Our Facebook Fan Page Is Live!


Hi every one.

I’ll just need to be very brief on this one. Yes, we’re now on facebook. Our facebook fan page just came alive. You can visit and “friend” us on facebook right now:


For the past few days, after deciding it was high time we get on facebook, I’ve been messing around trying to put the page together. Yes, this is the first time I’m setting up a page on facebook but I think I’ve done some good job there! Just visit now and see for yourself 🙂

I had to do some more research and acquaint myself with the basics but I’ve finally created a facebook fan page for the Home Business Marketing Blog!

Though for now there is not much on the page but I hope to add some info in the days ahead.

I’ll truly appreciate if you’ll visit right away and let me know what you think about the page. Also inviting your friends to join us on facebook will be much appreciated.

Hope to hear from you!


  1. Thanks Evan! This is an awesome step forward! 🙂 Hopefully this also means there could be further intergration with facebook down the track?.. big thanks guys!

  2. Very cool but one thing. When you copy from another extension please take the time to at least change the id’s of the elements used so it doesn’t cause a conflict. 😛

  3. I didn’t know more about it before. I learn a lot after read your nice post. I used twitter from quite long time and its result is really awesome for me. I think both facebook and twitter are awesome social networking sites.

    • Hi, just watch out. I’ll be doing a series on promoting your business on facebook. I’ll sure mention how to create a fan page and promote your business with it.

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