Temple Grandin Inspired Movie Create Waves At Grammy’s Awards!

In our world where most of what you hear is nothing but negetatives, one can not but be moved when you come across some piece of news that is inspiring indeed. That is why I’ve decided to mention this video news I’ve just came across on yahoo.com

In the just concluded 62nd Grammy’s awards a movie inspired by an extraordinary autistic woman named Temple Grandin swept away a total of 7 awards. You may want to know that this movie had 15 nominations including the coveted Outstanding Made for Television Movie Award.

It is not just the fact that many Emmy viewers were hearing of this name for the first time that touched me but the story behind this extraordinary woman. If you know anything about autism then you would appreciate what this woman stands for.

Here’s an excerpt from the yahoo video page:

Grandin, who was diagnosed with autism in 1950 at the age of 2, went on to earn multiple advanced degrees, including a doctorate in animal science from the University of Illinois. She is considered one of the top advocates of both autism-spectrum understanding and animal welfare, and might be best-known for her invention of more humane slaughterhouse practices, for which she has been recognized by PETA.

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Can you imagine that? At a time when much was not known about autism and the various ways of handling it, this woman was diagnosed with the disease. But rather than give up to her fate, she rose to be a voice in her own right! And this is what inspired the movie that swept away so many awards.

This just points to the fact that nothing is impossible in this life. You can change your fate by your faith! Many people may not give you the chance but whatever you do in life, you first need to believe in yourself and move on to achieve your dreams.

I’m truly motivated by this news and I feel I should share it with you here. If someone who, in the estimation of many, was not expected to do much in life could achieve so much, there is hope for you no matter what you may be passing through in life. You may be struggling to make it in your business, family or personal life, that doesn’t matter. There is hope for you!

Don’t give up; be fired up!

Of course moments like this are always possible because of those who made them happen, just as producer Emily Gerson Saines mentioned in her acceptance speech as she called out Grandin’s mother, Eustacia Cutler, “On behalf of all the parents like myself who have a child with autism, you are our hero.” She is indeed a hero to have weathered the storm and raised such an inspiring child.

Have you come across such an inspiring story lately? Let’s hear from you.


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