Are You Making These 5 Blog Commenting Mistakes?

blog commenting mistakes

[Editor’s Note: This guest post by Steven Papas touched carefully on the issues raised in our new top commentator contest terms. As so when I saw this article I was so happy because it seems Steven sat down with me before writing the post. For this reason I’ve decided to stick it up on the home page for some time to come. I encourage you to read it carefully!]

I want to ask a serious question and I want you to respond honestly:

Why do you comment on other folks’ blogs?

Do you do it just to promote yourself and increase your traffic?

Is getting links back to your site the only thing you care about?

Or, a little bit of both?

There’s nothing wrong with getting a backlink out of it, so don’t be ashamed! All the pros made thousand of comments as they were building their brand. But there are some huge mistakes people constantly make when they comment on blogs, and these are reputation killers, so listen up.

Was There A Post There?

I’ve seen lots of comments where it’s obvious the writer hasn’t even read a line of the post. While this isn’t the worst mistake you can make, you can probably imagine why it’s a little bit stupid. You should at least do them the honor of reading the post before you start spouting your opinions. It’s even worse when the comment has nothing to do with the topic. It makes you look dumb and it won’t get any backlinks anyway. You just got your comment into the trash. Read the darn post as well as the comments of the other readers. The idea is to interact with the others. Be relevant and constructive because there’s a discussion going on under the post. Think how they can benefit from your comment and also that you might come back to reply to one’s thought. That’s what blogging is about.

Links In Your Text

When you put links inside your comment text, this says one thing to the reader – SPAM. It’s obvious that you’re just trying to promote your site and it makes you look bad. Even if the comment is completely relevant to the post, it still looks like a desperate attempt for backlinks and nothing else. Again, think if you are adding value to the chat.

“Great job…dude, keep up the good work!”

The absolute worst blog comments in the known universe are the ones that say, “Hi, great post! Keep up the good work!” You might as well add to it, “For cheap Viagra, click here!” People can see through even the clever ones like, “You make nice points but I have to disagree. Still, great to read your opinions.” Please, say something about the post at least.

Author Name – “How To Lose Weight Fast”

When the author of a post is named something like “cheap airfare,” this is a dead giveaway. Usually, these comments are automatically erased by the blog owner. Use some kind of name even if it’s not your real one and don’t worry – people will click through your website through the URL field!

Posting 18 Identical Comments

If you post a whole bunch of comments on the same post that are pretty much identical, this will not get you even one backlink probably. Google ignores stuff like this because it looks like spam. Give it one good comment and let it go at that. If they’re not going to click on one, they’re definitely not going to click on 37. When I first launched my Software Reviews Coupons blog, I was happy to receive comments but after some days I realized that there was something wrong with them. They would be totally irrelevant to my content. Now, when I see a comment that gives me second thoughts, I copy and paste it in Google. If there are like 243 search results of blogs with the same comment, then I curse it and trash it.

Now, let’s learn from our mistakes! Post one comment that says something interesting and relevant to the topic. Put your site URL in the appropriate field and voila – you’ve got yourself a backlink. It’s even better if there’s commentluv installed. And always remember: add value to your fellow bloggers and readers. That’s how it works.

Happy blog commenting!

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95 Responses to “Are You Making These 5 Blog Commenting Mistakes?”

  1. shiya75

    Aug 19. 2013

    i am newbie blogger so i dont know about that but i really thankful and agree with you. thanks for sharing… please tell something about backlink increase..

  2. Adam Hansen

    Sep 05. 2013

    Sometimes we are make these mistakes while we are commenting on a blog. I think it is really can be helpful for increasing our blog commenting skill. I am glad to have a look at this post.

  3. Maneesha Malhotra

    Sep 09. 2013

    hmm Seriously, I was committing some mistakes while commenting on Blog post but hopeful I came to understand about my commenting mistakes. Thanks Stevens & I won’t repeat these mistakes ever while commenting.

  4. ThanhThien

    Sep 16. 2013

    actually, I comment on your blog to get 1 backlink
    I had to do this to my website ranked higher, but I’m not good at English, so this is my biggest obstacle so that I can understand articles and comment threads good