FamousBloggers Comluv Blogging Contest Update: We Won!


Just want to do a quick one right now. I’ve just got some good news and I couldn’t keep it to myself. If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you definitely must have read some time ago of the blogging contest jointly organized by Famousbloggers.net and Comluv.com. I did a post on it here: “How CommentLuv Turned Around Our Story!”.

The good news is that the results are out. And can you believe it? Yours sincerely is one of the winners! Boy o boy, am I excited! You can say that again.

I’ve just discovered this and you can read about it here.

Frankly I never expected to win in this contest. Of course I know I made a great post. But considering the competition and knowing that I only entered one post why many others entered up to 3 or more posts, I thought mine might just be another one in the crowd. But no, that one post has earned me a place another the twenty winners!

I must say thank you all for your support. I know this wouldn’t have be possible if not for your comments. Be on the look out, I’ll be updating you as the events roll on! 🙂



    • @Gregg Camp,

      Oh thanks for those encouraging words. It’s really a thing of great joy when you go in with a whole lot of contestants and come out victorious.

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