Uncommon List Of CommentLuv Blogs To Promote Your Blog In 2011

Blog commenting is one of the best and quaranteed ways of driving traffic to your blog. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times. Ok, and I’m sure you’re also aware of the power of commenting on commentluv enabled blogs, right?

If you answered yes to that question then you want to check out Barbara Ling’s list of 141+ commentluv enabled blogs that you must befriend. You see, why I want you to check this out is becuase I’ve found commenting on commentluv enabled blogs to be a dead easy way of not only driving traffic but also building backlinks.  So if you’re serious about driving traffic with you comments in the year 2011 then that list is definitely a huge asset for you.

2 Simple Tips That Will Help You Benefit With The List!

First, I must say the list is truly huge and all the blogs listed are blogs that will help you as a blogger, whether you’re a newbie seeking for some guidance online or you’re a veteran blogger. However, my experience using a commentluv enabled blog over the past few months has shown that there are a few tricks to truly benefiting with your comments using commentluv.

First, you need to install the commentluv plugin on your blog. Except this is done, you’ll only be depriving yourself of most of the benefits. It doesn’t matter how many comments you post, it’ll amount to little.

So if you’ve not installed commentluv on your blog do so right away by downloading a copy of the plugin here.

Once you’ve installed the commentluv plugin, haste to read my post about gaining more with commentluv. It’s important you read that post as it shows you what you need do to supercharge your commentluv account.

Then finally here is another great tip revealed by Satrap about gaining more power with your commentluv enabled blog. It’s about building those much coveted backlinks with your comments. I only learned of this powered tip a few weeks ago and I must say I’m really grateful to Satrap who revealed it here.

Ok, so that’s about it for now. I’ve already bookmarked Barbara Ling’s 141+ list of friendly commentluv enabled blogs and I’m working out a plan on how I’ll be using that list for my promotions in the days ahead. I hope it’s of help to you.


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