Woohoo! Something BIG Is Coming to the Web Income Journal…


Change, they say, is the only constant thing in life…

And, boy oh boy, am I excited right now about the changes that would soon be effective on your darling Web Income Journal!

While over the years there have been some changes here and there on this blog, those changes have touched mainly on the layout and structure of the blog. However, the coming changes would be targeting the core of the blog’s focus and structure.

For the past few months I have been tinkering with this plan but because of other pressing issues I have somehow kept myself from doing it. But as things are right now I think there’s no better time than this.

So, Why Should You Be Interested?

Okay, I can hear you asking already, why should that be of interest to me?

Well, I should say for two reasons…

Firstly, these changes are designed to position the Web Income Journal blog to better help you. My personal mission, which also have been the overall mission of my business activities as exemplified on this blog, is inspire and empower you to earn a living online as a blogger or a small home based business entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, not many of you are truly making the impact I dream of. Instead of the success and virtual freedom that many of you envisaged when you got started online, you’re right now spending too way more time online without any significant returns from your efforts. But I know that is not what you bargained for when you dreamed of starting an online business. I know you desired a life of freedom and success and not some over-worked employee, working on your business.

Secondly, I have come to realize that like nearly everyone of us did you’re guilty right now of doing a lot of stupid stuff in your online business. While this may be difficult to accept the truth still remains that most of us, because of all the bad advice we received about building and sustaining a profitable online business, wobbled and fumbled with our businesses. Unfortunately, many of you are still doing these things and running round in circles, frustrated and confused.

I have written severally on this as I’ve continued to called out to bloggers to reconsider what they do as online entrepreneurs. You can check these posts to confirm this:

1. Shocking Truth About Blogging: Evolve or Go Extinct!

2. Why 80% Of Bloggers Fail and How to Avoid Being One!

3. Hey Blogger, Please Quit!

While many have heeded this advice and have seen great results, as many of the emails I’ve received indicate, many more are paying a big price trying to figure out that “SOMETHING” they need to do to cause the turnaround in their business.

And so, while the industry strategies have gotten better over the years many of you are still making many of these same mistakes. But I know you can create something incredible that’s why I’m looking forward to using the coming changes to help you do this.

In the next few days I’ll be unveiling the details but for now I want you to help me make the change achieve its true purpose…

How Can You Help?

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Thanks for your help!






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