Are You Making These 5 Blog Commenting Mistakes?

blog commenting mistakes

[Editor’s Note: This guest post by Steven Papas touched carefully on the issues raised in our new top commentator contest terms. As so when I saw this article I was so happy because it seems Steven sat down with me before writing the post. For this reason I’ve decided to stick it up on the home page for some time to come. I encourage you to read it carefully!]

I want to ask a serious question and I want you to respond honestly:

Why do you comment on other folks’ blogs?

Do you do it just to promote yourself and increase your traffic?

Is getting links back to your site the only thing you care about?

Or, a little bit of both?

There’s nothing wrong with getting a backlink out of it, so don’t be ashamed! All the pros made thousand of comments as they were building their brand. But there are some huge mistakes people constantly make when they comment on blogs, and these are reputation killers, so listen up.

Was There A Post There?

I’ve seen lots of comments where it’s obvious the writer hasn’t even read a line of the post. While this isn’t the worst mistake you can make, you can probably imagine why it’s a little bit stupid. You should at least do them the honor of reading the post before you start spouting your opinions. It’s even worse when the comment has nothing to do with the topic. It makes you look dumb and it won’t get any backlinks anyway. You just got your comment into the trash. Read the darn post as well as the comments of the other readers. The idea is to interact with the others. Be relevant and constructive because there’s a discussion going on under the post. Think how they can benefit from your comment and also that you might come back to reply to one’s thought. That’s what blogging is about.

Links In Your Text

When you put links inside your comment text, this says one thing to the reader – SPAM. It’s obvious that you’re just trying to promote your site and it makes you look bad. Even if the comment is completely relevant to the post, it still looks like a desperate attempt for backlinks and nothing else. Again, think if you are adding value to the chat.

“Great job…dude, keep up the good work!”

The absolute worst blog comments in the known universe are the ones that say, “Hi, great post! Keep up the good work!” You might as well add to it, “For cheap Viagra, click here!” People can see through even the clever ones like, “You make nice points but I have to disagree. Still, great to read your opinions.” Please, say something about the post at least.

Author Name – “How To Lose Weight Fast”

When the author of a post is named something like “cheap airfare,” this is a dead giveaway. Usually, these comments are automatically erased by the blog owner. Use some kind of name even if it’s not your real one and don’t worry – people will click through your website through the URL field!

Posting 18 Identical Comments

If you post a whole bunch of comments on the same post that are pretty much identical, this will not get you even one backlink probably. Google ignores stuff like this because it looks like spam. Give it one good comment and let it go at that. If they’re not going to click on one, they’re definitely not going to click on 37. When I first launched my Software Reviews Coupons blog, I was happy to receive comments but after some days I realized that there was something wrong with them. They would be totally irrelevant to my content. Now, when I see a comment that gives me second thoughts, I copy and paste it in Google. If there are like 243 search results of blogs with the same comment, then I curse it and trash it.

Now, let’s learn from our mistakes! Post one comment that says something interesting and relevant to the topic. Put your site URL in the appropriate field and voila – you’ve got yourself a backlink. It’s even better if there’s commentluv installed. And always remember: add value to your fellow bloggers and readers. That’s how it works.

Happy blog commenting!


  1. My favorite spammy comment is “thanks for the info. It saves MUCH time!”

    haha I feel like I see that one all the time! In fact, it wastes MUCH time!

    • @Graham Lutz, Those spammers are getting sleezier every day! My “favorite” are the ones who ask permission to “bookmark your website” or “link to this article from my blog”.

      There’s also those who try to “engage” casual conversation such as “wow, this is a nice theme your using, and your site is really fast. What’s your webhost?”

      You gotta watch out for these spam artists, these days!

