The Cornerstones of Succeeding Online: Fundamental Lessons Learnt In 6yrs Of Marketing Online!

Do you love football? I do! In fact, it’s the most popular game in my country. It does appear the love for the game run in the blood of every one in my country. The interest cut across gender, belief, political affiliation, tribe or status.  Whenever my country’s national team is playing the whole country stands up as one to support and encourage them. At a time like this no one cares about the racial differences or religious beliefs – two very knotty factors that have led to billions of wastages because of conflicts!

Now, before you misunderstand me, I’m not writing a post about my country’s national football team but just want to draw some analogy between the general attitude of my dear compatriots the attitude of many who want to make money online.

Over the years I’ve observed that many of my dear fellow men and women who troop out to support the national team or those who watch at home via their television sets, always prove to be experts and better coaches and players than the real actors in the field!

It is not out of place to see many of these ‘experts’ in the sidelines complaining and faulting the decisions of the technical crew. Whenever a player make any wrong move resulting in some missed chances, these unofficial ‘coaches’ would lambaste such a player with the foulest language imaginable. Most times they dish out instructions of what players should or should not do. The way most of these sideline “experts” carry themselves while watching the players struggling to make good their act, you would think they will perform wonders if they are given the opportunity to be in the field of play. But try that and you would regret ever doing sucha thing!

Now, the lesson I want to draw out of this story is the fact when you are on the outside building a successful internet based business can look real simple. In fact, many of us at the beginning thought that those who have become successful online achieved success without doing anything special. It all does appear that they aren’t really doing much work but were simply enjoying life immensely!

Ever heard the saying, “been there done that”? Ok, that rightly describes me when it comes to this mindset. When I started online I was pulled in by the smooth talk of those internet marketers who presented making money online in glowing terms without really telling you what is involved. I simply loved the idea of making money even while you sleep or while you’re travelling the world! The idea that the internet was the gold rush of the 21st century and that simply putting up a website was guaranteed to turn just anyone into a millionaire truly appealed to me!

I’m being frank here!

I’m sure you’ve seen those ads that present internet marketers as some carefree fellow who works in his pyjamas, right? How about the ones that make you believe you can sit comfortably in front of your computer in the very comfort of your home for a few hours a day and come out super rich?

Yes, many of us fell for it but what we were never told is that the results that were flashed at us were results of very, very long and tedious processes which consisted of not just some very long, late-night hours but also a lot of blood sweat and tears over a period of several years!

The truth told is, those who are successful online have worked very, very hard.  Their success did not come to them simply by sheer luck nor did they casually ease into their millions. Like I said when I discussed the social skills of super bloggers, I’m a student of success and I’m always open to learn through the successes of those ahead of me. That is why I want to present in this post the 4 fundamental lessons I’ve learnt these 6 or so years that I’ve been online.

These 4 fundamental lessons could really be treated as the four cornerstones anyone who wants to build a successful business online mustn’t neglect. Any internet based business that is not constructed on these cornerstones would have difficulties making it.

I advice that you read also my earlier post on the 6 business-building tips. Study these two posts and if you discover that there is something you need to work on concerning your business online, never hesitate to do it.

Yes, you can read that again. Don’t just read these posts, do something that will move you closer to the success you so desire.

The Sure Cornerstones For Building A Successful Internet Based Business

1. Have the Right and Healthy Mindset

As I’ve mentioned earlier, many of us started online with the wrong mindset. We had some funny ideas about making money online. But after years of starting and running a few businesses on the net I can say, that foundation is a faulty one. If I had continued with that mindset I would have packed up my acts a long time ago!

On this blog I’m using the Broken Link Checker plugin that alerts me every time a link is no more working. Overtime I’ve learnt many things with this plugin about many of those who have interacted with this blog at one time or the other. Whenever, a link is reported to be ‘broken’ and I check on the site that has that link , I discover most times that such a blog/site has dropped out of cyberspace. Yes every day many are dropping out of sight and I dare say that many of these ones, though they were sincere about making money online, must have gotten it wrong somewhere along the line and in most cases a wrong mindset is the culprit!

Now I must say I may not have the qualifications to make such a grave statement but after about 6 – 7 years of being online, a period within which I have set up static niche sites, promoted affiliate programs using bum marketing and of course now running a blog, I think I can read the hand writing on the wall whenever I see one!

So my intention in this post is not to sound pompous but to help you see the truth so that you can achieve your dreams online. If you truly want to escape being one of the dotcom failures, work on your mindset right away.

You may be wondering, but what really is a right and healthy mindset for succeeding online?

To help you understand this let’s look at it in the areas of what it IS and what it is NOT.

What it IS:

1.  A right and healthy mindset IS the willingness to work as hard and as long as is necessary to achieve the goals that has been set.

2.  A right and healthy mindset IS the willingness to take the time to make a good, solid business plan that is based upon sound business principles.

And what it is NOT:

1.  A right and healthy mindset is NOT the belief that success will be easy, quick or painless.

2.  A right and healthy mindset is NOT just jumping in feet first and hoping for the best. The best that can happen under those circumstances is that you get out with anymore than two cents to your name.

From the above you’d understand that those who believe that they can build a successful internet based business without putting in the required time or effort are simply doomed to failure from the very start. I’m sure you don’t want to set up your online business for suicide.

Again from what is presented as the right and healthy mindset, you will notice that there’s the need for setting goals and making a business plan based on sound business principles. This is because building a business online is pretty much the same as building a business off-line, with a little difference in approach. It is important therefore that if you lack any knowledge in the area of your business focus, never hesitate to get it whatever the cost.

Of course, a right and healthy mind set may not automatically guarantee success online but note this very carefully, a wrong and unhealthy or unrealistic mindset will most assuredly, as the day follows the night, guarantee failure! So get the right mindset for it is the first cornerstone that must be laid if a successful online business is to be constructed.

What? I need to break this off here. I’ve just discovered that this is running too long and so, though I wanted to present the 4 fundamental lessons, which I consider foundational cornerstones to succeeding online, I’ll continue with this in my next post. I hope you keep a date with me!

But meanwhile, I’ll love to have your say on this subject of mindset in building a business online. What have been your experiences so far as regards having the right or conversely, the wrong mindset in your online business?  Share with us in the comments below.


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