CommentLuv Enabled Blogs: Why do you want commenters to subscribe to your blog?

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For close to one year now I’ve been using commentluv on my blogs. I must say I came to know of it by chance after seeing it used in a few blogs back then. But from the first day, I knew it was just what I needed 🙂

Now, this post is not really about how commentluv has helped this blog in building interactions with both readers and commenters. The fact is, I’ve been able to use it, with a little innovation, to create an interactive community on this blog. This post is however about one of the  new additions in the recent upgrade of the commentluv plugin.

A few months ago, Andy the author of the commentluv plugin, introduced some new features and a premium version of the commentluv plugin. One of these features is the option by the blog owner to request commenters to subscribe to the blog before having the privilege of choosing the 10 last posts to display in the commentluv link.

When I upgraded to the new version of the plugin I simply ignored this option and choose to give everyone who post a comment the option of the 10 last posts. And of course, since this blog is already a dofollow blog, I also allowed all links to be dofollow.

However, I’ve observed that many blogs using the commentluv plugin have chosen the option of commenters subscribing to the blog before they can have the option of choosing the 10 last posts.

After seeing this in a few blogs I’ve been thinking, why will a blogger want readers to subscribe before rewarding them with this option? I’ve been asking this question because I personally do not agree with the idea of subscribing to a blog before posting a comment.  There should actually be some more deserving incentive to subscribe to a blog and for comments.

And so, I’m bringing this question up here to know what is your opinion on this issue.

1. Are you using a commentluv enabled blog? If so, do you require readers to subscribe to your blog before being able to choose their 10  last posts in the commentluv post link?

2. Have come across blogs using this option and did you subscribe in order to have the choice of your last 10 posts in the link?

3. Do you really think this option is necessary as an option in the plugin?

Say your mind in the comments below.

P.S. This option was initially in the older version but you were expected to subscribe to Andy’s blog and this I did when I started using the plugin. I subscribed to Andy’s blog because I considered it reasonable since I was getting something from the blog, that is, the plugin. But now I don’t think it is necessary subscribing to every blog where I post comments. Or don’t you think so?

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  1. Hi Chadrack,

    I’ve seen few blogs which ask you to subscribe before getting option to show last 10 posts. I don’t care about it reason I only try to promote my latest post feed which by default comes on every blog. But yes If I do like some posts so I don’t hesitate to share on twitter or FB.

    • @Aanchal,

      Ok, I understand your position. It really doesn’t matter as long as you want to promote only the last post feed. But come to think of it, if you have to post say, 3 comments on that blog because you discovered the articles are insightful, don’t you think just promoting just your last post is not enough? Wouldn’t you want to promote some other posts also in the rest comments?

      • @Chadrack,

        I think you’re right here, I certainly like to promote other posts. It’s not a good step from bloggers, as you may be new to one blog and when you got a situation like this….. you certainly feel that this blogger is concerned about his/her blog promotion only.

  2. To be frank, I haven’t noticed this thing on any blog but will check now. It’s kind of torture that you must have to subscribe before seeing your last 10 posts, it’s ok if you really like a blog then you certainly like to subscribe to it.

    • @Priya,

      I really do not see a reason for subscribing to a blog just because I want to post a comment. Frankly, I’ve only come across a few that are using this option. My reason of bringing this up here is because I think most of these bloggers really do not know the purpose for that option. From what I have seen most of the big bloggers using commentluv do not enable this option and I don’t see why some not-too-known blogger will want to enable it. It’s either they do not know they can change that option or that they do not know what it is for.

      Nevertheless, I want to think that they have a reason for it and that’s why I’m bringing this up for someone to put me in the right path!

    • @christine,

      I’m not really thinking of doing what others are doing. I simply find it a little out of place for these bloggers to ask for signups from commenters. If they want that they should just provide something valuable as a download.

      But seriously I’m thinking they have their reason and so I want someone to educate me about that. Do you have an idea?

    • @Andrew Walker,

      Of course it’s great info. But I just want to have your opinion about this commentluv option of subscribing before having the option of 10 last post in the link. Wouldn’t you want to share your opinion seeing that you are using commentluv also?

  3. Hey, I don’t use the last ten posts feature on my blogs and I wouldn’t implement it – I think if i did i would just attract people that are desperate for links and not those that want to have a real conversation. Giving a link to the latest post is quite a good exchange for a well worded comment 🙂

    • @Sandip,

      I quite agree with you. That’s why I’ve been wondering why some bloggers chose to have that option enabled. Giving me just an option of my last post shows you’re not interested in my posting more comments on your blog. I think some of these bloggers should really look into this.

    • @Robin,

      We understand that Robin. But what we are concerned with is those bloggers who will want you to subscribe to their blogs before they give you that opportunity to have the backlinks.

    • @Mika,

      That is a point! But from my experience I discover that spammers really do not want to wait too long on a blog. They will quickly post one comment and off they go. It’s those who want to interact with your blog that will take the time to open 2 to 3 posts and read then before posting comments.

      This is why I think they should be given the opportunity to link to 2 or 3 blog posts in their comments. Or don’t you think so?

  4. Actually I think I take an oposite view, and I am just looking at installing commentluv or something simmilar to bost commenting and interation on my site.

    If I can get people to subscribe with an added incentive / reward than that could be worth while. If they just unsubscribe afterwards then there is no point but assuming I am posting interesting things then some of those subscribers may revisit and repost, so keeping the process going.

    • @Charlotte,

      I agree with you that you could use some other incentive to bring commenters to subscribe. Besides, you should understand that subscribing to comments or subscribing to your newsletter is different from this. With this system you’re registering as a user to the said blog. That’s you have to login to the blog before you’ll be given this option of the 10 last posts.

