Brazil 2014 World Cup – The Battle for Gold on Social Media!

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup in BrazilThe attention of the whole world is right now focused on Brazil, where the 2014 FIFA World Cup is presently being played. But beyond the hot tackles on the football field, much of the battle is on-going on social media where brands, sponsors, athletes and countries are all vying for gold in social buzz.

This social media battle for attention is not unconnected with the fact that brands have realized that sporting fans now look to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for sports news and other live updates.  To help marketers and online businesses better profit from the social media buzz created by the ongoing Brazil 2014 World Cup therefore, Offerpop and Crimson Hexagon has created an insightful infographic which examines the marketing opportunity for this World Cup.

Some of the facts you’ll learn from the infographic include the hot topics and trends about the World Cup and how you can achieve social stardom in a densely packed space as it is right now. Feel free to post your comments after studying this infographic


[Editor’s Note: We’ve only taken a break from our on-going Pinterest for Business post series to feature this infographic. – The series returns in our next post!]

Offerpop’s World Cup Infographic:

World Cup Infographic

So, what do you think of this Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup battle for supremacy on social media? Which brands do you think will win the cup? 🙂

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  1. There is of course no doubt the world cup is that huge event on the calender of FIFA and I am looking forward for it again for the day it will one day come to Africa once more.

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