refrigerator Repair Pasadena,

      Frankly, video is one content marketing tactic that is catching with the online audience. Unfortunately, I’m not very good with video but I hope to do more of it in the future. Thanks for the comment.

  14. author

    buy seo services3 years ago

    I am crazy about how you reiterate that content is still king. It doesn’t matter how many inbound links you get or how many followers you have if your content is lacking. i think a good mix of timeless, useful and current content is key to establishing a website.

  15. author

    cane furniture3 years ago

    Your best bet is through attraction marketing. Build a relationship with your traffic (or website viewers) and than market to them. It’s a very simple concept.

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