Is Live With New Look!

A few hours ago I visited the CommentLuv wordpress plugin home page – and discovered that the site is wearing a new look! I just went WOW as I couldn’t hold myself back.

Indeed I must give kudos to Andy Bailey and those who worked with in giving the site that new look. As someone who have an eye for good designs I must say the site design is something that is worth the change.

Just visit the site and see many of the new features and additions to the site.  If you’ve been to the site before you will definitely know why I’m so passionate about this. Here’s the link to the home page. I’m sure you’ll want to visit right now and see things for yourself. 

Now if you’re not very familiar with this powerful plugin then you simply need to look at the comment section of this blog. It’s a plugin that many bloggers are using these days to reward their blog readers. If you’ve not installed this plugin you better do right now. And then remember to register the blog on the comluv site. This will give you some advantages in promoting your blog on other blogs. You can read the story of how this plugin helped me in greatly increasing my rss subscribers and also in traffic.

Besides, I’ve also done another post on the benefits of registering your commentluv enabled blog once you’ve installed the plugin.  Remember to also read it.

Let me know if you’re already using commentluv on your blog and what benefits you’ve gained from the plugin. Give your comments below.


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