I’m not begging but I’m SCREAMING FOR YOUR HELP!

Ok, now that I have your attention let me jump in and lay out what I want from you.

First, anyone who can help with this will be truly appreciated. I’ve tried working things out but I now realize that it is beyond my knowledge. So if you are good with the wordpress platform please read this carefully and and see if you can be of help.

Like I’ve said in the past few days I’ve been having some challenges with this blog since the ending of May. So far I’ve been able to restore the content after un-installing and restoring the blog at different times. However since I re-installed the blog a few days ago I discovered that a few things are not working the way they should and this has neccesitated this appeal.

Specifically, these are the areas in which I’m asking for your help:

1. Commentluv – If you’ve tried posting a comment you must have noticed that though the commentluv plugin is implemented, it is not working. I’ve tried un-installing, deleting and downloading a fresh one but despite all of this it still will not work. From all indication the settings implemented are okay. But I can’t really pinpoint what is wrong with it.

2. Google Sitemap Generator – This is another plugin that will not do what it’s supposed to! I’ve used this plugin over the years on different  blogs. I’m still using it on all of my niche blogs but I’m surprised that this plugin has also refused to create the neccessary files when it was activated. I’ve manually created a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz files, uploaded and changed their permissions to writable (777) but still the plugin is reporting sitemap could not be created when it was activated. I’ve also tried different types of the sitemap generator plugin but none of the ones I’ve tried will work. I’ll be glad if any one can also help in this area. Here is the graphic of what the plugin is reporting after activating:

3. Post and Theme Preview – Another challenge I’m having right now is this: when I schedule or save a post as a draft and wants to preview it, it will return 404 error (page not found)! This also happens when I try pre-viewing an installed theme. Instead of the preview of that theme the current theme shows up. It appears that even when I’m logged in, the system does not look at me as the Admin! Of course I can’t understand why this is happening. Any help will be appreciated.

I know many of you are really good with these things and so I’m bringing it before you all to help out. Post your help in the comments below. Who knows someone else may also gain something from what you provide here. Thanking you in advance.


  1. I have checked other blogs where the same problem occuring so do not worry and google them the same problem you will find many !

    • @arunii, well that’s heart warming but because others are habing the same problem is not really a comfort for me. I’m not relenting, I’ll continue to see what I can pick up from the web. Thanks for the comment.

    • @Christopher, thanks so much for the links. Will surely check them out. I’ve tried to contact the commentluv site before but was surprised that it was down. We will see how this come around.

  2. Hey Chadrack, shame that you’re having a bit of trouble with these features! It’s surprised me as well, as I have all three of these and they all work fine.

    The only problem I had in the past was with the Thesis theme, when I accidentally entered some code in the Custom Functions file. In the end, I had to re-install the Thesis theme, and it’s being fine since. I can tell that this isn’t what you’ve got though.

    All I can suggest is checking out the WordPress forums, their Help/FAQ pages, and maybe getting in touch with an WordPress expert. I don’t know any more I’m afraid, and I’m sorry I can’t be of any further help.

    Take care 🙂

    • @Stuart, Shame indeed! I’m really hoping that someone with a bit of expertise in wordpress codes will help here. Of course I do a lot of “code shifting” but I know this problem is not with the functions file. All the same thanks for coming around to check things out. At the moment I’m really more conscerned with the google sitemap generator because of the usefulness in seo.

    • @Dorothy, thanks so much Dorothy for the link. I’m really hopping someone over there will be able to help with this.

  3. It’s a real shame that you are having problems with your blog. I hear that Google is pretty weird these days and that’s its not just up to you. I only hope that you actually find some much needed help, and that everything works out ok.

    • @National seo,

      Thanks for the comment. Well, all of those problems have been taken care of. Unfortunately, i don’t see anything shameful about it. Rather these problems actually helped me to learn a whole lot of things.

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