Seasonal Greetings to all our Esteemed Readers and Friends!

Seasonal Greetings to our esteem readersWow, yet another Christmas is here and preparations for the celebrations are already at top gear. Every you turn the joy and happiness characteristic of this season is all over the place!

Frankly, there’s something about Christmas that really thrills me. No matter how the year has been there is always the aura of joy and expectation during this time. The feeling of joy, the spirit of sharing, the desire to be together with loved ones and friends etc, is truly beyond the imagination.

And talking about sharing, I had been thinking of how to say thank you to all our friends and readers who were , in one way or the other, connected to our success this year.  Having observed how businesses and individuals are sending Christmas hampers and gift items to their customers, associates and friends, all in the spirit of the season, I’ve also decided to some of special Christmas gift to all my dear friends and esteemed readers!

I must say, you all have been wonderful people. I hope you will find our Christmas gift worthy of acceptance. Some of you connected with the Web Income Journal as guest bloggers, others connected  with their comments, still others connected by sharing and promoting our content on the social media sites and of course others connected through emails and our newsletter subscriptions. In whatever way you’ve connected with us, your friendship and readership is highly appreciated.  Accept our heartfelt thanks.

And here’s our Christmas gift for your love and friendship. The following list is arranged in alphabetical order for ease only and not in order of importance. If you’ve commented on our posts within the year and your link is not here, you’d have to pardon me. Unfortunately, I had to delete a whole lot of links that the name field do not have the actual name of the commenter but keywords phrases. Of course, I’m appreciating humans and not some UFOs! Or how do you want me to say thanks “Search Engine Expert of”? So, you have to pardon me.

And so without much ado, to all of you listed below and to others whose links were removed for the reason above, we wish you all  a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!


