Restructuring The For Greater Impact In 2011!

Hello and welcome every body!

I know this may be a little late but permit me to start by saying Happy New Year!

After a prolonged holiday I’m finally opening the Web Income Journal’s doors for year 2011! Well I never planned to stay away this long but things just turned out that way. Anyway, it’s great to be back.

Putting The Holidays To A Fruitful Use

For me the holidays were really great. It afforded me the opportunity to spend some rewarding time with my family. Besides, I was able to use the time to reflect on my web business and plan for the months ahead. Like I wrote in the post, “As 2010 Closes and 2011 Unfolds: Believe It Can Be Better” I believe 2011 will be really great.

From my reflections I’ve come to realized that there are many areas of my online business that needs improving upon. You may want to know that my vision when I started online was to “plant some fruitful online income trees” that will afford me the opportunity of working less than 4 hours a week. However, in the past few months I’ve spent more time running my online business than I spent with my family!

Besides, my day job is taking a greater part of my man hours. (Yes, I’m not into online business full time for now, though that is my dream.) Now combining a day job and my online business is not funny at all as it is taking a toll on the home front. This is one of the reasons why I took the holiday period to reflect on how to improve things so that I can have more time for other things like my family.

No, I don’t intend to renege on giving my best on this blog. What I intend to do however, is set in place strategies and systems that will free up more of my time. So far I’ve planted a few niche ‘seeds’ which I intend to water to maturity while waiting for ‘harvest time’. Like I said before, the idea is to build a business that require my working less while earning more!

A Few Changes With More To Come

Let me use this opportunity to talk about some of the restructuring that has taken place right here on the Web Income Journal. I’m hoping all of these will help with the overall improvement of things so that we can better serve you.

1. A New Design:

As you can see already, I’ve decided to throw up a few tweaks here and there on the blog design. Of course, at first look the new design is not far from the former one. That is because I really did not want to depart too far from what I had before. Only thing is that I had to fix up a few things here and there that were not to my taste in the former design. Anyway I expect your feedback on the blog’s new look. Simply post your thoughts in the comments below.

2. Guest Posting:

Finally, I’ve formally opened the to guest posts. Of course I’ve featured a couple of guest posts before but I accepted them after being contacted by their authors. Now I’m openly inviting guest bloggers to gladly send in their articles to be published on the Web Income Journal.

I’ve decided to do this because I’ve come to realize that covering the wide topic area which the Web Income Journal aim to cover is not something one person can cover. Of course, you know I cannot be an expert in every aspect of online business. That is why the past articles published on the Web Income Journal have always leaned towards blogging, niche marketing and SEO, areas I can confidently talk about.

But the purpose and vision of the Web Income Journal is not just about blogging or making money blogging but about using the internet to build profitable businesses that will help you earn a living online. In fact, in our About Us page, I clearly stated, that the Web Income Journal is “an online content publishing platform” and that “we’re dedicated to publishing wide ranging income generating ideas and opportunities on this blogsite.” I don’t want to loss sight of that neither do I want to do anything short of that promise. As a content publishing platform the Web Income Journal must and remain your one-stop content site for earning a living online.

Having admitted therefore that I’m not an expert in most areas that the Web Income Journal will be covering, I’m inviting other bloggers covering any area that has to do with making money online to publish their guest posts here. For details on how to publish your guest article with us click here.

3. Top Commentator Reward:

After much consideration, I’m introducing our top commentator’s reward package. This was discontinued about 3 months ago when we moved to this new domain. But after much consideration I’ve decided to bring it back. However, instead of the review post and linkback for the top commentator of the month, the new reward will be a month free 125×125 banner ad for the top commentator. This will however formally start from the month of February. So keep the comments coming. And remember this is a “dofollow” blog and so you have everything to gain leaving your comments here.

Ok, so that’s it for now. Watch out for more improvements and changes.

It’s time for your say: What do you think of these changes and what area do you think I can improve upon? Post your comments below.

Chadrack Irobogo is a web entrepreneur, blogger, business coach and author. He's a vastly experienced online marketer and runs a digital marketing agency where he helps local businesses drive valuable online leads. On this blog he shares business strategies and proven marketing tactics that delivers tangible results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers.


20 Responses to “Restructuring The For Greater Impact In 2011!”

  1. Dennis Edell@Direct Sales Marketing

    Jan 19. 2011

    Lookin’ good man, busy but not too. :-)

    • Chadrack

      Jan 19. 2011

      Oh thanks Dennis for the comment. Frankly just want something new!

