Google Search Result Latest: A PLUS or …?

A few days ago Google announced a new way of showing search results. With this new system google will be showing more results from one domain on the first page. Before now only two results can be shown from one domain.

See the example that google has for us:

In the graphic above you’ll see that for a search for “exhibitions at amnh” google returned 4 pages on According to the google team, this “will help users find deeper results from a single site, while still providing diversity on the results page”.

Already there is a great debate going on about this change. While many found this to be a great thing others see it as something that will favour only the big ‘guys’. For example, showing so many results for only one domain will push the smaller domains down the page therefore hiding them from view.

But are all these concerns by the small domains any thing to think about? Don’t you think there are still ways to overcome this?

Having read the official google blog where this announcement was made, it dawn on me that this is really a chance for sites and blogs that are focused on a particular theme. So if your blog is focused on a niche and your content are tailored towards that niche, then you have a better chance of having more results on google first page if someone searches for your target keywords.

Well, for now I’m really hoping this will work out fine for us all. Or what do you think?

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21 Comments on “Google Search Result Latest: A PLUS or …?”

  1. Hmm… I wasn’t aware of this change, however I’m not sure I like the sounds of it. It seems to me like this would only help big sites become even bigger and make it even harder for smaller sites to become noticed.

    I’m trying to get my Love Songs site ranked a little higher in Google and this sounds like it could only make it harder. =/

  2. To be honest, I never knew about this until I visited your blog. Thanks for sharing the news about the change in Google search results. I have bookmarked your blog.
    Keep us updated.

  3. To be honest, I don’t really like this new feature. If people want to see more of what’s on the website, they can click on the link and look at the navigation…I do think that it is unfair to smaller name blogs and websites.

    1. Oh many people really think so. But all the same change is something we have to live with. Why don’t you see how you make this change work to your advantage. Like I said in the post if you focus on a niche or a topical issue and make multiple posts about that topic, you’ll definitely have an advantage with this system. That’s what I’m thinking though!

  4. As per usual Google will favour the bigger sites. It is becomming more and more difficult to rank in Google and allowing multiple results from a single domain will only make this problem worse

    1. The truth is you have to be more creative these days to rank high on google. Targeting local keywords is such a way of easily getting on the first pages.

  5. Now Google Instant Search is On, it’s very good features because people can save his time. now you don;t have to press submit sub to search your query. when you type any keyword google will show your result instant without search,,,,


    1. Google is always seeking to improve on things that’s one of the things I truly love with them. We’re looking forward to see how this work out.

    1. This is not actuall the google search suggestion feature. This is new one that will give some websites more exposure than others. Our aim is see that we can benefit with this new innovation.

  6. I do not think it will hurt too much, since most people that I know do not usually go with the first listed.  You find what you want by scanning through the search, so the big sites may be first but they are often not what the searcher is looking for anyway.

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