Making Money Blogging Using In-Text Advertising!

The idea of making money blogging has become become a popular one these days. Bloggers are no longer satisfied with just creating content and sharing their thoughts with friends and family. Infact making money online through blogging is now one of the most widely accepted income streams on the net right now.

However, as I said earlier in one of my posts, making money blogging strategies is continuously evolving as more and more methods are being introduced into the market. Many of the strategies are gradually becoming obsolete or appear too plain to be advertisements that their effectiveness has gradually eroded. As we all agree people online are now avoiding anything that is an advertisement because people don’t want to be sold to. What they want is information and if possible free information because to them that is what the internet is all about.

As a result of this, bloggers who truly want to make money publishing content on their blogs should not continue to depend on just the popular blog monetization methods known to every one. It was with this mind that I took some time off a few months ago to look out for other strategies for monetizing my content. One of the strategies I’ve just found is the in-text advertising program by

What is In-Text Advertising?

Infolinks in-text advertising is a pay-per-click advertising program like google adsense. But unlike google adsense which displays additional information on your blog making them seem obstructive to your site or blog readers/friends, in-text advertising does not appear like ads. They are simply unobstructive. The ads are displayed as text link advertisements within the content of your website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Whenever your blog reader hovers his/her mouse on any of these a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. For example see the graphic below:

These ads usually appears as providing more information on the subject matter being discussed on your post. So if it is able to create the desired interest and of course the curiosity on your blog readers they will gladly click on the ad for more information. When this happens the visitor is taken to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue.

Frankly the idea of making some extra money with my blog content with this program was what prompted me to signup for the program a few months ago. Right now I’m using the infolinks in-text advertising on a few of my blogs. For a practical knowledge of how this works simply hover your mouse on the green double underlined words on this blog and click on the link that comes up. You will definitely see how this system works.

Please note that Infolinks is not the only one offering this type of in text advertising. However I’m really using them for taking them up on their boast as “the highest paying in text advertising solution” in the market right now!

You’ll agree with me that apart from the fact that google adsense gives you very little for your work, google adsense has also lost much of its effectiveness as more and more people have come to recognize them as ads (which they truly are) and aviods them with every care. So in text ads like this one can really be a good alternative to google adsense. Better still you can implement both to run on your blog as google adsense now allow programs like this to be on the same content with their ad links.

How Do Start Making Money Blogging Using Infolinks In-Text Advertising?

Actually this is really a simply two-step action.

1. Get your free account

As expected you need an account with to be part of the program. So simply visit the infolinks website and signup for a free account. The required information are of course the usual data necessary to identify you so that you can recieve your money whenever such payment is due.

2. Intergrate the infolink script code on your blog

For Infolinks to automatically insert highly relevant contextual ads into your blog’s content, you need to intergrate their code in your blog. This code is available in your accounts section once you login in. You are expected to  paste the script code into your blog source code right before the closing </BODY> HTML tag. Once the code has been inserted, Infolinks will automatically integrate In-Text ads into your blog’s content within minutes.

If you’re using blogger for your blog, there is also a simple system for intergrating the code. You can get the details from your account section. For wordpress bloggers you simply need to open your footer.php file under “Appearamce” and then “Editor”. Locate the closing </BODY> HTML tag and paste the script code you were given.

For now I must say Infolinks in-text advertising is pretty new to me. I’m still testing a few things both on this blog and a couple others. Already I’ve so far received a few clicks and therefore earned a little, though not yet enough to receive the commission check!  But if I may give my judgement I’ll say infolinks in-text ads have proved more effective than google adsense. I make this judgement considering my years of using google adsense and what I have recieved from that pay-per-click blog monetization tactics so far.

But as with every other thing on the net you don’t have to take my word for it. You can always get your free account and try it out. Whatever you make of it maybe one day you’ll come back here and let us know! So get involved now as it is really simple to implement. Signup, paste you code and focus on creating your content – and of course, get set to collect those checks 🙂

As usual I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts about this post. Let us know if you’re already using this pay per click ad system and if so what success have you achieved with it so far. Give your comments below.


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