2 Years Stock Taking – A Look Into The Future!

I want to welcome all our esteemed friends and readers to the month of September. We’ve gradually moved to the last quarter of the year. And frankly it has been a wonderful year.

As we step into this month I want to do something very different from what I always do on the first day of the month, that is, announcing our top commentator for the month. I’m doing this because this month of September marks the second year of this blog. Precisely, on the …. of 2008 the first post on the home business marketing blog was published.

The journey has been one of great expectations and of course great hope. I must say so far it has not turned out the way I expected when I started. But it has been a journey I’ve enjoyed all the way. I’ve learnt a lot of things. Being the first blog I started the home business marketing blog was actually a launching pad for other ventures.

The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of stock taking with the mind of deciding on the way forward. Enough lessons have been learnt these past two years. So I’ve chosen a new direction for this blog.

A New Domain Name Is Under Way!

The first major change will be the domain name. Frankly I’ve been thinking of this for a long time. Right from the very begining when I started using this domain name I knew something was wrong some where. When I purchased the domain name I was thinking of making it a brand but it never turned out that way.

To help you understand the situation let me give you a picture of what led to the choice of themarketingmouse.com.

Marketing: Initially themarketingmouse.com was a static content publishing site. And the focus was online marketing information. I started it in the form of a magazine with the content updated weekly. The focus was to provide free marketing tips and tools for newbie internet marketers and home business entrepreneurs. So that determined the choice of the word “marketing” in the url.

Mouse: On the choice of “Mouse” I must say this was where the idea of branding was focused. After brainstorming on what domain name to pick, I considered that since the site will be providing online marketing information I should go for something like clickmarketing.com or click2wealth.com, or market4profit.com. While researching I discovered some of these names were already taken. It was then it came to me that since I’ll be talking about ‘clicking a mouse’ to market a business on the net why not, “marketingmouse.com”. And then to be very specific I added “the” to the combination. And seeing that this domain name was free, I simply went for it.

Wondering then why I want to change it?

Ok, let me tell you that also.

Soon after I designed and put the site online I discovered from the site stats that most of the visits from the search engines were coming from people searching for the word “marketing mouse!” A further check revealed that this was so because of the domain name since I wasn’t providing that information neither was I really targeting those keywords. Of course you know what that means – untargeted traffic!

I tried doing something about it like researching more about ‘marketing mouse’ and trying to provide some related information. But it really did not work out since the focus of the site was not about computers and accessories. I tried also putting up amazon affiliate links that has to do with ‘marketing mouse’ but still the visits were looking for something else as the bounce rate of the site was very high then.

It was only when I changed the site to a blog that I learnt I could really have the site name different from the domain name. And that is what I’d to do ever since but that has not really stop a few such related traffic from the search engines. However, being a blog has helped so much since the search engines now rank this blog for many of my target keywords. So for now I think it is the right time to change the domain name.

Running The Site As A Blog

Let me quickly tell you why I later changed from web 1.0 static website to a web 2.0 blog.

Like I mentioned above the site was running as a weekly updated online magazine providing marketing information for home business entrepreneurs and newbie internet marketers. Now the challenge for me then was to constantly build html pages, load them up to the site weekly and then work on the home page (index page) to reflect the change. If you’ve created html pages you will understand what I’m trying to point out here. It was simply cumbersome and hard work to me. But I had to do it.

It was while running it this way with all the trouble involved that I came to know of blogging. Well, the first time I never really considered it. But after reading a few ebooks and doing some more research I discovered that I could really over come the problem of creating and loading up web pages every week by simply using a blog. This really interested me so much that after much consideration I pulled down all the web pages and installed wordpress. Today all that is history. I’ve come far enough that today if anyone ask me to go back building static websites I’ll gladily refuse such a one. Infact, I’ve discovered that I can really build static websites quickly and easily using wordpress.

I think I’ve told enough to let you have an idea why I’m now thinking of having a major change here. Very soon you’ll be seeing a new domain name. I’m not thinking of starting all over. No! What I’ll simply do is move the contents here to the new domain name and then redirect this url to that domain name. I know I have some good content here and I don’t want to abadon them. Besides, I don’t want to add to the other blogs I’m running for now. They are already taking too much of my time so there is no need to add more.

I hope you do understand with me. I endeavour to do my best in the days ahead to ensure that you get what you trully deserve!

I look forward to your suggestions if you have any and most importantly what you think about this move?

Share your thoughts with me.


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