  2. Dennis Edell@Direct Sales Marketing

    Jan 20. 2011

    Oh I know the feeling bro, Feb. 1st will see my theme upgraded as well. 😉

    • Chadrack

      Jan 20. 2011

      Oh yeah, I look forward to that. Frankly I think that upgrade is overdue! :)

      • Dennis Edell@Direct Sales Marketing

        Jan 21. 2011

        @Chadrack, Hmm, not sure how I should take that. 😉

        • Chadrack

          Jan 21. 2011

          Oh, no ill feelings. Just to say I some times feel you should really touch up your theme a little. For example I’ve tried a couple of times to navigate the widget across the top but really got nothing except the “Most Popular”. Then on the sidebar I think there are a few things to put up to ease the navigation. Like I would really love to see your latest post any time I visit. I know you’d want to do things differently. But like I said, I’m looking forward to your upgrade, frankly! :)

  3. Delena Silverfox@YouLoveCoupons

    Jan 21. 2011

    Hi Chadrack!  I like the new look.  It’s pretty streamlined and easy to follow, not too cluttered, and I like the tags on the side.
    The idea of guest posting is a good one, too. It’s really popular everywhere I go, but it’s also fun to read (and write!) guests posts because it’s a new take on a good, familiar topic.
    Take care!

    • Chadrack

      Jan 21. 2011

      Oh thanks Delena for those words. I do hope others will also love it! And those who have a contrary word can also speak up so that corrections can made for the good of us all.

  4. Dennis Edell@Direct Sales Marketing

    Jan 22. 2011

    Relax my friend, I was kidding. 😉
    I definitely lost the way I was going with the current theme and gave up altogether once we started working on the new one. :)

    • Chadrack

      Jan 25. 2011

      Oh I understand now! Then you definitely know what to do with the new one :)

  5. Iroko@Bloggers Blog

    Jan 23. 2011

    I have also decided on a new theme too but mine was informed by my blog becoming inaccessible, I have to reinstall it and that led to so many things, lost of blog posts, but thanks for the tips!
    Also on the part of guest post, I am already for you, thanks for the opportunity!

    • Chadrack

      Jan 25. 2011

      Hi Iroko, being looking forward to hearing from you. Thought your guest post would have appeared here before now. well sad to hear your blog had some problems. I can understand with you having experienced a similar on various occassions.

      But do you know what?

      There is a saying among my people that the fire that burnt down the king’s palace has only given the opportunity for a more glorious one! So your decision to switch to a new theme is a good one.

      Just checked your blog and must say the new theme is looking great, but I observed that the comments are gone! How come you were able to pull out some of the posts but not the comments?

  6. Iroko@Bloggers Blog

    Jan 27. 2011

    The blog post that was saved were the once I got from subscribing to my blog rss feed, so ciomments were not part of it, therefore I am sorry for losing your comments
    I also observed that your comment was like the one you did before almost the same…that shows originality, thanks

    • Chadrack

      Jan 28. 2011

      It’s the connection that comes from the inside. When I post comments I write what comes from my heart. Thanks for the observation.

      As for the blog posts it means you had to start from scratch again! That’s not really funny you know. To guide against such things in the future you’ll need to always take a backup. Besides, though I’m not very sure of what happened, but if you still had access to your webhosting cpanel you could have gotten everything by simply downloading your database using phpMyAdmin. I’ve had problems at various times and that had always been my last resort.

  7. Iroko@Bloggers Blog

    Jan 27. 2011

    I have also sent my first guest blog post and I am really hoping that it meet your terms…expecting to see my post here…

  8. Iroko@Bloggers Blog

    Jan 28. 2011

    That is exactly what happened, a fresh start, though I did not try out this method, maybe that would save me some post but but its all gone…am happy for the new beginning anyway, like I stated on my blog…it was a sad but welcomed development…You sometimes you want to do something but you need it was impossible but when an unscheduled event prompt, you find out that it was long over due…

    • Chadrack

      Jan 28. 2011

      One thing I’ll advice though is do a little re-writing of the posts before publishing them. You must understand that the search engines must have indexed them before. Posting them as new post will only affect the blog’s search engine ranking since they have records of those articles already. Another thing you could do is change the blog’s permalink structure. But if you want to do this ensure you install a plugin that will do a redirection for the articles.

  9. The free banner ad for comments works a lot. I can testify to that pretty well 😉 Best of luck with the restructuring. I’ve been on vacation for two weeks now and instead of getting some blogging work done, I’m just lazying around.

    • Chadrack

      Feb 25. 2011

      Wow, glad to see you again Chuks. Being wondering what was going on. Any way welcome.

      Yes, I’m hoping this really work as expected. For now I’m looking into some other ways of making things run the way I really want and one of the ways I think can pay back those who are helping things out is to give them one or two things.