CommentLuv, SiteMap Generator and PageRank Update

A few days ago I made a post crying out for help concerning the problems I was having with commentluv and sitemap generator plugins. I must appreciate you all for the help. I thank Christopher and Dorothy specially for the links to the wordpress support forums.

Having taken time to read through the posts in those forums I realized that the problem is not with this blog but the plugins. In fact many others are having the same problem with the recent update of commentluv. This seems to be the same with sitemap generator.

Having read those posts I decided to revert back to the previous version of commentluv. At first I couldn’t lay my hands on it since it has been updated on the plugins website. However, I was able to locate a copy on my hard drive and so the commentluv plugin is now working!

For sitemap generator I’m leaving it as is since it appears there are some issues that the programmer still working with.

Now, on to some more Good News!

You probably must have heard that Google has recently announced another PageRank Update. This is the first they are carrying out after the Google Farmer/Panda update. I just checked the Web Income Journal a few hours ago after receiving an email from Christopher announcing a Page Rank of 2 for the

I’m glad to announce that the Web Income Journal has been awarded a PageRank of 3!
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This is indeed a surprise to me. I never expected that this blog will jump from zero to a 3 PageRank moreso with the problems I’ve been having recently having un-installed and re-installed the blog about 4 times in under 3 weeks. All the same I’m glad!

I want to appreciate everyone who is connected with this blog. You have contributed to this great feat. Accept my thanks!

So have you checked your page rank? Let’s know where are at. Post your comments below.


    • @Graham Lutz, glad to hear that.

      Of course there must be something being done right. Though, I’m really thinking Google, after the last algorithm change, is rewarding content sites for scaling the google hurdle! Just my thoughts though 🙂

  1. Yes it is out and up – thanks for the notice! From zero to four – went online just after the January pagerank update. I am really curious if it will affect our

    • @pdf search engine, Zero to 4? That’s outstanding! We definitely expect better things to come. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Glad to have been of assistance Chadrack [hat tip]
    Great to see CommentLuv working!
    Thanks for the multiple mentions 🙂
    Bravo on your new PageRank!
    Also thanks for the link 🙂

    A fine blog getting the rewards it deserves, that’s what I love to see 🙂
    Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team

    P.S I really appreciate the link Chadrack, but could I be really picky for the sake of keywords? Would you be able to change the link to my main site ( or change the text from {link}Christopher{/link} to Christopher (from {link}Technology Bloggers{/link})

    • @Surgical-blog,

      Ok, let’s see how it turns out then, 10/10 I mean! 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments.

  3. i also have a blog at word press.and what type of help you need?want to know tips and techniques to boost traffic of your blog?

  4. Current Version of the XML Sitemap Generator is v1.6.1 revised March 24 2011 Before you jump into this you should watch the video below. The nice thing about this type of sitemap is that it can help visitors navigate your site while allowing search engines to find your content.GENERATE A SITEMAP FAST Its simple just enter the website you would like to generate a site map for found under the settings tab and click the little green arrow to start crawling.The sitemap generator will spider your site using the default settings and give you the option to create a xml sitemap or html sitemap depending on your need .Any errors such as missing pages duplicate titles or overly large files that may be slowing down your site will be listed for your review.SITEMAP GENERATOR DETAILS the manual This site map generator now part of the webmaster tool is loaded with tons of features and consists of six tabs Project tab allows you to save and load your sitemap project. This can be very handy when making a XML Sitemap for a large website with a thousands of pages.

    • @hemp,

      Ok, thanks for that information. However, I’ve since found another alternative which to me offers more features and I’ve been using that since. Whether I’ll again use XML Sitemap Generator is another topic. Since BWP Google Sitemap Generator (the alternative I’ve just discovered) I’ve changed most of my niche sites to use it and I’m happy with it.

    • @Buy Twitter Followers,

      That definitely is good reasoning! My surprise was because at the time of the page rank update the traffic had fallen by almost 60%. But anyway, commentluv have it’s good use! 🙂

  5. yep that’s write in this day using comluv is the best way in term of gaining page rank cause surely many readers come and leave their comment.

    • @Jane,

      that will be great you know. But it does appear that you’re not using commentluv yet! While don’t you install and gain with it?

  6. Thanks for sharing what you experience.cause through this i will what to do if I encounter same problem to yours.

    • @Demz,

      That’s actually the purpose of posting this. I hope you overcome such situations when they arise!

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