1. A. Hagan of

2. Aanchal of

3. Aaron of

4. Abir    of

5. Adrienne of

6. Aiko of

7. AJ Clarke of

8. aleena of

9. Alex    of

10. Alex of

11. Allen Smith of

12. Alx of

13. amanda of

14. Amr Boghdady of

15. Amy    of

16. Ana of

17. Andrea of

18. Andrea Clark of

19. Andrew Walker of

20. Andy C. of

21. Anita of

22. Anna of

23. Anna Glenview of

24. Annabelle of

25. Annie of

26. Annie of

27. Anthony of

28. Anthony Armani of

29. Antione Stodder of

30. Barry Glynne of

31. Barry Wheeler of

32. Bas of

33. Ben    of

34. Benedetto Breder of

35. benway of

36. Bettye Kerr    of

37. Bhimsen Dura of

38. Billie Cyphert of

39. bjohn of

40. Bob of

41. Calli of

42. Cara Tan of

43. Carter Smith of

44. Celestina Radden of

45. Celie of

46. Celina Perolta of

47. Charlotte of

48. Cheolsu  of

49. Chet Mcgurn    of

50. Chintan Gandhi of

51. Chris of

52. Chris Moran    of

53. Christian Hollingsworth of

54. Christopher  of

55. Clementine of

56. Colby Ubence of

57. Cun   of

58. Dan of

59. Dana of

60. Daniel Sharkov of

61. Daniel Wood    of

62. Darci of

63. Dave of

64. David of

65. David of

66. David Spinks of

67. Dawn of

68. Debbra Nostrand of

69. Dennis  of

70. Dennis Edell of

71. Desi of

72. Dia    of

73. DiNaRa of

74. Dorothy Beckmann of

75. Ebnu TW of

76. Ebuka of

77. Edward of

78. Edward of

79. Ellen of

80. Elvie Calicutt of

81. Emily Thorne of

82. Emma of

83. Essie of

85. Faissal Alhaithami of

86. Fatima Datu    of

87. Fran Aslam of

88. Frank of

90. George of

91. George Lucas of

92. Gina of

93. Grace of

94. Graham Lutz    of

95. Grant of

96. Greg of

97. Gregg Camp of

98. Gulam Ali of

99. Hajra of

100. Hariom Balhara of

101. Harsh Agrawal of

102. Hen Dos of

103. Hmerologio    of

104. Horoskop Waga of

105. Ikenna Odinaka of

106. Imraan of

107. Ira  of

108. Israel Kendall of

109. Ivan Sarac    of

110. Jackie of

111. Jamar Tuff of

112. James H of

113. Jane of

114. Jane of

115. Jane Cooper of

116. Janina of

117. Jared of

118. Jared of

119. jasmine  of

120. Jasmine Dooley of

121. Jason of

122. Jason of

123. Javin  of

124. Jawed of

125. Jeanie of

126. Jeffrey Morgan of

127. Jenifer Halama of

128. Jenn of

129. Jennie of

130. Jennifer gonzalez    of

131. Jerry Rigney of

132. Jesse of

133. Jessica of

134. Jessica Nelson of

135. Jim of

136. jim syyap    of

137. Jimmy of

138. Jocuri gatit of

139. Jocuri of

140. johard of

141. John of

142. John of

143. John  of

144. John Greer   of

145. JohnC of

146. johnsmiths of

147. Jon of

148. Jordan of

149. Joseph of

150. Josh Rimer of

151. Julius of

152. Junrose of

153. Justin of

154. Jym  of

155. Kary Walrod of

156. Kate of

157. Kate of

158. Kathy Grin   of

159. keite of

160. Keith of

161. Kelli of

162. Kelli of

163. Kent Mauresmo of

164. kevin k lau of

165. Kevin Royster of

166. Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong of

167. Krankenversicherung Vergleich of

168. Kristina L. of

169. Kylie of

170. Kylie of

171. Lakshmi Muralikrishnan of

172. Lenny of

173. Lenny of

174. Lia of

175. Lindsey Rainwater of

177. Lisa of

178. Liz Albarado of

179. lloyd christten of

180. Loic Helias of

181. Lora of

182. Loura Mendel of

183. Lucy  of

184. Lulu of

185. Lynn Ching of

186. Madeline of

187. Maia  of

188. Manuel Henault of

189. Margert Porep of

190. Maria of

191. Marie McCurry of

192. Marielle Masch of

193. Marion Horine of

194. mark of

195. Mark Allen    of

196. MarkAngelo    of

197. Marvin of

198. Mary of

199. Matt of

200. Matt of

201. Matt  of

202. Matt Smith    of

203. Matthew Frison of

204. Mavis Nong   of

205. Max of

207. Melanie of

208. Melanie of

209. Melinda of

210. Melissa John of

211. Michael  of

212. Michael  of

213. Mikel Vitanza of

214. Mir Imran Elahi of

215. Mitch Obrien of

216. MOhammed Suhaib of

217. mollery of

218. Ms. Geld Verdienen of

219. Murlu of

220. Musthafa of

221. Myles Milkey of

222. Nasif of

223. Nasrul Hanis of

224. Nella of

225. Nicholas Scott of

226. Nick of

227. Nick Lawless of

228. Nik of

229. Nikki of

230. noemi of

231. Norbert Besares of

233. Paul Ponna of

234. Paula of

235. Pedro Cardoso of

236. Peluang Bisnis of

237. Pete Goumas of

238. Phill Braken of

239. Priya  of

240. Rachel Howard of

241. rah of

242. Ralph of

243. Rammesh Perumal of

244. reeha of

245. Reese of

246. Reika of

247. Rich Johnson of

248. Richard of

249. Richard of

250. Richard Glasspoole   of

251. Rick of

252. Rob of

253. Rob of

254. Robbie Wiltshire of

255. Robin of

256. Roger Hamilton of

257. Rohan of

258. Rohit Sane of

259. Rojish of

260. Ronny Pine of

261. Ross Taylor of

263. Russell Davison of

264. Sab of

265. Sally Thompson of

266. Sam of

267. Samuel of

268. Sandip  of

269. Sandy of

270. Sandy of

271. Scimmo of

272. Scottie Eloy of

273. Senshee of

275. shale of