    • @Graham Lutz, Oh yes, I have seen comments that had NOTHING at all to do with the post, maybe a different post they read somewhere? “Great post thanks” , “Nice post thanks” etc. are so generic you know they do hundreds of them a day or pay someone to post for them. Of course getting a link is great, but when I read a post, if I have nothing to say, nothing to add I usually just get out of it what I can and move on. I can’t stand spammy comments and it’s funny but many times I will get as much out of GOOD comments as I did the post! BTW Steven, GREAT Post!! Seriously

    • @Graham Lutz, My favorite spam comments come in WP dashboard ” Best SEO service Provider” but I never approve such comments as how much genuine comments are! Your observation really powerful in community engagement. I always annoyed with such comments where clearly stats NAME but dear spammers put KEYWORDS . thanks for the article.

  2. You are right. Some people don’t want to work professional or at least respect the author of the post.I think we can do nothing about it as there are different people and various attitudes to posting and comments.

    • @DiNaRa,

      Do you think there is really nothing we can do about these things? How about everyone speaking out against them? And of course maybe deleting such comments as a warning to others? Don’t you think this can help a bit?

    • @Jane,

      I’m personally impressed with this post that’s why I’m making it “sticky” 🙂 You can’t believe that in the past one week alone I’ve deleted close to 20 spam comments. The fact is that I’m not going to allow anyone mess up the good work I’m doing here.

  3. All points are obviously mistakes which we usually do but problem lies in the name field. People are willing to get the backlink,(even it have little effect), but people want to get.

    This is because they put their keyword instead of a real or fake name, as I did. And now it is need. No doubt Search Engines don’t give more importance of such link but at least they catch it.

    • @Ross,

      You have a point there. But that is why, for example, this blog has keywordluv installed. You can have your backlink with your prefered keywords. But it’s unfortunate that even with this many will rather use the keywords leaving out their names. That’s really not good.

      As you may have noticed, I try, as much as possible, to post a reply to every comment on this blog. When someone refuses to use their name in the name field, replying to such comments sometimes appear awkward. For example if, while replying this comment, I now say:

      @Small Business Marketing,

      if your name is not there, it does look “fake”. This is why bloggers should learn to use the name field correctly.

      Btw. do you mean you used a fake name and your keywords? Do you mean that is really a good idea? Do you understand that blogging is about building relationships and fostering partnerships? You may have your reasons why you want to use a fake name but if you’re looking to building relationships with other bloggers then using your real name is more important. Now, you may not value that but in the near future you definitely will. 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments and of course Chadrack for giving me the chance to write for WebIncomeJournal. As a blogger myself I appreciate much, not only the high quality and informative posts which are helpful for visitors but also the readers who respect the writer and spend some time to actually read and share their real thoughts and insights. So let’s always remember to add value to other people’s lives and sooner or later we will get nice results.

  5. Blog commenting is beneficial to both sides when done with some brain.

    By leaving a relevant comment we provide a value and by getting a link we are getting something out of it as well.

    While spamming there is no value, and we abuse the other part without providing any value (in case if the blog is auto approve).

    Btw – nice video, i bookmarked your site and buy viagra here 😛

  6. I think there are main things that one should pay attention on it while doing any blog comment. These are the real mistakes what people do while commenting on any blog.

    • hello John, thanks for your point. Let us not forget that although Internet is not a physical place where we actually see one another, it is still a context in which we develop and maintain an image, a brand name; this is very important, especially for those who make a living online. So, yes, we should pay attention on what we do, say and write online.

  7. Hi Chadrack,

    Comments can also be made by people who like to meet other people. This is similar to the Rotary Club, Freemasonry, etc. where it’s nice to speak to other people thousands of miles away with different backgrounds, cultures, and climates.

    It’s an opportunity to communicate with people who you feel are on the same frequency as yourself. It’s good to reward others with a comment if the article is worth it. People or computer applications that leave an ‘off-topic’ 6 word statement as a “comment” will be outlawed within a few years.

    Best regards
    Russell Davison

    • @Russell Davison,

      Oh, I personally look forward to those days, when those types of comments will be outlawed, that is!

      “Comments can also be made by people who like to meet other people.” It all shows that most bloggers really do not know what they want before commenting. I don’t think it is a must that you should comment if you don’t want to. But once you decide to make a comment let it be that which is on topic.

