CommentLuv Enabled Blogs: Why do you want commenters to subscribe to your blog?

Commentluv Plugin tips

For close to one year now I’ve been using commentluv on my blogs. I must say I came to know of it by chance after seeing it used in a few blogs back then. But from the first day, I knew it was just what I needed 🙂

Now, this post is not really about how commentluv has helped this blog in building interactions with both readers and commenters. The fact is, I’ve been able to use it, with a little innovation, to create an interactive community on this blog. This post is however about one of the  new additions in the recent upgrade of the commentluv plugin.

A few months ago, Andy the author of the commentluv plugin, introduced some new features and a premium version of the commentluv plugin. One of these features is the option by the blog owner to request commenters to subscribe to the blog before having the privilege of choosing the 10 last posts to display in the commentluv link.

When I upgraded to the new version of the plugin I simply ignored this option and choose to give everyone who post a comment the option of the 10 last posts. And of course, since this blog is already a dofollow blog, I also allowed all links to be dofollow.

However, I’ve observed that many blogs using the commentluv plugin have chosen the option of commenters subscribing to the blog before they can have the option of choosing the 10 last posts.

After seeing this in a few blogs I’ve been thinking, why will a blogger want readers to subscribe before rewarding them with this option? I’ve been asking this question because I personally do not agree with the idea of subscribing to a blog before posting a comment.  There should actually be some more deserving incentive to subscribe to a blog and for comments.

And so, I’m bringing this question up here to know what is your opinion on this issue.

1. Are you using a commentluv enabled blog? If so, do you require readers to subscribe to your blog before being able to choose their 10  last posts in the commentluv post link?

2. Have come across blogs using this option and did you subscribe in order to have the choice of your last 10 posts in the link?

3. Do you really think this option is necessary as an option in the plugin?

Say your mind in the comments below.

P.S. This option was initially in the older version but you were expected to subscribe to Andy’s blog and this I did when I started using the plugin. I subscribed to Andy’s blog because I considered it reasonable since I was getting something from the blog, that is, the plugin. But now I don’t think it is necessary subscribing to every blog where I post comments. Or don’t you think so?

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