WordPress 3.0.3 – Another Security Updates

Barely 8 days after announcing a security updates – wordpress 3.0.2, another security update has been announced. The latest update announcement which came a few hours ago has to do with wordpress blogs that have remote publishing enabled. 

From the wordpress official site:

WordPress 3.0.3 is available and is a security update for all previous WordPress versions.

This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts.

These issues only affect sites that have remote publishing enabled.

Remote publishing is disabled by default, but you may have enabled it to use a remote publishing client such as one of the WordPress mobile apps.

I must say any time I hear of a security update I always has the feelings, when will wordpress overcome these security issues?


Frankly, I love wordpress with a passion but with constant security issues like this, one sometimes have fears. It appears that as an open source project with hundreds of people working on it daily, these issues will continue to come up.  You may want to take a look this site with a detail of some of the security issues with wordpress.

Any way we must give kuddles to the wordpress team for their untiring efforts in seeing that every security issue is dealt with on time. It’s a wise thing therefore to update whenever the need arises.

If you’ve not updated it’s time to do so. Never wait any minute, at least updating is as simple as a few mouse clicks! I’ve already taken the time to update all my blogs especially my article directory which has different authors and contributors.

Have you updated or you’re still waiting? Let’s hear what you think of these security issues.


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