Probloggers Success Blueprint: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Blog!

How to build a business from your blog!

How to build a business from your blog!

Why are many bloggers gradually fading away from the blogosphere after laboring for years on their blogs?

Why do many bloggers fail to achieve their dream of building successful businesses from their blogs despite working extremely hard at their blog?

Why are 95% of up and coming bloggers failing left, right and center when the probloggers have continued to report outstanding results?

A whole lot of questions there, right? But do you want honest answers to these questions? Are you ready to learn the secret strategies of the pro-bloggers, secrets that can turn around your blog for good?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then I ask you to read this post very carefully!

Evolve or Go Extinct!

A few days ago I wrote a post titled: The Shocking Truth about Blogging In 2014 – Evolve or Go Extinct!

I did that post because of what I have seen and heard around the blogosphere of recent – the amazing rate at which bloggers are dropping off the blogosphere!

As pathetic as it may be the truth is, making money blogging is not just about setting up a blog, posting valuable and unique content, driving traffic through blog commenting, guest posting etc or connecting with other bloggers on social media.

Blogging has evolved beyond that level and the only way to stay relevant is to evolve with the times!

But It Is Not About Quitting!

It is also true that I did another post sometime last year with the title: Hey Blogger Please Quit! but the purpose of that post was not really for you to ditch your blog and throw in the trowel.

The post was written rather to help you ditch what I have come to call the “blogger’s mindset.” And though I’ve written variously on this issue, I’ve decided to put everything together in this one post to give you the complete probloggers’ blueprint which I believe if you implement(with a little twist to suit your situation) you’ll definitely see astronomical results.

What you have on this post is the result of months of research and hundreds of hours spent in studying the uncommon probloggers out there. Don’t look at this as just another blog post for you to read. Study it carefully. Bookmark it if you want but most importantly take some time off to layout a plan to implement this immediately!

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The Problogger Income Blogging Success Blueprint

1. Change Your Mind-set about Blogging

Over the years I have come to discover that many bloggers are actually the architects of their own misfortune. They actually set themselves up for extinction right from the first day they joined the league of bloggers.

What do I mean?

If you have read my post: Hey Blogger, Please Quit! you will understand that by simply building and running your blog with what I have come to refer to as the “blogger’s mindset” you are inherently setting yourself up for a failure.

For example, how many times have you read many bloggers saying things like:

Blogging is not about making money; it simply makes me feel fulfilled doing what I love!

Blogging is all about building connections and making friends online!

I blog because I simply want to share what I know with the world!

Don’t put up ads on your blog they will only annoy your blog readers!

Etc. etc, etc!!!

I’m sure you have read things like these and many more at different times, right?

But do you know that when you approach blogging with this mindset you are subconsciously closing the door of your blog to making money?

So, if you truly want to turn around your blog and shoot for the stars you must accept the fact that you are where you are with your blog right now because of the way you’ve been thinking about blogging.

You must be ready therefore to truly ditch this blogger’s mindset. Except you do this, the journey would still be long and profiting with your blog would definitely be a difficult one.

2. Define Your Blog’s Purpose

I wrote about this in the post: “The 5 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid To Make Money Blogging!”

So, instead of going over that again here I’ll ask that you hop over right now and read that post. If you settle this issue once and for all you’ll save yourself the pains of roaming the blogosphere like a lost sheep!

I think this quote from Mark Twain is very instructional here:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

You can easily re-frame that to read:

“The most important day in your life as a blogger is the day you find out why you are blogging and pursue it with all your passion!”

Enough said!

problogging strategy and tips3. Define Your Target Audience

Having clearly defined your blog’s purpose your next move is to define your target market. The reason for doing this is so you don’t have to waste your precious time in activities that does not add any positive returns to your business.

Having your blog’s purpose in mind you must be able to settle on who your idea customer is. What is/are their pain(s) and how can you heal those pain(s)?

The truth is that no matter the number of traffic you drive to your blog or the number of followers and friends you acquire on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. if you have not defined your blog’s target audience all your efforts will amount to nothing.

Do not make the mistake of being deluded by the huge growth in your social media following. The truth is social media is great for driving traffic to your blog but those who will help you meet your purpose are those who actually need what you have to sell. These are the people who are ready to pay for what you are selling.

