And The Winner Is…. February Top Commentators Announced!

It’s unbelievable that our top commentators reward package has done it’s first full month! Today, the first of March, marks the start of yet another monthly cycle. It therefore means it’s time to announce the winners for the previous month.


Of course, you should! 🙂

Any way there is no stress to it. As you already know, the criteria for choosing the monthly top commentators is the simply comments you post no more no less. And this is already taken care of by the top commentators plugin.

But before announcing the winners for the month of February permit to say a few things about the past month. These are observations which I think you need to note as we continue with this contest.

As at the time I closed the contest yesterday, I observed that I’ve thrashed not less than 20 comments not because they were spam comments but simply because they did not follow the simple rules set out for the contest.

For example, I made it clear that for any comment to be approved it must have the commenters first name. Most people simply ignore this rule.

I’m surprised that though I went as far as putting a message just before the comment box about this, many people ignored it and sought to “grab” a quick backlink to their sites.

This is unfortunate because knowing the importance of building backlinks through blog comments I installed both commentluv and keywordluv plugins before the contest started. Besides, this blog is “dofollow!” So the question is what are these people really looking for? Is it that they are not reading the information before making their comments. And if they are not reading those little bits of information, is there any assurance that they are reading the articles before making their comments?

Though I’m not ignorant of the fact that many people post blog comments for the backlink benefit but if that should be only reason then the purpose of this reward package is lost. That is why I want to discourage this group of people. I’ve done enough for you to gain with your comments even when you do not win the first or second positions.

So let me appeal to all who want to participate in this top commentators reward package to take these things to mind and know that blog commenting should be first and foremost a means of building relationships and interacting with other bloggers. If your desire is to simply build backlinks you’ll only be wasting your time because your comment will only end in the “thrash can”. If however, you desire to use your blog commenting to achieve more than backlinks then there is room for you if you do what is right.

This is why I want to appreciate all who participated and contributed wonderfully. You’re all great people. You know what blog commenting is and what can be achieved with it! You’re all winners in my own rating. Thank you so much!

And Now, The Winners For The Month Are………

Let the drums roll for:

1. Iroko of the Bloggers Blog!!!!

Iroko top the list with a total of 10 comments for the month. With this Iroko has won a free 125 x125 banner ad for a whole month. He’ll be contacted to provide the banner of his choice and it’s to run starting the day he provides same.

2. And Dennis Edell of the Direct Sales Marketing blog.

With a total of 8 comments, Dennis Edell who I consider as a very special friend here has taken the second place. I’ll be doing a seperate post in a few days that will profile both Iroko’s and Dennis’ blogs.

So to our winners I say a big CONGRATULATIONS!

And to the rest there is still room for you. This months contest has just started so keep the comments coming.

I’ll be glad to have your opinion about the contest so far. If you’ve any observations you’ll want taken care of please post it in your comments below. Over to you, say your mind.


  1. Hey! wow! I won, and to others, better luck next time!
    And if you are trying to compete this month, just watch for me…I am sure you will find good stuff here, that would really make you comment!

    • That’s the spirit Tim. The contest is really opened to every one and I’m specially waiting to see you at the top. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  2. I believe the reason that they and I did still attempt to comment with a keyword because the value is much greater, many times the Top Com widget is not set up to leave out the name and @ sign, so you don’t get any link value really except for individual internal page. So I can see why they gave it a shot but I guess some juice is better than none, so we must comply with every different blogs rules. Would you have an issue if they left their name at the bottom of their post?

    • Hi Darcy, thanks for the comment.

      From your comment I understand that many bloggers still don’t understand what the keywordluv plugin is all about. In actual sense it’s not the Top Commentators plugin that is giving you the link juice.

      For example take a look at your name on the comment you just post. Do you see that instead of [email protected] Server, it’s saying Darcy from Dedicated Server? That’s the work of the keywordluv plugin. It has simply seperated your name from the your keyword and post a link to your site using that keyword.

      Besides, if you’ve got a blog with commentluv installed you would have gotten another link juice pointing to your last post just like the other commenters you see above! So for every comment you make here, you have the chance of two link love, one to your home page and another to your individual post, if you have commentluv installed. This is why I said everyone is a winner here.

      So those who are trying to use only their prefered keyword without their names are only wasting their time to type the comments because I’ll continue to delete them.

      Ok, you asked if I would have left them if they put thier names below the comment? No, the instructions are clear enough. Like you said we just have to comply with the different rules on different blogs.

      • @Chadrack,

        You are right about that but their KW doesn’t show up on every page index with a link. BUt as I and you said, you just gotta go with whatever is stated for each blog.

        • Ok Darcy, got your point there. You were expecting the links to show up on every page, hmm? Okay, but think about this, when you trade links with other webmasters or bloggers do they put your link on every page on the site? Is it not on a particular page dedicated to link exchanges that your link appears?

          I don’t think there is any where on the net right now that you post your link and expect that link to appear on every page on the site. In fact, I consider the combination of keywordluv, commentluv and the top commentator plugin to be very helpful in building links as they afford you the opportunity to have links not just from the home page but even individual pages. What you simply need to do if you want links from different pages on the site or blog is to post as many comments as possible on different articles!

          Frankly Darcy, I must thank you for this discussion because it’s already giving me some more ideas about using these plugins! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Iroko and Dennis!

    This month I’ve got a lot less on my plate than before, so hitch up your knickers. I’m determined to win this month! =)


  4. Nice idea Chadrack I had planned to start something similar on my philosophy blog soon 🙂

    Will you be doing this every month, as I think it is a great way to encourage comments on your blog!

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