Can Entrecard Really Help With Your Blog Traffic?

If you’ve been blogging for quite some time now you definitely must have heard about Entrecard. Or possibly you may already be a member of this blogging community. Whatever side you may be, I just want to do this post both to take advantage of the on-going entrecard contest and also to learn a few things from about entrecard.

Frankly, I’ve been a member of entrecard for over a year now. But over this period I’ve never really used the site much in promoting my blogs. If you look over to the sidebar of this blog you’ll see the entrecard widget. That is as much as I’ve used the site. Of course I’ve earned some good points from the ads bought on this site but I hardly visit the site except to approve ads purchased from my blog.

One of the reasons why I never really gave myself to promoting much using entrecard had been the experiences I have with traffic from similar blog communities. Most of these traffic are out only for their own benefit. Most of them visit only expecting a return visit. At the end it only appears to me to be a merry-go- round type of traffic as they are of no monetary gain.

But I was surprised a few hours ago when I heard of the ongoing entrecard contest that promises to give every member who writes a review of the site with 5,000 points ($15 worth). After visiting some of the reviews I’ve come to understand the site much better. Some of the reviews even claim doubling their blog traffic using entrecard! That’s interesting to me!

So how are they using entrecard to increase blog traffic?

These are some of the tactics many claim to increase their blog traffic using entrecard.

1. Visit member sites and drop a card – This is simple enough. For every card you drop you earn a point. This will also prompt that blog owner to visit your site. So the more blogs you visit the more traffic you get.

2. Write blog posts directed at entrecard users – Most users on entrecard are interested on making money blogging. If you can create content on this subject and promote it by visiting entrecard user blogs you will be sure of generating a huge traffic.

Of course there are other tactics many are using but these ones are really interesting to me as my blog already have these potentials. However, I want to ask, are you using entrecard? Is it really giving you the traffic you want?

Will love to get your comments below. And if you’re not yet on entrecard but want to take advantage of this contest, click here now (not an affiliate link) and signup for your free account.


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