April, A Month of Great Things – Top Commentator Announcement!

Hi everyone, it’s great to be back again and also to give us a low down on how things have fared in the last one month as it concerns this blog. As we all know, we always start every new month with the announcement of the winners of our top commentator contest with the first post of the month.

However, there was a little adjustment on that because I’ve to attend to some other things which led to my being away for some time. When I discovered that I was going to be away for more than I planned I had to schedule some posts just to keep the “pace” on things here. And so the first post that appeared on the blog this month was therefore not the usual top commentator announcement post.

Before Announcing the Top Commentator for the Month

First, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has contributed to the success of the WebIncomeJournal thus far.  I must say the month of April has being a wonderful time for the blog.  A few of the things I want to draw attention to are:

1. Increased activity on the blog: – The month of April witnessed increased activity in the areas of blog commenting and personal communications through emails. I truly appreciate this because to me a blog is about interaction and building relationships.  

2. Increased Traffic: – Another area where there was improvement on the blog is that of traffic. Frankly, this was beyond my expectations. The traffic was so much that for the first time since I moved the blog to this new domain name, the traffic was about tripled! And because I was not checking the stats for sometime now, this increase went beyond the blog’s allocated bandwidth and so the blog was out of reach for a few days while I was away.

I must thank Christopher greatly for his email that drew my attention to the fact that the blog was not responding when he tried accessing it. Following his email, I was able to take care of the problem after the blog has been inaccessible for about 3 days. Thanks so much!

3. Improved Search Engine Ranking: – Talking about increased traffic, it’s also worthy to note that search engine-generated traffic also increased compared to the previous months. I’m happy about this because it shows that the blog is doing better on the search engines a sign that the blog is gaining from the recent google algorithm change!

4. Increased Subscription: – I’m also glad that so far the blog subscriptions has increased over these past 3 months. Seeing this has encouraged me as I’m actually working on something that will be beneficial to our email subscribers. Our email subscriber should expect this very soon.

All in all, the performance was not bad and I want to thank every one of you for this. I look forward to better things in the coming months!

Now, the top commentators ….

At #1 is…

Ok, first let me say that the same person took the first and second position but using two different blogs. I’ve decided therefore to put him at #1 so that I can recognize the third position at #2!  I think this is fair enough!

So at #1 is Christopher of Technologybloggers.org. Indeed he was our last months winner! However, this time Christopher’s winning blog, is his brand new community blog which, according to Christopher, “everyone owns, and everyone should benefit from.”

I truly love the idea behind Technologybloggers.org as a community blog.  If you’re thinking of promoting yourself as a blogger then you would do yourself some good by joining the community at Technology Bloggers right now.  Please note that the blog is not just about those who wants to write something that has to do about technology. Like Christopher said about the blog:

“When you write an article, you benefit, as you get to show off your writing style, get relevant dofollow links to your blog, and you get great comments (or feedback) from people about your writing!

When you read a post you benefit from the knowledge you gain from that article.

 When you add a comment, you benefit from the dofollow links via KeywordLuv and CommentLuv.

But we’re not just about technology, oh no. We also write about search engine optimisation, science, blogging, media, social networking, and loads more!”

Learn more about Technology Bloggers by clicking here.

Now, at #2 is…

Oh yes, once again we have Dennis of Direct Sales marketing! This is the third time in a roll Dennis is coming second in our monthly top commentator rewards package! Frankly, I wish I can do something better than just write this piece about him. You know from the records so far it shows that Dennis is truly a friend and a committed reader of this blog.  I think I’ll be appreciating Dennis specially some time later. 

For now I tried looking over Dennis’ blog to see something new I can say about the blog and I must say I was never disappointed! This time my attention was drawn to the about us page titled: “About The New All-In-One DennisEdell.com – Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know…” I must confess that it is one of the longest “about us page” I’ve read! You wouldn’t believe it but Dennis said, “This labor of love took more than one day to create. It is currently 1913 words. I’d greatly appreciate you reading it all the way through at least once, even if you think you know everything in it.” More than one day to write! 🙂

Wondering what is in that about us page that it took so long to read? Then I encourage you to read it, right now!

That’s it for now. And for all who could not make it this month I do hope you get in this month. Once again thanks to everyone.


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