Our Top Commentators’ Reward Is Back For GOOD!

I’m glad to announce that starting tomorrow, the 1st of February, our top commentators’ reward package will come into effect with a bang! 🙂 I did mention this in a post recently.

For the benefit of those who may have not been familiar with our top commentators’ reward package, here is a brief of what we do:

At the end of every month, using the top commentators plugin, I simply pick the top commentator for that month and write a post specially profiling the commentator’s blog thus, giving that commentator a valuable link-love.

This was later redesigned to reward the top commentator with a free 125 x 125 banner ad for a whole month. Though this new reward package did not run because of a sudden restructuring of the site, I have thought it wise to use this new system of 125×125 banner ad as the rewards for the top commentator of the month.

BUT we’re going one more step ahead of that…

…. the reward will not only go to the top commentator this time but BOTH the top commentator and the next person on the list!

This is how they will be rewarded:

1. The two, first and second top commentators, will be profiled in the post announcing the top commentator of the month. So both the first and second, will have the advantage of the link love.

2. The top commentator will have the added advantage of having the free 125 x 125 banner ad on the sidebar for the month!

Why You Would Want To Post A Comment Here

I want to make it clear that as much as it has to do with our end here, we have done everything that will make this package rewarding to everyone. Whether you got the top commentator slot or not you stand to benefit.

The Web Income Journal is a “dofollow” blog.  Besides, both commentluv and keywordluv are installed. This means you’re rewarded for every comment you post. Commentluv ensures that you have a linkback to your last post and keywordluv allows you to choose your own keywords and use them in your name field thereby giving you the benefit of having a linkback for your chosen keywords.

That is powerful, right?

Then you’d want to do the following right now.

1. If you’re not subscribed to this blog then do it now. You can subscribe by RSS feed or by email. This will ensure that you do not miss any updates and you can always be the first to know whenever a new post is published so that you can take advantage of this knowledge and post your comments.

2. Subscribe to post comments so that if there is reply to your comments you can always know. Also if there is question that has to do with your comment, answering that comment will help you not only build more relationships but raise your comment count.

Terms and Conditions

We have had some bitter experience in the past so to ensure that everything work fine I want to lay out the following conditions.

1. You’re to provide your 125 x 125 banner:

Please note that the winner is expected to design his/her own banner. Of course we don’t provide such services here. Our advice is if you don’t know how to design a simple banner which you can use then contact some expert to do it for you.

I’m sure you understand the fact that a well designed banner will give you the right benefits from this system.

2. Your banner will be hosted by you

If you turn out to be the winner in any month you will be expected to host your banner image. What we will need from you is the image URL. For example –

<img border=”0″ src=”http://www.YOUR-SITE.COM/images/YOUR-IMAGE.jpg” width=”125″ height=”125″ target=”blank”>

3. Our comments approval will now be more strigent

This is to guide against abuse by spammers. From our past experiences, we observed that many only come around for the reward. Of course there are those who will always want to abuse every opportunity. But we’re up to the task. We don’t want just any comments.


(a)  Comments MUST reflect the post topic. You should be able to show with your comments that you have read the post.

(b) Comments like “great post”, “oh thanks for sharing” and similar ones are not welcomed. They will simply be deleted.

(c) As much as you can post a link in comments, such a link will be deleted if it links to an affiliate site or adult site. (No comment is to contain more than one link)

4. No stuffing of a post with comments

Please posting two or more comments on just one post with the mind of raising your comment count will no longer be allowed. Of course you can post a comment in reply to another comment but posting two or three comments on the same post, is nothing but comment spamming which is not good enough.

5. Keywordluv and the use of the name field

As stated above keywordluv is installed and you can choose a keyword/phrase to use in the name field. However, understand that you MUST use your name plus your keyword/phrase. For example [email protected]. We want to know you because blogging is about relationship and interaction.

6.  Use a working email linked to a gravatar

As stated above blogging is about interaction besides, if you’re the winner, I will need to contact you by email. A functional email will make this easier! So ensure you’re using a functional email. Of course you have not fears as this will never be published non shared with any one.

I also advice that you have a gravatar linked to your email. Though this is not a MUST, but for the sake relationship building and interaction, having a gravatar in your comments is an accepted norm.

NOTE: To ensure that things work out fine, I’m re-setting my comment approval system. Every comment will now through approval. So, please you have to bear with me here. If your comment did not appear immediately there is no need for you to repeat it.

That is it for now. This post may be updated as the need arises.

Do you have any comments on this? Is there something you think should be added or removed from the terms? Let’s have you views below.


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