276. Sheri Rodriguez of

277. Shinjuku of

278. Shiva of

279. Shivam Garg of

280. Sire of

281. smith of

282. Sofia of

283. Sofia Green of

284. Stephanie Suesan Smith of

285. Stephen of

286. Steve of

287. Stuart of

288. Sue of

289. Suresh Peters of

290. Susan of

291. Susan Murray of

292. Sylviane Nuccio of

293. Tara of

294. Ted of

295. Ted Takeshita of

296. Terje Sannarnes of

297. tessastuart of

298. Tia of

299. tim of

301. Tom  of

302. toni of

303. Tony of

305. Udegbunam Chukwudi   of

306. Vannesa Feris of

307. velli marwan of

308. Vernessa Taylor of

309. Vernon of

310. Victor of

311. Victoria of

312. Vinay of

313. Vince of

314. Vince Gironda of

315. Walter of

316. Waqas of

317. Warren of

318. Weldon Steen of

319. Wilfredo Baiera of

320. Zachary Hymen of

321. zamahsari of

Let’s do it again in 2012!

Chadrack Irobogo is a web entrepreneur, blogger, business coach and author. He's a vastly experienced online marketer and runs a digital marketing agency where he helps local businesses drive valuable online leads. On this blog he shares business strategies and proven marketing tactics that delivers tangible results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers.


58 Responses to “Seasonal Greetings to all our Esteemed Readers and Friends!”

  1. jim syyap

    Dec 15. 2011

    #136 ! Thank you very much. It is such a wonderful gift–and very original. I know how much effort went into making this list. I appreciate it. Merry Christmas!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 16. 2011

      @jim syyap,

      It’s actually my little way saying thank you to everyone. You are all wonderful. I’m glad you appreciate it. Wishing you the very best of the season!

    • kristeen

      Dec 19. 2011

      Lovely to see such amazing list. Its a lovely gesture to the individuals. Thank you for this effort.

  2. Hi Chadrack! it looks like you are already in the festive mood..! I really appreciate your gesture of appreciating the companies and individuals who have commented in your blog with a do follow link back. very impressive!!!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 16. 2011

      @John Armstrong,

      Already in the festive mood? You can say that again! :) Any way, this is just a small way of saying, thank you to all our friends and readers. What is a blog without the readers? And what is a blog without the community? Frankly, I hope there is more I can do, at least for now. Thanks for appreciating this.

  3. Hi Chadrack,
    Thanks for the greeting, I wish you and your loved ones all the joys of a blissful Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead. I hope that the coming year unfolds great success for your blog too.

    • Chadrack

      Dec 16. 2011

      @Gregg Camp,

      I say a big AMEN! to that! Wishing the very best of the coming year!

  4. Adrienne

    Dec 16. 2011

    Thank you Chadrack for that, I really appreciate it. We seem to be thinking alike. I’m going to do something similar because I have so many wonderful blogging friends I have to say thank you to. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    So thank you for the holiday wishes and I wish you the very best for this upcoming year. I look forward to our continued friendship and watching your business take off.

    I appreciate you Chadrack and thank you again.


    • sureshpeters

      Dec 18. 2011

      @Adrienne, @chadrack You all Bloggers are awesome :) its a very precious gift because its easy to find like minded blogs and bloggers. It leads of more relations among blogger sphere. Really thanks a lot Chadrack.

      Merry Christmas To You And Other bloggers too


      • Adrienne

        Dec 18. 2011

        @sureshpeters Thank you so much for your lovely reply. I for one appreciate it and you are so right about all the fabulous bloggers who are like minded. Once you connect, it’s definitely a gift.

        Thank you and Happy Holidays!


      • Chadrack

        Dec 19. 2011


        Thanks for the good words. Frankly, I’ve never really seen wonderful people online like bloggers. I think it’s the spirit that bonds all of us together! :) Really glad that you appreciate this simple gesture of saying thanks.

    • Chadrack

      Dec 19. 2011


      The pleasure is actually mine! Having considered the journey so far this year, I thought it wise to appreciate everyone who has contributed one way or the other to what I have achieved so far. Frankly, I really don’t consider this as much, but from the responses so far, I’m pleased that all of you count it valuable. With that I’m satisfied that the work that went into putting it together is not wasted.

      I look forward to your Christmas gift, Adrienne. My heart is wide open to receive it with thanks!

  5. That’s quite a list, Chadrack – I am sure it took QUITE a while to put it together. That alone shows how much you care.