    • Thanks Christopher. The majority of people look for quick results, easy money and with the least effort. There are millions of monthly searches in the search engines for “make money online” cause there’s the fallacy that making money online can be done overnight (clickbank…). People don’t know that both offline and online business requires dedication and hard and quality work. That’s why also commenting has to be done with caution and with the sense of offering.

      • @[email protected],

        Personally, I’ve really been thinking about this. Despite the much talk about spam comment not achieving anything for the commenter we still see many people trying to use it for some good.

        I agree that they do it because they believe making money online comes easy. If only they will realize that using this powerful strategy in the right way is what will ultimately give them the results they desire.

      • @[email protected], It may sound boring, but I believe that the best way to succeed in most things in life, is to be in things for the long term.

        There are of course exceptions, however usually I feel a slower, planned and more careful long-term strategy to everything, including SEO is ultimately the best way to succeed.

  8. “Very-very informative post, sir! Thank you, now I’ll know WHAT to do”
    No. 1. indeed 🙂

    This is one of the spammy comments I see a lot and laugh at a lot but at the same time I wonder why moderators leave these comments and actually bother answering them :O

    • LOL, you’re so right, Nella. I also often see spam comments getting answered by webmasters. Funny and weird! Especially in those blogs which don’t get too many comments in general. Anyway, I don’t blame them, but they encourage spammers to continue doing their thing.

      • @Steven Papas,

        Truth is many of those spam comments gets through not because the webmaster wants to use them to populate the comments area but because most appear to be really good comments. I’ve been seeing this lately and I’m even bringing them up for every to discuss.

  9. Hi Steven and Chadrack,
    I comment on other blogs for all the reasons you mentioned and also because I’m interested in the topic and want to contribute my 2 cents worth.
    I try to avoid these huge mistakes and do my best to leave relevant comments because IMO since I’m already spending time reading the post and other comments, why not make it worthwhile. It’s also certain that I will be crossing paths with the same bloggers again so it’s better to have a good reputation as a thoughtful commenter.
    Good thing we have Akismet and now GASP to protect us from spammers.
    Have a nice day!

    • @Theresa Torres,

      That actually is what this post is about. My reasoning had always been, if you have taken the time to visit and read a post why not take a minute or two to post a comment that is worthwhile? It simply beats my imagination that many do not think of this. They hurriedly stop by, pop to the comments area, paste their already prepared comment and off they go! It’s really a shame.

  10. Hi Chadrack & Steven,

    I recently began deleting commenters who would spam old posts from months ago hoping that I wouldn’t see it.

    I love comments on my blog and anyone can leave one as long as the comments are in direct relation to my post.

    Also I wish more would come back to my blog post to keep the comments going like a forum discussion. If the blog author responds to my comment with a question or comment I always go back and answer it.

    • @Justin,

      That also is my desire for this blog, building a community where everyone contributes something meaningful.

      About the spammy comments, mine are not just the old posts but even the new ones are receiving loads of comments spams these days. I’m even having doubts already that G.A.S.P. must have been breached.

  11. I hate it when I see someone leaves a comment with keyword instead of his name. I try to reply to every comments but in this case how should I reply. “Hello lose weight fast, thanks for your comment” 😀

    I thinking about not to approve such comments.

    • @Rojish,

      It’s really more annoying that even when the keywordluv plugin is installed like in this blog, many still want to use only their keywords instead of following the format of [email protected] I wonder what they actually want to achieve by this. I thinks many are still ignorant of the fact that what they are looking for is already taken care of with the keywordluv.

  12. It’s really hard to avoid those spammers. Sometimes I found an interesting article and wanted to leave some personal thoughts, I normally found there have been lots of comments already. If I still post a comment, nobody will see it. On the other side, when I write an article, I hate the spammer comments sent out by robots. That makes my work wealthless.

    • @Sunny,

      Actually the idea of commenting is for you to connect with other bloggers. When there are so many comments that you think adding your own may not do any good as no one will read it, then what should really do is reply some of the comments already posted. When you do that those commenters will definitely want to reply your comment and by so doing the conversation is extended.

