September: A Great Month Indeed But…!

the success jump
To win you must scale every hurdle on your way!

Have you ever faced setbacks in your online business that you considered giving up?

If you ever did what are those thing(s) that helped you to ride the “rough wave”?

I really did not want to put this in a blog post but after much consideration and knowing that as a valued reader you deserved to know why this blog hasn’t received any meaningful update throughout this month.

The Good, the Bad, the Wonderful!

I must say that the month September was a month that brought with it a mixture of good and bad but most especially, it brought with it some signs of GOOD!

First, the month was supposed to mark the 5th year anniversary of the To mark this special occasion I had a planned a series of events that were geared towards re-branding blog.

Unfortunately, before I could step up action on this, something happened that change the whole month for me.

Problem started when I noticed that the site was not opening on the frontend though I could log into the dashboard. The most annoying things was that this problem was first brought to my notice by a client who tried checking out the blog after I had given her the link!

It was indeed an embarrassing situation for me.

And so, I quickly swung into action to see what the problem was. After trying to diagnose the root of the problem and not being able, I got across to my webhost who after taking a look suggested restoring a backup from the previous week.   But for about a week, try as much as they could, all the backups they tried could not correct the problem.

I was so disappointed that in frustration I decided to pull the blog and do a re-install with my own backups. Luckily this worked and the blog was up again after about 2 weeks of noticing the problem.

But the worst was to come!

Moved From Bad to Annoyingly Bad!

A few days after re-installing the blog and thinking that things were okay, I once again reviewed my plan for the month and was thinking of proceeding with the rebranding but I got another shocker of my life.

It happened that one of those days while working on a niche site I had just setup, I logged into my Google Webmaster Tools account to get some stats about the niche site. You wouldn’t imagine what I saw:  This blog and another of my niche sites were flagged as having being infected with walware!

This came as a big blow to me because for the past few months I had concentrated some valuable time on the niche sites and I was already seeing some positive results. And so, eager to quickly resolve the issue, I had no option but to pull down the two sites, remove the pages flagged as possible culprits and then reinstalled the blogs. I then requested for a review by Google.

Two days later, the niche site was cleared by Google but more pages were flagged for the In addition, 3 other niche sites, all hosted under the same account, were also flagged!

I realized then that the problem that started it all must have been the result of some hacking attempt which must have now affected my other sites.

Frankly, by this time I was filled with an un-imaginable annoyance.  I couldn’t bring myself to think that for about 3 weeks I was doing nothing but trying to fix things and instead of seeing positive results here I was going from one problem to many more.

You Truly Need An Extra Dose Of Self-Motivation To Succeed Online!

Right now, I have pulled down the affected niche sites. I also pulled this blog down the second time, re-installed it and then requested another review. Luckily this time it was given a clean bill by Google:

Free from malware!

A mountain of problems to face in one month you will say, right?

That was what was going through my mind all the time while this was going on. However, over the years I have learned to recognize trials as part of life. They are here to bring out the best in us.

Problems may have taken the whole of the month but I do know that what is ahead is far greater than what has gone by. No matter what may have happened, I know there is a silver lining even in this problem.

For me there is not stopping nor going back for…

“Life is like riding a bicycle and the only way you can gain balance is to never stop riding. When you stop moving you will always fall off!”

I hope you take that to heart!

But It Was Not All A Story Of Woe – There’s Good News!

So, was it all about problems?

No way, here’s some good news…

As a regular reader of this blog, you definitely must have come to know that I decided to go into building niche sites and monetizing same with Amazon some time ago. The good news is that a few of these sites have started pulling in some impressive results.

Here’s a screenshot for the month of September:

My Amazon Associate earnings for September
Amazon Associate earnings for September

The impressive thing here is that this result is from 2 of the niche sites that are presently pulling in an average of 50 unique visitors a day! Since setting up these sites I have not done much about promotion: no link building, no blog commenting, no article marketing. In fact, I have virtually done nothing about promoting them except optimizing them for the search engines.

Unfortunately, these two niche sites were affected by the malware. I have been able to re-install one while the other is still down at the time of this writing. I hope this will be up in the few days.  But as much as this must have the performance of the sites, I do know that the coming months will come out better.

Indeed, the month had being a month of the good, the bad and the annoying. Right now, my sincere wish and prayer is that the month goes away with its problems while the good in it translate to greater things in the coming months!

Over to you: How was your month?  Ever experienced some rough time in your online business? Share with us in your comments below.