WebIncomeJournal 3.0 – Re-Engineered To Inspire And Empower You To Succeed Online!

Wow, 29th September is here and just as I mentioned a few days ago, Web Income Journal is now wearing a new look!  Though the new look may be the obvious change visible to everyone, it’s not just about that. There are of course a few other things you need to know about. And so, I want to use this post to introduce these changes to you.

Appreciation for Your Support So Far!

First, I want to specially thank you, for being a wonderful friend and supporter of the Web Income Journal. What we have achieved so far couldn’t have been possible without you. What use would all the information on this blog be if you’re not here to share of the knowledge? You’re indeed a part of the family and I thank you so much for your support.

WebIncomeJournal.com – Reflections and Appraisal

When I decided to pull out the previous domain name(www.webincomejournal.com is only a year old but this blog is actually about 3 years old) I did it purposely for search engine optimization reasons. I purchased the first domain name without understanding much about seo and what it has to do with a site’s url. But then I soon discovered that it was affecting the search engine rankings despite the good content I was publishing.

When I first discovered this problem I was reluctant to do anything about since the blog was already about 2 years with much content.  I hesitated because I was concerned with the outcome of such a change. However, I must confess that since I made the move to carry out that change barely a year ago, the fortunes of this blog has dramatically improved. Even the content which were posted under the previous domain name suddenly found their bearings under this domain name – www.webincomejournal.com and they most of them are really doing great on the search engines today as they have continued to bring in traffic 3years on!

Interestingly, I wasn’t keen on that change. But it has thought me to understand the importance of choosing the right domain if you want to make an impact with your organic search engine optimization. Of course, you can decide on choosing a domain name for the purpose of building a brand (that was what I did with the previous domain name). But in that case you should be ready to spend heavily on seo and other traffic sources like ppc. I’m happy however that with the url www.webincomejournal.com  I can concentrate more of my efforts on-page and off-page seo strategies and watch my content receive good rankings on the search engines.

Preparing For These New Changes

I’ve been monitoring what has been going on here for the past one year. From time to time I’ve tried out a few things, pulled out some others and of course watched the resultant output. From all of these I’ve come to learn a few things. I’ve also learnt from other blogs. Of course, there is so much more to be learnt but I think it is time to put in these changes on this occasion of the first anniversary.  And that is why these changes are coming at this time. I look forward to reviewing these changes in the coming months and do hope that review will produce good results!

An Over View Of the New Changes

1. A New Look WeIncomeJournal.com

Of course, this is obvious, that is, if you have been a regular here. As you can see I’ve decided on something simple and light! As an seo I understand very well the importance of using an optimized wordpress theme for your blogs.  The theme’s coding should be light and well optimized for the search engines. But unfortunately the previous theme lacked most of that. And so, pulling out that theme and putting up a search engine optimized theme like this one is only to ensure that my search engine optimization efforts are well taken care of!

2. A New-Look Logo:

Here is another that should be evident to our regular readers. Frankly, I don’t think this is really impressive but because I want to make the new WebIncomeJournal something simple, I think this one is just fine. The new catch phrase, “Enriching your knowledge!” is truly a reflection of what this blog is all about. As clearly stated on the “About Us” page, the aim of the WebIncomeJournal is to “To educate, inspire and empower you with wisdom that will help you attain your highest vision online” this has been our vision and over the past years every content ever posted on this blog has been driven by this vision. We definitely want to continue to do this, “enrich your knowledge” with every information you need to succeed online.

3. Guest Posting New Guidelines And Procedures

When I said above that the Web Income Journal will provide you with every information you need to succeed online you must have wondered, “How on earth can you do that?” Well, I’ve always made it clear that I do not have every single knowledge that will help you make money online. There are areas where, of course, I have my own special flare but to ensure that the WebIncomeJournal live up to its purpose of providing you with every knowledge you need,  I opened up the blog for other interested bloggers to share their knowledge as guest bloggers.

Before now you could submit your guest post here without first registering an account yourself.  I was doing the account set up myself not wanting any other person to login (there could be some mischievous authors, you know!). I tried using “uCan Post” some time ago to make things easy but I’ve found that that also has its own limitations since I still had to set up the account myself.

After much consideration I’ve finally decided on allowing anyone who wants to guest post here to first register as a contributor. With this every contributor will be able to login and update their user profiles before submitting their guest post for review.

Please note that the terms for guest posting has also change. You can read the new terms here.

4. Commenting Policy

Since starting this blog I’ve never cared to include a Commenting Policy though I’ve seen it on other blogs. Of course, many dubious persons have abused our dofollow status over the past months. I’ve tried at different times to get a solution for this but much was not really achieved. I’ve decided to be a little sterner on moderating the comments on this blog. And so I’ve just put up a Commenting Policy. Please click here and read it very carefully. It takes effect from this very day and it might just touch you in some areas. I know it will reduce the comments on this blog but I would rather go for quality than quantity!

5. Top Commentators’ Reward

It’s unfortunate, but I’ve decided to pull this one out. I’ve discovered that this is one of the top reasons why many comment spammers are targeting this blog. You wouldn’t believe it that the top keyword phrases bringing traffic from the search engines to this blog has to do with the top commentator plugin! Of course, I installed G.A.S.P.  to take care of this sometime ago and it has been effective so far. But like I posted sometime ago, it does appear that most of these spammers now pre-write their comments and then copy and paste them once they are on the blog (in that post I showed graphics of such spam comments which from all indication have been indexed by Google.com. One of them has 252 indexed results another 91 and yet another 2320 results!).

Surprised with that finding right? I was when I discovered it because I thought with G.A.S.P. installed spam comments will be a thing of the past. But like I said above it does appear that these spammers now come on the blog, copy and paste their pre-written comments, tick the G.A.S.P. check box and their comment goes through!

Like I mentioned above the commenting policy will handle most of these types of comments but I’m also pulling this reward package out. Of course, I will continue to reward you with the top commentators plugin but this time you must have your gravatar because I’m now using the .  Besides, since this blog will continue to be dofollow with keywrodluv and commentluv installed you will continue to be rewarded for your comments.


Once again, I want to thank you for your understanding. I look forward to your continued support as together we can make thing better. We should all make efforts to sanitize the blogosphere so that are desire to make money online blogging will be an enjoyable one.

Feel free to let me know your feelings about these changes. Criticize if you so which; give suggestions if you have any. My desire is really to improve your experience and use of this blog.  Post your comments below.




    • @Andrew Walker,

      Thanks Andrew Walker. It is still work in progress. I hope to “freshen” it up in the days ahead.

  1. Hey Chadrack,
    Your new design looks better than the older. You could have been a little creative with the logo but it is also good in it’s simple form. There is one thing missing IMO, you should consider getting an attractive opt-in form designed for your blog and offer some freebies like an ebook to the subscribers. Just my 2 cents… 🙂

    • @Jawed,

      Thanks so much for the comment and the suggestions. On the opt-in form I’m really working on something. Only thing is I don’t have a free download to offer right now. However, I’m thinking of simply putting up a newsletter subscription.

  2. I believe in the thing as you stated here Chadrack, Many are coming on the blog as there is some award or reward section is seen in the blogs. I think its always good to comment on the given topic and contribute yourself towards the blog.

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