Facebook Project Titan Comes Live On Monday?

If what I’m hearing about Facebook right now is the truth, and I hope it is, then we are about witnessing another big one from facebook.

There are strong indications that Facebook is about to launch its own full-fledged webmail client. This project code-named “Project Titan” will see Facebook bringing into the internet community what has been  unofficially referred to as “Gmail killer”.

Facebook has already sent out an invites-only event to a select group of people. The event holding on monday is been touted as the official launching of Project Titan. What this means is that very soon you will be able to have an @facebook.com email address.

Whether this will be available for all facebook users is not really clear right now but I think that is what will definitely happen. You can read more about it here.

It all appears that Facebook and Google had been running a silent war for some time now as reports shows that Facebook has tried in various ways to woo Google Engineers with fabulous offers in order to join them. But Google is not ready to take all these lying low.  It is reported that to counter one such move by Facebook, Google offered one of it’s staff engineers a jaw dropping .5 million in restricted stock.

Wondering what the guy did? Of course he wisely accepted Google’s counter offer and Facebook lost out on that! If it were you what would you have done? Hope I get such an offer very soon! 🙂

Any way, let’s watch out and see what comes out of all these. How this will affect the use of the facebook platform will soon be unveiled.

Sure, facebook users will go crazy about a @facebook.com email address or wouldn’t you? Let’s hear your voice on this.


  1. Not me – I have enough of Google knowing too much about personal data, don’t need the same thing for Facebook.

    • Oh yes, that’s one of things every one will want to look out for. With the increasing popularity of Facebook and knowing that many of us now spend most of online lives on facebook, definitely privacy issues should be uppermost. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. The reality is, people are on Facebook to build relationships and connect with other people with similar interest. They do not care about your business.

    • It’s not that people on facebook do not care about your business, the truth is that there are too many business people on facebook today that every one wants to sell something to everybody! Of course you know how to use facebook for your business you can still pull some honest gain from the platform. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I am not thinking they will have all that much luck with it.  I do know that some people like to use Facebook for all communications, but I don’t think it will stick.

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