Internet Marketing World Cup? Hope you’ll be there!

A few days ago I came across a blog post by Joel Comm one of the authorities in internet marketing. He did the post about an internet marketing event being put together by a group of internet marketers. The event which they tagged The Internet Marketing World Cup (I’m sure they did that considering the popularity of the real world cup!) is to hold sometime in October.

From all indication Joel Comm is not in favour of such “product” promotions as he took his time to expose what he considered flaurs in the event. I’m sure you have heard of various program launchings that these internet marketing gurus put together every time in the name of helping the average guy make money on the net but only end pocketing millions of dollars while the average internet marketing wannabe-millionaire goes home with nothing really helpful!

Anyway what really interest me is that Joel Comm while trying to prove that those behind the program have nothing but their own selfish ends, provided some tips for the average guy wanting to make money online to concentrate on. For example, he made it clear that the basics of Internet marketing are straightforward and simple.

1) Define your passion, knowledge and abilities. Determine how who you are can bring value to others.

2) Determine the best method of delivering that value via the Internet. It could be via a content site monetized with advertising. It could be by creating your own information product, either physical or digital. It could be by presenting other people’s products or services as an affiliate and earning a commission on sales. It might be a membership site. You might find it worthwhile to develop a coaching program that presents options for individual or group-based coaching.

3) Whichever you choose, you will need to educate yourself on building your website, leveraging the power of social media, basics of search engine optimization and how to build your own mailing list. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you’ll either need to find a partner to help you or outsource it to those who are proficient.

4) Finally, you must persist and never stop. If you have a dream and goal, you must go for it. You will hit walls. Get up and try again. You will stumble over obstacles. Don’t let them stop you. You will encounter naysayers. Disregard their negativity and persist in doing what you believe in.

I think that is really education especially coming from someone who has been making a whole lot of money on the net.

He went further to provide what internet marketing is not. Hear him:

“Selling a product is NOT what Internet marketing is all about!

Selling your product is an end result, but marketing is much more than selling a product.

It’s about bringing value to your prospects and customers.

It’s about adopting technologies to spread the message.

It’s about innovating and coming up with creative ways to bring your product to market.

Ideally, a sale takes place. But marketing is about much more than making the sale.”

You may want to read the full blog post here


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