How To Make Money Blogging With A Home Based Business Magazine!

As I have written in a previous post, I believe the idea of making money blogging is evolving. And luckily for those who want to make money online blogging, the internet truly offers a lot of opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to generate some extra or full time income. The beauty of it all is the fact that you can easily build your own business online starting with just what you have.

In this post I want to talk about an underutilized concept of making money blogging. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and the more I do the more it appears appealing. In fact when I started my first website it was the same concept that was in my mind. Though I had to later pull down that website and install a blog because of the strenuous work involved in updating the site, I’ve become more attracted to this concept now with my knowledge of wordpress blogs.

So what is this concept?

It is the idea of starting a business niche e-magazine! Niche focused magazines have been popular over the years and our news stands testify to their success. I believe passionately that this same idea can be carried over onto the internet. You simply need to find a niche starving for information and then create an online business magazine geared towards what they need. This is definitely an online cash cow waiting to be milked by bloggers!

But you may be wondering are not many bloggers already doing this?

Frankly I think what most bloggers are doing is not close to this. There is an important aspect of these online business magazines that bloggers are not taking into consderation, that is, paid subscriptions. Bloggers give away most of their valued content with the mind of generating income by selling ads and promoting affiliate products. But outrightly selling your content like traditional magazines do, is not common with bloggers. That is where this concept comes in. It is simply taking what we are already doing to another level. It’s about creating a monthly or weekly income online selling subscrition to your content. Infact some of the popular online news sites are already doing this since some of them have monthly and weekly subscriptions.

A Quick Guide To Making Money Blogging Using Online Magazines

Ok, here is a simply strategy I’d use if I’m to create a niche online business magazine as a blogger.

1. Do Your Research: As we all know one of the keys to building a successful business on the net is deciding on your target niche. It’s not different here. So the first thing I’ll do if I’m to create an online business magazine is to do some research. The purpose here is to decide on my target niche and also to absolutely know what is happening within that niche. This is critical and must not be taken lightly.

Research using search engines,, and other online research tools will come in here. However, there is a way of knowing how your target community is currently having their interests and needs met. The simple way of finding this out is to find different groups related to the particular topic you want to create your online business magazines around. And the right place to find such groups is at and

Of course there are other community oriented websites out there but these are the two largest ones. Once you’re on any of these sites look for the particular groups that you are interested in. For example, if we want to create  an online business magazine on parenting, Yahoo! Groups reveals that there are many different categories. Besides, you’ll also have access to different groups targeting these different categories. In fact when I checked there were about 50640 groups on parenting! This information can help you focus your efforts on how to word and structure your magazine. By reading into the messages that are posted you can be sure that you are hitting appropriate topics.

2. Create Your Content: As a blogger you already know the importance of content. But note here that your content should be such that your target audience will be willing to pay a price for it. That is the only way of ensuring that they renew their subscription every month. So the question is how do you get such content on an on-going basis? There are actually a few ways. One of such is bringing in guest writers who can package usuable content on your target niche. You could arrange a method of paying for their services. This is just similar to getting columnists and feature writers in traditional magazines.

Another way is through PLR content. This is much more popular online. Join niche focused PLR membership sites and with your membership you’ll get a regular supply of materials you could feed into your online magazine. Most PLR sites are really good in that they not only give you PLR articles but content like videos, ebooks, audio files etc. All these will greatly enhance your earning power if you can add a little creativity.

3. Design Your Online Magazine Using WordPress: I truly believe the wordpress blogging platform is ideal for this type of business for a few reasons. One, there are already different types of magazine-style wordpress themes in the market and two, wordpress can easily be used as a subscription website. With these advantages coupled with the ease of setup and customization, setting up your online business magazine using wordpress is a breeze!

Another reason why I will advocate using the wordpress blogging platform is the fact that with wordpress you can easily feature excerpts of your articles for public view while hiding the details only for those who subscribe. Doing this have the advantage of search engine optimization as the search engines can always pick up the excerpts. So whenever any one searching for that topic comes to your site, he/she is presented with the excerpts while the details stays hidden from view!

4. Receiving Payments: Of course this is another plus for wordpress. There are wordpress plugins that makes this quite easy. Intergrating paypal and clickbank buttons into wordpress using these plugins is a matter of minutes. Many membership sites are already being run using the wordpress blogging platform. Example of this is the Membership Site Masterplan revealed by Yaro Starak in one of his free ebooks. You can download the free ebook here and discover some of the insider tips on building a profitable membership site.

I must say this online business model for making money blogging is something that needs trying out. As blogging for business continues to evolve this may just be the next online business idea. It may not be something new but just a twist of what we have always had. But is there really anything new on the net?

Who knows may be very soon we will be seeing more of these types of online business magazines, but when that time comes remember you first heard it here! :)

Or have you heard of it before now? Then why don’t you tell us about it. Will love to hear your comments.

Chadrack Irobogo is a web entrepreneur, blogger, business coach and author. He's a vastly experienced online marketer and runs a digital marketing agency where he helps local businesses drive valuable online leads. On this blog he shares business strategies and proven marketing tactics that delivers tangible results for SMBs and enterprise bloggers.


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