    Thank you!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 19. 2011


      You can say that again! In fact, when I started and discovered how much time it was going to take me, I was tempted to abandon the idea :) But right now I must say I’m truly happy that everyone is satisfied with it. The joy with which all of you received it has paid for all my labor!

      And, I must thank you so much because from the comments I can see that most of the people here got to know of it because you mentioned it in one of your mail outs. I’m sooooo grateful! You truly know how to show you love it!

      • Ana @ SEMRush review

        Dec 19. 2011


        I am so glad you got some traffic via my newsletter.

        I was so impressed with your effort to show your appreciation for your readers, that I had to tell everyone I knew. LOL

        Your hard work is paying off!

        • Chadrack

          Dec 21. 2011


          It was really so thoughtful of you and I’m really grateful!

  6. Harleena Singh

    Dec 17. 2011

    Wonderful list of wonderful people!

    I would agree with a few names that I do know of like Adrienne, Ana, Christian, Daniel.S, Faissal, Harsh, Jimmy, Mavis, Tiam, and Rojish.

    Congratulations everyone :)

    • Chadrack

      Dec 19. 2011

      @Harleena Singh,

      They are wonderful people indeed! And that’s why I really think doing this is not much! Thanks for joining the coversation.

  7. Dan Reed

    Dec 17. 2011

    Chadrack, Even though I have never been to your site, prior to reading an Email from Ana Hoffman that led me here, I still wanted to share in the Spirit of Christmastime, say hello, read some good content on your Blog and shout out to everyone, a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 19. 2011

      @Dan Reed,

      I’m really grateful for the visit and the comment. You’re so wonderful. It’s really cheering to know that this is your first time here. I hope you’ve been able to find something of value?

  8. Sergio Felix

    Dec 17. 2011

    Hey Chadrack,

    What a way to show appreciation and LUV to your subscribers.

    This is my first time here on your site but it’s great that I can recognize many faces on the comment thread.

    All the best and hope you go even bigger on 2012, take care and have an amazing weekend!


    • Chadrack

      Dec 19. 2011

      @Sergio Felix,

      I’m really so glad that everyone love this. When I was putting it together I really did not think it was that much. However, considering the time and effort I put into it, it’s just wonderful that it is appreciated. And thanks for the kind wishes. I’m wishing the very best of year 2012. Stay blessed!

  9. Christmas cheer is everywhere, even on blogs! That was a thoughtful thing of you to do Chadrack. Too bad I wasn’t here sooner, haha. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      Really too bad that you were not here sooner! But you know, simply sharing in the aura of the moment is of course a great thing! Thanks for joining the conversation. Wishing you the best of the season and a prosperous year 2012!

  10. Danielle Parsons

    Dec 18. 2011

    Chadrack, I met you through Ana Hoffman. It must have taken you quite some time to create this page and to thank all of your blog readers. You are very talented and I hope you have a blessed Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog in 2012!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011

      @Danielle Parsons,

      I truly appreciate your coming around simply hearing of this from Ana. That’s really wonderful of you and I’m grateful. I wish you a merry Christmas and a most fulfilling new year.

  11. Why, thank you! That is a really generous and unique gift idea!

    I would like to say that I have found your posts informative, inspiring and interesting (the three “ins”). I am a fan and look forward to learning more from you in 2012!

    Happy Holidays!

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      My greatest joy is that all of you have accepted this gift with thanks. I feel satisfied doing this. Let’s do it again in the coming year!

  12. Shiva @ Blogging Tips

    Dec 18. 2011

    Wow, man..must appreciate you taking time and making such a long list. Thanks a lot for the mention and lot of warm wishes to you and your family for this festive season. Have a great year ahead. :)

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      The pleasure is mine! And I wishing you the very best of year 2012! Thanks for the kind words.

  13. Ben Jackson

    Dec 18. 2011

    What a great post, thanks for including me and Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Found this post through Ana’s email :)

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011

      @Ben Jackson,

      It’s a pleasure to have crossed part with you! Look forward to a more robust relationship in the coming year!

  14. people01

    Dec 19. 2011

    excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanx a lot once again,

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      Read at least 8 posts? Oh, that’s great of you. And to know that you’ve found all to be useful is really a joy to me. I do hope I’ll be able to keep you satisfied in the coming year. Thanks for the comment.