This is your target market. Ignore this and you will simply waste your time chasing the wrong crowd who will never convert.

4. Define Your Product/Service

Now, as someone once said except you are the central bank of your country or the government’s designated minting company, you don’t make money. Money is earned!

This being so, to make money with your blog you need to have a system of earning that money. You need a product or service that your target audience is ready to pay for.  The good thing is that you can either promote your own products or affiliate products, which are abundant on the net.

So once you have defined your target audience, use your knowledge of this target group to pinpoint their pain areas. You can take a look at similar blogs to understand what they are selling or promoting on their blogs. You can also use your unique experiences and knowledge to pick your product.

I have put together a concise guide on the different income blogging models here. I advise you to read it for more insights.

5. Set up Your Marketing/Sales Funnel

This is one area bloggers hardly talk about. I have read hundreds of blog posts on how to build a successful blog but this is rarely included in the list!

Of course, a few will ask you to build a list but never tell you that beyond building a list you should actually have a marketing/sales funnel for your blog!

Wondering what a blog marketing/sales funnel look like?

Here is a sample of one that I did for my blogs recently:

Problogger tips to unleash the full potential of your blog!
At the top of the funnel are the various traffic sources to your blog. Unfortunately, all of these have very little value for your blog unless they convert to email subscribers. Once they have subscribed you must be able to walk them through the funnel until they make a purchasing decision.

It is a confirmed fact that people buy online from those they trust. The purpose of your email list is to build that trust so when they are ready to buy they will choose you.

Designing a marketing/sales funnel for your business is what will actually separate you from the average blogger out there.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Funnel

This is definitely nothing new to you if you have been blogging for some time now. However, there are a few things you must note here.

You have heard it said that traffic is the life-blood of every online business and that the more the better, right?

Now as much as that is true let me however add that when it comes to traffic it is not about quantity but quality!

When you are strategizing therefore to drive traffic to your marketing/sales funnel you must take this to heart. You must be able to identify those sources of traffic that are right for your purpose and concentrate most of your efforts in those areas.

From my own experience I have discovered that the best traffic sources for any online business is search engine traffic. This is simply because people use the search engines to look for solutions and when they discover you in a search listing you have more chances of getting their business.

Conversely, I have also discovered that the worst traffic source for blogs is traffic from blog comments. Comment traffic has only one value for your blog: SOCIAL PROOF!

If you aim to sell advertising space on your blog, the comment section of your blog could be an advantage. But beyond this depending on traffic from comments is a very quick way to go into extinction!

So, in driving traffic to your funnel choose wisely where to concentrate most of your efforts!

7. Sell Them Your Solution

Now, this is another area where many bloggers fail. Many struggle with questions like:

Do I really need to sell to my blogging friends?

But my blog is for interacting and building a community of like minds, will they really want to buy from me?

Selling? Oh no, I have no idea about selling.

If my guess is right, you’ve struggled with similar questions at some time when you tried selling something on your blog, right?

That is really understandable. That is one of the reasons why you should take #1 on this list really serious. Except you let go of the blogger’s mindset and take up the entrepreneur’s mindset you will always have problems with this.

Remember, you are in business and no business can make money without selling. The good thing is that with a blog you can actually sell without selling!

This is what I mean: since people hate being sold to and would rather consider themselves making their own decisions, you simply need to set up yourself as a knowledge guide. You can then use reviews and recommendations to easily lead your blog readers to make that purchasing decision.

So, you must put learning how to sell on your to do list!

8. Rinse and Repeat!

You don’t have to get it right with your first move. For this reason, don’t wait till you get everything right before you start. However, once your system is setup, test run it and then from time to time step back a little and gauge what you are doing. Track and measure what your system to know what is working and what isn’t. From this you will be able to pin point what areas to improve upon and what areas to “delete”?

Do this on a regular basis until you have a near-perfect system in place.


So, there you have it, the problogers success blueprint. There is no magic wand to blogging success. If your blog is lacking any piece of this blueprint my sincere advice is: take some days off and do something about it right away. Do it if you must. This is the foundation for your blogging success.

Hope this was useful if so, then ensure you share it with your online friends.

And, do you have a strategy in place for your blog right now? Are you already using any of these elements in your marketing your blog? I’ll love to hear your views. Share them in your comments below.

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