      Thanks for adding your voice.

  13. Me again. I agree that links on the content is obevious. But names can be tolerated.

  14. I agree that there is nothing to be ashamed of when commenting to create backlinks. The problem is there are those who are selfish and end up making a mess in ones blog by posting unrelated comments. I understand your concern Chadrack, visitors should respect our site and make an effort on making the site more interesting.

    • @Maria,

      Thanks for your understanding. I only hope that more and more of our readers will see the point of really making things work the way are expected to.

  15. To answer your question why I comment on other folks’ blogs, it’s a bit of both and then some. I love arguments, correction, discussions. Interaction is healthy, and most of the time those who comment on blogs are bloggers themselves anyway. So basically we all like to be heard, but not necessarily through our own lengthy blog. Commenting on other blogs allows me to reach out to a new audience and share my immediate opinion or concern about the topic discussed. Hosting your own party is fun, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable to just show up at someone else’s.

    • @ceejay,

      “Commenting on other blogs allows me to reach out to a new audience.” This is one of the reasons why it is very good that every blog comment you post should not just be for the purpose of getting a backlink to your blog. For others to really connect with you, you need show that you have something interesting to say.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

    • @Emily Thorne,

      That indeed is what blog commenting is all about. Say your mind and let the conversation roll on. I’m really surprised that though threaded comments is installed here, not many of the commenters really interact with other bloggers in the comments. I think there is more to the total experience thing when it comes to commenting. Or don’t you think so?

  16. I am agreed on all the points made in your post. I myself keep a very strict moderation of comments made on my websites and have seen plenty of failed give-spam-gain-link attempts. I believe, if you are not reading the post, you shouldn’t be commenting.

    • @Desi,

      That’s really if the visitor is there for something good. Most of the spammers are only out for a link and so even when they have not read the post they simply post a quick comment and get what they want – the link.

  17. Hey great post thanks, keep it up!

    Hahaha, just kidding! Don’t spam my comment!

    Theses are some great points though, I am so surprised by just how many comments I get that still try to flatter me in to accepting their comments.

    I think if you maintain a strict comments policy and never let people leave comments without their real names then other readers will see that and leave proper comments too.

    • @Andy Bailey,

      @Andy Bailey,

      I think I got your point there. I tried enforcing such a policy but along the way I relaxed it again. I definitely update that policy again.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. As I do spend every day mediating comments, I can relate to all above. Biggest alarm for me when there is no Gravatar, then the the RSS feed reference and they didn’t subscribe, then of course all the same comments I’ve seen the past year that are duplicates, then when they comment in my “Disclaimer” or “Privacy Policy” is hilarious.
    Great advice and much appreciated, Steven and Chadrack!

    • @Dan Reed,

      Lol! Hilarious is an understatement. I’ve actually received many of that on my privacy policy and terms of use pages until I installed the GASP plugin. These days is the number of quickies like,

      “Great post, I’ve bookmarked this and will share with my friends!”

      That really look enticing but having seen a number of them, I simply delete anything like that without a second look! Thanks for joining the conversation.

  19. Hey Chadrack,

    One of the biggest commenting mistakes is leaving comments that are just meant to say, “I was here too”.

    If all you have to say is “great post”, what separates you from spammers? I have my spam box for that.

    Great post, by the way… 🙂

    • @Yeremi Akpan,

      Yea, indeed, when a post is really great in content and idea you can say that in your comment but shouldn’t stop at that. Add something that will tell us that you indeed read the post and it inspired something in you. Thanks for the comment buddy.

  20. These are really nice tips to avoid commenting mistakes. One should use commonsense while posting comments. First of all, you should contribute something useful through the comment. Getting back links should be your second priority.

  21. i agree, these days spammy comments have increased a lot. One should follow these comments tips to avoid their comment as spam. Reading the post and leaving a meaningful contribution is what you should do.
    Thanks for this post.

