Here Are July Top Commentators, Yes We Have Multiple Winners!

It’s yet another time for us to announce our top commentators for the previous month, this time the month of July. Surprising enough we’re having for the first time, since we started this top commentator reward package, two winners at the top.

And so after much consideration, instead of trying to use some other criteria to determine which of these two to give the only slot for the free banner ad, we’re rewarding the two of them.

First, let me say once again that I’m really grateful to all who have contributed in the comments. You all are wonderful people. We look forward to more interaction in this month of August.

Permit me once again, before I reveal our top commentators, to announce our Facebook Fan Page. I made a post about this a few days ago. Check it out now and let us know what you think about the page. Of course remember to spread the word for us! 🙂

And so our Top Commentators are …..

1. European Bedding Is one of our top commentators for the month of July. A niche blog that focuses on bedding, European bedding have so much information about something that is so dear to our hearts but yet so much overlooked. Or do you really think much about your bed? Maybe you’re much different from me because I don’t. But do you enjoy the comfort of your bed everyday? Oh yes, I do! I don’t know what it will feel like if I’m forced to sleep on the bare floor for a few hours! So do you want to get a few words about this comfortable piece of furniture in your home? Check out for those few words. You may just have a word that is right for you!

Let me point though that the blog is kind of bare. I don’t know why European bedding (well, we have to call him/her that since we don’t have any other info) after paying for a domain and host could not do some little customization on the blog. I think there is so much on the blosphere to help anyone do a simple customization of a blog. Even on this blog, the Home Business Marketing Blog, we have good info and tutorials on blog customization. So European bedding we are using this medium to call on you make your blog a little appealing. You have some fantastic content. Don’t let it waste!

2. Nursing Schools is our second winner for the month. Both nursing schools and european bedding had 5 comments each. And so both of them are getting a slot each of our free banner ad.

Unfortunately, there is no website link for nursing schools. We only hope that nursing schools will provide us with a 125 X 125 banner for the display.

Both european beddings and nursing schools will be contacted through email and once their banner ad is recieved they will be featured.

Let me once again say congratulations to every body. Thanks so much and let us make it again this month.


  1. Hi top commentator is also a great visitor for any blog that is use to increasing PR of any blog.

    • Hi European bedding we are waiting for you 125 x 125 banner ad. As one of the winners you are entitled to have a full month’s free ad here!

  2. That is a great way to give back to your readers. I am looking forward to trying to attain this for myself.

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    • @tessastuart, thanks for stopping by. Actually you have already started on the list. You need any special training to be on top of the rewards. What you simply need is to always come around to read the posts and add your comment. The top commenter gets the reward! Ok, one thing you can do to ensure you never miss any of the posts is to subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s as simple as that.

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