      Is this what you have in mind?

      • @Chadrack, no, I missunderstood I thought/assumed it was regerstering for blog updates, so thanks for making it clear. I cant see the point in getting people to register people to the blog. Getting them to subscribe to comments is powerful – hay it told me you had respond and brought me back again.

        • @Charlotte,

          It does appear that all of us are in the same boat. Frankly I’ve left commenting on some of these blogs because I don’t see any rational for asking me to subscribe to receive this links.

          Surprised that you were notified of my response? That’s the work of the threaded comments plugin. You simply need to set it up and every commenter will be notified when a reply is made by any person.

  5. The best blogs are about creating a dialogue between the writer and the reader. You should serious consider enabling comments on your company’s blog and reminding blog visitors that you can and want to hear back from them. Negative and positive comments must be allowed so that it is clear that this is indeed an open forum and discussion between the company and its customers.

    • @Nicholas Scott,

      You’re correct. That’s why comments is enabled on this blog. However, there is the issue of commentluv the plugin that rewards every commenter with a backlink to their last posts. What we are trying to answer here is, why do some bloggers who have this plugin on their blogs want commenters to subscribe before they give you this back link?

      Do you have any idea?

  6. if I prefer the setting “everybody” so that all visitors can select the 10 articles which one to attach. if the spammer problem, I use my blog moderation system, so surely I can choose between the spammers by not.

    • @velli marwan,

      I think that is really what we should do. Commentluv is for the purpose of rewarding your blog readers. Restricting them from enjoying this opportunity is not really right. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  7. I don’t think requiring people to subscribe before commenting will give you anything good. It’s like a trap for readers and commentators and it’s as if you’re asking something from them.

    • @Tim,

      That’s just how I see it also. But I’m really surprised that many of the bloggers out there are doing this. Any way we all have own understanding.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  8. This is an interesting question re: CommentLuv.

    Personally I never used (or use now) te registration feature, mainly for the reasons you mentioned. I did encounter blogs where it was required to get the 10 post options, but I never registered as a result. I can’t see it being highly effective.

    I guess the point is that it’s yet another way to capture a reader’s email and thereby have them on your email list. Personally I prefer to make it as easy as possible.

    As you noticed, I’ve been using CommentLuv Premium recently which still ha this feature, but has a number of other more effective options for stimulating comments, and encouraging user engagement with your blog (whilst protecting against spam of course!)

    I also agree about subscribing to Andy’s blog in exchange for the free plugin – a lot of work has gone into it and his blog shares guest posts from many other people, it’s a very community minded approach which I’m happy to be connected with.

    Thanks for opening up this debate Chadrack, nice to connect with you mate.

    • @Jym,

      I truly love the additional features of premium commentluv. Having seen it on a few blogs, I think it’s really better than this subscription of a thing. With those features you can really “multiply the reach of your blog posts as commenters will be compelled to either tweet or promote your posts any other way! Thanks for joining the conversation.

  9. I have the same opinion that the last 10 post feature of CLP will attract to many spammers who want to have free backlinks. Turning it off is a good idea.

  10. As bloggers the best way to do this is to write quality content that other bloggers will link to and to interact with other bloggers on their blogs (genuinely) via their comments. This is all it should really take to get indexed by Google. Of course then you have the challenge of getting to the top of the list for the keywords that you’re wanting to target. This is another story and is not quite so simple and some people spend their lives working on this task. Again there are many theories out there.

    • @Mary,

      Quality content and implementing the proper seo strategies are definitely necessary when it comes to blogging. However, never underestimate what you know. It’s not everyone that has the opportunity to know these things. You know, there is always the learning period. Those who may be struggling with these things right now maybe the gurus tomorrow, or don’t you think so?

  11. I did not realize that there is an option to choose which links to be made dofollow. I feel that all links should be dofollow i mean that was what CommentLuv good for right?

    But there is nothing right or wrong on this. For me, I will just make all links to dofollow just like yours. You can always disapprove spam comments under the moderation page.

    About subscribing before listing out the last 10 posts setting, I agree with one of the commenter here. It’s like asking something from them which may not be a good thing. I think that only showing the last post is enough but it’s always more convenient to show more posts.

    Maybe CommentLuv can make it optional but still prompt the message asking if they want to subscribe. 🙂

  12. Andy is a genius! I am really happy he created commentluv and there is really a great story behind it. I personally have it enabled and really think all bloggers should try it out. Really great for improving connectivity.

  13. Hi there. Good question you got there. As for me a am both blogger and reader. And I prefer that readers should be given a chance to choose their 10 last posts before subscribing. Of course you will choose which post you can benefit for or which is helpful to you. Also by subscribing, it means that you like what you are subscribing and not only because you are obliged to. Cheers! – Lisa

  14. The commentluv is spreading every where but that is good news it encourages more chat and comments on blogs. I am guessing the original developer and must be seeing a lot of traffic on the CommentLuv site now.

  15. I am using the free version and I really like the plugin. I am very impressed and will get the premium version.

  16. I must say that I am truly impressed with the information provided. It is invaluable, commentluv has proved to be beneficial not only to attract more visitors but also provide quality backlink to the users. After the Panda update a tool as such is really proved worth a shot. Had heard a lot about commentluv will surely give it more attention.

    • @Giselle Walsh,

      Give it a shot? From your good words thought you were already using the tool! Any way, you better try it and let us know what you think of it 🙂

  17. Nice Article Dude! Thumbs Up! And The New Option is So Good! But I Think These Do follow Links Will Affect Our Blogs Page Rank!

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