  22. Lol, your observations of the worst commenting mistakes resonate with me)
    I see lots of almost empty comments on other blogs as well as my own posts. “Keep up the good work”, “I love your blog and will sibscribe to your RSS”. Sorry, but do they really hope to foll everyone by these dirty tricks?))) Copy-pasting standard comments without even reading a post is quick, but ineffective.

    and… Thanks for your tips)) Keep up the good work! etc.=)))))

  23. Really good post. I have been trying to avoid looking like a spammer when commenting. I am trying to find that happy medium in between where I can still get a link, or a little word out about my company, without falling into the category of spam. I feel I have been avoiding most of these mistakes, but I must admit I am guilty of using key words as names and dropping a link. Still learning the ettiquete of commenting and blogging, who knew there were so many ins and outs. Thanks again, this was helpful

    • @Olivia,

      Good to hear that you try as much as possible to stay within the rules of the game. But like you have just said, trying to put in those keywords in the name field when it is not required does not look at all. In order not delete your comment I simply edited those keywords out. I’m sure you saw the instructions right before you added your comment, right?

  24. The thing which i don’t like the most is when people don’t read the entire blog post and make the comment. This is really not fair.

    Using the words like ‘Thank you’ and ‘Very nice Post’, “Great Job” and “Keep it Up”..
    is also a way to drop the comments in order to get benefit only.

    The bloggers do work hard with their efforts for posting a new and useful information. So they don’t need any greeting like these. A comment should be relevant to the blog post and give your true opinion for the same that’s what they like the most.

    • @bjohn,

      These days I do not take a second look at such comments before hitting trash! Posting such comments simply give you away as nothing but a spammer.

  25. Well I have read your piece and many of the comments stemming from it, I have a small blog that’s more of a diary, I rarely have comments left, but the one’s that I do, I actually value even if they do fall under the heading of some of your ‘noted’ comments above. Maybe I am easily pleased, but someone has taken the time too at least leave the comment, I never underestimate how valuable someone’s time may be to them. I have on occassion even asked permission to have a link to someone else’s web site, usually if I think its relevant or interesting or beneficial to people I know or who use my site. So guess I am guilty of your cardinal sin there. Maybe like some people just do not realise that blogs, webbing, and all the rest of it appear to have some specified format that should be followed. Like now, maybe people just feel they should or want to make a small comment or offer a word of encouragement, like great information, or nice blog… Personally I am happy to accept that someone took the time to even open the page… but I am not yet a ‘blog snob’ ( oh and just in case – I have no idea what keywords in the Name field means)… but I dont think I have done it – what ever it is…

    • @Angela,

      I must say you made a valid point there. I personally reasoned this way sometime ago and that made me to consider approving every comment. Indeed, when someone takes the time to visit your blog and made a comment no matter how short, that person deserve commendation.

      However, I soon discovered that most of those who do that were doing it not because they have come around to read your post. In fact, many of them simply have a these comments written down and then go online searching for blogs that are dofollow using certain keywords and once they land on the page, they simply copy the pre-written comment and paste on the comment box. In a matter of seconds they are gone.

      This is really not good for your blog. Not only are they cheating on you but also adding to your bounce rate.

      When I discovered this I had no option than to stop such comments.

      Thanks for taking the time to post such a wonderful comment.

  26. I appreciate the post and comments as to the the proper protocol when it comes to posting. Learned a lot from the post and the comments from others. Thanks.

  27. Blog commenting is surely a nice way to build quality backlinks when done with brain.
    You surely need to reside on link building using comments.

  28. Hi Steven, awesome resources. This is going to help me alot. I’m a newbie in this field i thought it would be difficult to get success but guys like you are helping me to find out the right way to success. Thanks alot!

  29. I get more than 100 Spam comments daily. They looks completely valuable but due to links, adding keywords in the name field huh, I remove them.

    • @Salman Ahmad, hi Salman, I used to receive dozens of spam comments every day but with the help of Akismet plugin I have almost zero of this kind. Anyway, if those comments are genuine and give some value to your interaction with the readers, you only remove their spammy link but keep the rest of their content.