  15. Christopher

    Dec 19. 2011

    Oh dear Chadrack, you can tell it’s that time of year, I am amazingly busy! Actually I appear to be busy all the time mow 😛

    Thanks very much for the mention, have the best of Christmases yourself!

    How did you do the names and ULR’s out of interest?

    Thanks Chadrack :-)

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      Man, I personally wish some times if we can really have some more hours added to our days. This thing just seem to be too little indeed. With all the technology at our disposal, meeting up with our daily demands is everyday becoming a real big pain. All the same, glad to see you around again.

      Have a great holiday and the best of the season.

      • Christopher

        Dec 21. 2011

        @Chadrack, you too, Merry Christmas :-)

  16. Cynthia Ann Leighton

    Dec 20. 2011

    Great idea! I’m visiting courtesy of Ana at Traffic Generation Cafe. Glad to know of your existence, look forward to learning from you.

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011

      @Cynthia Ann Leighton,

      It’s really a pleasure to have you around. As the saying goes, show me your friends and I will show you who you are, all of you who came here courtesy of Ana are really great people for Ana is truly a great person! I appreciate you all.

  17. judith

    Dec 21. 2011

    Thanks very much for the mention, have the best of Christmases yourself!Thanks you for sharing this great idea..

    • Chadrack

      Dec 21. 2011


      It’s my pleasure and thanks for your interest.

  18. I

    Dec 21. 2011

    This such a long of people you are appreciating…You are always an inspiration of what to do!
    But you left me out…just kidding…I will sure make the list next time…

  19. Jimmy

    Dec 22. 2011

    Oh Chadrack, you are such an angel to us all. This is a beauty gift for me during Christmas. Thank you so much.

    Really appreciate this kind gesture and may your holidays and new year be richly blessed as well. What a great effort on your part.


  20. bjohn

    Dec 22. 2011

    Hi Chadrack!

    It’s always good to come on your blog and read the most useful post. Every time I get some useful insight and for that I appreciate your work. “Learning is the only way where you can find your growth.”

    A very Happy Christmas to you!!

  21. Ruth Sayson

    Dec 23. 2011

    Your right about Christmas Chad, there always am a wonderful aura when the season comes as if all people forget the problem they have and pause for a moment to be happy and feel the joy of Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and May you help pray for the People of Northern Part of Philippines who suffered a great loss due to huge flood that hit many family last Dec.17,2011.

  22. David

    Dec 24. 2011

    What a list! it only means that you have a huge list of friends and visitors that keep coming back to your site..

  23. Michael Belk

    Dec 26. 2011

    Great job on the blog, this link list is extensive. thanks

  24. David

    Dec 29. 2011

    This only means that they trust and believe all your site..great job!

  25. Justin Mazza

    Jan 01. 2012

    Hi Chadrack,
    What a pleasant surprise to see my site listed in your post. Take care and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.

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    Aug 17. 2012

    Hi there are using WordPress for your blog platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own.
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  27. Moe

    Sep 04. 2012

    Thank you so much for this great post! Christmas is already starting to come this year…at least in the stores 😉 . I love the holiday season. Every year, all of my relatives fly in and come to have a huge family reunion at my home. There are so many people that it is the only day in the winter that I actually run the air conditioning. Thanks again!

  28. Ross@StartingABusiness

    Nov 09. 2012

    What a fantastic idea! Will you be doing the same this year?

    • Chadrack

      Nov 12. 2012


      I’m glad that you truly love the idea. I definitely hope to do something similar but frankly it will take a different shape. For now we just need to cross our fingers wait for that! Thanks for the comment.

      • Ross

        Dec 31. 2012

        @Chadrack, Glad to hear it, will be looking out for details!

  29. Kika

    Mar 20. 2013

    Interesting post! You’re right about Christmas. There always am a wonderful aura when the season comes as if all people forget the problem they have and pause for a moment to be happy and feel the joy of Christmas. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for this information. I’m looking forward for more interesting post from you. I really enjoyed reading your post.

  30. Bernie

    Sep 04. 2013

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    and white. I feel more intelligent from just reading this.

    Keep posting.

  31. Mariam

    Oct 25. 2013

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    I’m planning to start my own website soon but
    I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like
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