    • @Deepak,

      Well Deepak, I don’t want to agree with you that getting back links is the major reason why we post comments on blogs. Of course that is one of the reasons but these days trying to connect with other bloggers in the comment section will greatly help in traffic than just a link back would!

  30. I guess that I am well aware of all these things. I don’t do any of these blog mistakes which might make me look like a Spammer.

    • @Utkarsh Bhatt,

      That’s really great to hear. These days only a few bloggers are really doing these things the right way. But it is always more rewarding to be on the safe side.

      Thanks for the comment.

  31. Your right, there are people out there who comment to create dialogue and others who just want a link and they make it pretty obvious. The thing is, the second type of person, the one who just comments for the link, is probably using some kind of automated software to do this and therefore will probably never see your rant/rules above!

  32. Hi

    Thank you very much for your great article, i had learn alot from your article how to avoid mistakes in blogging. Please keep posting such valuable information


  33. let me be frank here. I use to do most of the mistakes mentioned above while commenting. But later when I learn what actually comments are, I quit making those mistakes and started adding value to my comments.

    You highlighted the good point bro.

  34. most annoying comment when spammers add directly link to their products or service backed with the comment like , Great post :p keep it up etc..

  35. Hello Dear

    what a great opinion really in fact i am also doing this type of mistake really in fact mostly blogger are facing this problem, so thanks for sharing me

    • @mansi kaul,

      It’s a good thing to know that you have learned something from this post. As we all commit to do things better we believe the internet, especially the blogosphere will be a better place for us all.

  36. Thanks a lot for the opinion Steve.
    I truly agree to all yours points especially the one you mentioned, people do not read the post and comment without any knowledge. It is very annoying for the owner. I think talking about the topic and appreciating the owner in a good way (not sarcastic) is the best policy for commenting. These points will stay in my mind whenever I comment. Thanks

    • @Rushikesh,

      That’s well said Rushikesh. This is what all of us trying to make the community to realize that it is better to say something worthwhile or simply remain silent.

      Thanks for the comment.

  37. As a blogger myself I appreciate much, not only the high quality and informative posts which are helpful for visitors but also the readers who respect the writer and spend some time to actually read and share their real thoughts and insights.

  38. It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and also I will share it to my friends later after reviewing. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks.

  39. I agree, these days spam my comments have increased a lot. Once should follow these comments tips to avoid their comment as spam. Reading the post and leaving a meaningful contribution is what you should do.

  40. HAHAHAHA! I laughed while reading the post, it was damn true, My blog gets spammy comments and various of them are from someone[@] LOL Funny! And most comments are just like “Welldone! YOu made my day you got so much content , hire content writers” LOL Funny! And I just put them to trash….Who Cares For Them…and yay My first comment here with a link 😛 xD

  41. the best one I had was when someone thought another commentator is blog owner and asked me to read the post before commenting 🙂 it was adorable 🙂
    best regards!

  42. I am agree with you . I have seen many newbie blogger do that . They only know that commenting on other blog of their niche will drive traffic to their blog that will help them to earn online . For that they only do mistake . But as I think we should not comment only to get back links . We should comment to engage reader and get their attention

  43. Hello Steven Papas,
    I’m a Blogger & I do post comment on Blogs but I never come to remember the common mistakes while posting comment’s. Thanks for sharing this such a nice post ! I will always be aware about these tips while posting comment’s.

  44. i am newbie blogger so i dont know about that but i really thankful and agree with you. thanks for sharing… please tell something about backlink increase..

  45. Sometimes we are make these mistakes while we are commenting on a blog. I think it is really can be helpful for increasing our blog commenting skill. I am glad to have a look at this post.

  46. hmm Seriously, I was committing some mistakes while commenting on Blog post but hopeful I came to understand about my commenting mistakes. Thanks Stevens & I won’t repeat these mistakes ever while commenting.

  47. actually, I comment on your blog to get 1 backlink
    I had to do this to my website ranked higher, but I’m not good at English, so this is my biggest obstacle so that I can understand articles and comment threads good

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